Layback Snap

Layback Snap is one of my favorite tricks

All its charm lies in its complete unpredictability. You never know what will happen next.

You can catch your tail on the wave and immediately fall, or you guess the moment, make the right move, and the reward will be the best trick in your life.

There are a few essential points, but the most important thing is to go with the flow and trust yourself and the wave

Before starting the trick, you need to pick up the highest possible speed. Steep sections of the wave or close-out are best for this.

Do not forget about speed; in this case, you have to move as fast as in front of a small front side air. Start at the bottom turn at a 50-70 degree angle.

Keep the center of gravity of your body as low as possible, bend your knees and get ready to put your back (in the direction of travel) leg forward.

It would help if you started the layback as early as possible so that the board’s fins do not have time to leave the water, and you do not lose control over it.

Half of the way to the ridge’s peak is the best place to start the turn

When making a U-turn, lean back and lower your back (in the direction of travel) hand into the water; the emphasis on it will serve as a fulcrum and give you stability.

This movement must be smooth. Push your hind leg forward with force, keeping in mind the resistance of your board’s fins.

If the board’s tail is above the wave’s peak and the fins have left the water, the force should be slightly weaker.

You will not see what is happening around you when the tail goes the water. So you have to feel the wave literally. Hold on!

At this moment, resist the urge to drop everything and get away from the water because miracles sometimes happen.

Even if you only hold onto the board with the edge of your foot, try to follow through

Once your board has turned around, try to stand on it.

If you are not mistaken with a place for a label, the wave itself will help you get back on your feet. Solid legs and abdominal muscles won’t hurt, though.

The longer you wait to get up, the more difficult it will be. After that, get out of the foam and continue your workout.

Layback Snap is an insidious maneuver; it takes a lot of trial and error to master it. But it’s worth it. Kelly Slater is an established master of the snap, so learn from that.

And don’t forget about abdominal exercises and squats.

Basic moments:

  1. Begin a turn before the wave begins to break.
  2. Lean back, lower your hind hand into the water and force your hind leg forward.
  3. Hold onto the board with all your strength.
  4. Use the wave to get to your feet.
  5. Try not to screw it up.


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