What is fish surfboard and how this form affects on board’s main features

We can state bellow main advantages of the board: speedy on short waves, rather steady stability, mild and prompt rowing, nimble.

We are going to discover to you the reasons why choose fish board and why this type works well.

Below is the tour from its bow to stern.

Bow of fish surfboard


The bow is the front part of the surfboard.

Shortboards which are high efficient have sharp bow, very pointed. While long ones have rounded bow.

Interesting, that for this type bow should be a slight mix of the two above mentioned.

You wonder why?

The answer is that more rounded bow has the more surface on the water. This makes it  more steady but less nimble.

With a small sharp point on a broad’s bow, the fish type unifies the best of two characteristics steady stability and good maneuverable.

As we already told fish type surfboard has a small sharp point on a broad’s bow which provides board’s stability.

And other very interesting ability of fish type is a wide stern. This provides easy turning and gives the board a freedom and skatey feel.

The width and thickness of the surfboard provide buoyancy. Buoyancy it is when floats well. It means mild paddling and cozy riding waves. But width and thickness make surfboard a bit slower.

How to get around this inconvenience?The answer is – curved bottom.

But if to have big curvature surfboard will be slow. Because flat bottom gives more speed but less nimble.

So this type has a very slim curvature (almost flat but not a flat actually). This allows combining good speed of flat bottom and nimble of curved bottom.

roxy Surfboards The Fish Blue

But if flat bottom reduces ability of smooth turning how people can catch waves easily on this form surfboard?

This is possible because of short length. Board’s length is the space between bow and stern.

That form is even shorter than a standard short surfboard. But short – means erratic, heavy paddling and heavy catching waves. Though, fish-board has big width and thickness which combines good buoyancy with easy turning of a short board.

Fish-form has unusual swallow stern. Swallow stern enlarges watering surface area which provides speed and paddling power to that kind of surfboard.

In order to enhance nimbleness on the water swallow stern has deep V notch.

5'6" Keel Codfather Fish Surfboard

Rails are the sides of it. As we already know it is wide and thick  with good floatability.

The downside of it is less movement. But luckily fish form is short  with wide stern.

As you understood fish surfboard combines all advantages of short and long surfboards.

It is very interesting that a different fins’ position impact on fish form abilities a lot. They are four fins, dual fins and triple fins.

  1. Four fins fish-form board is one of fastest and most fun of all the fish forms. When you surf on four fin surfboard you need to hold your back foot beyond the fins to provide better grip. This allows you to take some large surf.
  2. Dual (twin) fin fish type – riding this setup will not be ease on large surf. But you will appreciate good speed and freedom.
  3. As we advised you before two fins fish board is free and prompt. If you put another in the center this adds more stability and more controlled nimble. Thus you get triple fins.

You can probably hear about fish form retro & hybrid ones. To realize what they are please take a note about the difference.

Retro product is a regular short form with two or four fins. This is true fish surfboard.

Hybrid one has bigger length with three fins. The enlarged size and three fins give hybrid fish surfboard less free.



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