October 4, 2022

Surfing in the UK

In the minds of the average, non-surfing person, the best spots to ride the board are most often shown in the movies.

These are the coast of California (remember the movie “On the Crest of a Wave”), Brazil, the island of Bali, the waves of the Australian continent, Spanish Tenerife or Mauritius.

And by the way, surfing is well developed on the coast of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, a country surrounded by sea waters.

In Her Majesty’s country

The royal family has yet to be seen as addicted to surfing, but many outstanding athletes have been born in their wonderful country.

And this is not surprising because the first wave of surfing “swept” across the country almost immediately after the end of the First World War.

Recently, in conjunction with the government, the UK surfer community even conducted a study on the relevance and popularity of this type of water sport.
In the UK, it turned out that there are about half a million athletes practicing water sports with a board and eleven popular surfing resorts.

This sport brings a solid income to the UK, and most local surfers do not even think of leaving their country on vacation because they have all the conditions and the necessary infrastructure.

And tourists, on the contrary, come to the kingdom for the sake of unusual sensations and beautiful nature.

The country’s budget is replenished by shops selling equipment, catering establishments near the beaches, and parking lots.In addition to boards and accessories, wetsuits are actively bought in stores.

The Gulf Stream, of course, is nearby, but the coastal waters do not warm above 16 degrees even in summer.

Surfing is so popular among citizens that surfing does not stop even in winter.

Instead, surfers buy special wetsuits (fortunately, science does not stand still), come to the deserted winter beaches, and catch their waves.

But to surf in the UK, you don’t have to get to the sea.

Professionals and amateurs can combine walks in the Snowdonia National Park in Wales and water sports.

You can ride in an artificial lagoon equipped with a device for generating two-meter waves every minute.

Professionals and amateurs are invited to the attraction; 36 people can storm the surge simultaneously.

The best points of the coast

According to the conditions for skiing, Great Britain is approximately divided into two parts.

The Southwest counties are suitable for absolutely all professional and amateur athletes. It is here that you can find the best infrastructure and surfing schools.

Wide beaches beckon to swim, ride the waves, and then relax on a picnic near the barbecue.

The Cornwall Peninsula is in particular favor with English surfers and visiting wave lovers. First, the warm waters of the Gulf Stream flow here.

Secondly, there is a beautiful rose in the peninsula region, strong winds capable of raising a sound wave.

On weekends, the long beach of Watergate Bay fills up with families armed with surfboards.

And the infrastructure here is appropriate: lifeguards, equipment and wetsuit rental, family hotels and restaurants, good surf schools.

For families with children and beginners, we recommend the sandy coast near Godrevy.

The place is very picturesque; you can walk along the dunes, look at the rocks, and admire the white lighthouse standing on the cliff.

The waves are not high here, suitable for learning and practicing skills. Local dolphins often come to help newcomers.

The infrastructure here is represented by surf schools, hotels, and campsites by the water.

After conquering the waves, you can grab a bite to eat at a local pub overlooking the rolling sea.

Experienced surfers will find the deserted and endless beaches of the Hebrides. The water is quite cool here; it is better to take care of a wetsuit in advance.

But the daylight hours are incredibly long; the sun practically does not set. The coast is not exalted in any way, from the infrastructure only unpretentious housing from local farmers, you can eat from them.

For sound waves, confident amateurs go to the vicinity of the town of Hile.

Experts recommend the city beaches and the nearby Carbis Bay and Hawkes Point for skiing.

The beaches in the city itself are located very close to the mouth of the river of the same name, which flows into the sea. As a result, gentle waves are formed here.

There are several places dangerous for surfers in the city’s water area. First, there is a small whirlpool in the city harbor, plus a small reef nearby.

Carefully you should ride at low tide; here, you can see the effect of an abrupt withdrawal of water into the underground cavity.

Surfers love nearby Carbis Bay for its Blue Flag waters and moderate right and left waves. In good weather, there is a crowd of holidaymakers on the beach.

The second part of the country is the beaches of Scotland and the northeastern counties, striking with harsh northern beauty and calm temper.

Deserted beaches with cold water attract extreme-loving singles.

Beginners and people who ride for the company have nothing to do here—harsh gusts of wind uplift the mighty waves of the North Sea, obedient only to professionals.

For example, Gower Reef, located in Wales, is conquered only by the most experienced athletes.

Surfers start from Llagennith Beach, famous for its beauty and dunes.

To get to the reefs, you need to cross the bay’s waters.

The famous beach has the necessary infrastructure; lifeguards closely watch the people riding the boards.

In addition, there is an equipment rental and accommodation near the beach.