The main reasons why all surfers should work on improving their push-ups

Surf-oriented exercise tutorial was improved to invigorate the muscles for a better control over your body making surfing more fun and exciting.

If your goal is to power up and keep your body in vigor, there are some key exercises you should pay attention to. For instance, push-ups will be helpful for any surf-rider, regardless of their years or proficiency.

Surf-oriented exercise

However, we do not have in view some sluggish incoordinate pushups, but we’re more referring to mastering a flawless push-up.

Building up athleticism and physical co-ordination doing a technically correct pushup will help you to become much stronger and more rapid in the popping up.

Moreover, you’ll work out a solid build and the well-balanced upperparts which are fundamental to improve ducking and healthsome limbs.

What’s the Reason for Improving Your Push-Ups

Surfer Get Ups

When your upperparts do a poor job of pushing up, it affects the whole surfing performance.

You may pop up a bit more laggard and not so accurately, or your ducking may lack in energy to really dive the board under the breaker.

An infirm popping up leads to a much more sluggish regaining of your footing and deters you from reaching a neat slope of the wave surface.

Insufficient tightness of your back muscles won’t be able to adequately steady your body when popping up, hence it may pose a threat of hurting your back, which sure enough is rather harmful.

Also, when your upperparts are deficient of muscle power, then it’ll take a bit of work to dive your surfboard under the breaking wave, that in its turn may lead to some aggravating paddling out.

With this in mind, you now understand that exercising a flawless pushup will help you with  improving some powerful popping up and improving your surfing training.

Push-up’s Benefits

As stated before, the push-up combines a number of crucial aspects that are essential for a proficient surf-riding.

A thoroughly carried out push-up is also a substantial contribution to the maintaining of a good physical fit. This exercise gives full play to a large group of muscles, including pectoral, shoulder, trunk, sartorius, and others.

A skillful surf-rider is notable for a tight-muscled body which can act smoothly and effectively, and push-ups may do you a good turn in improving  these abilities.

Getting The Trick Of A Flawless Push-up

Keep your chin up push-ups

  • Keep your chin up

Letting your head fall is a very common mistake. As we’ve already said, push-ups serve to improve your core and sense of co-ordination.

Consistently performing push-ups with your chin down, you’re making yourself learn the incorrect exercise, and as a result, making a neck weaker.

Make sure that your chin is on the same level as the whole torso.

Perfect Push Ups

  • Don’t cause your body to cave in

That is one more popular mistake very often made by lots of people and that carries the risk of hurting your back.

Doing correctly performed push-ups you both build up your upperparts and improve tightness of a torso. Applying your torso muscles is vital for blistering and energetic popping up.

In case you “cave in” your torso doing a push-up, then you engage your body core in the wrong way transforming compression load to the small of your back.

Properly executed push-ups that engage your torso facilitate the overall bodyparts fitness with tight abdominal muscles.

push -ups exercise

  • Check your performance when dropping down and jacking up

At times, push-ups may be performed in a rather careless manner, paying respect to the quantity, not the adequacy.

Keep a check on how your body moves when dropping down and jacking up. When all the actions are executed under your control, it exercises your fit and firmness, and train your bodyparts to work effectively.

Ill-conditioned push-ups with hasty lowering and sloven pushing cannot be considered free from flaw or effective, and won’t be able to secure you from injuries.


  • Take control over the correct postural allineation

It gets us back to “keeping your chin up” and “not causing your body to cave in”.

When you’re not maintaining proper body allineation, your muscular system fails to work adequately causing certain disbalance in your bodyparts.

Muscular disbalance may keep body parts out of the right postural pose, which impacts your mobility and raises the risk of injuries.

Hold your torso in the correct postural allineation to use your Flawless Surf-Rider Push-Ups to the maximum extent possible.

Chair Push Up Clipart

  • Don’t get down on marrowbones

Females may sometimes get down to their knees in case they have difficulties doing a full-scale push-up. It is also applicable to males that miss out on the upperparts’ fitness.

Alternatively, try to put your arms on an elevated support, a seat for instance. When your upperparts are slightly higher, it relieves the gravitational pull, doing the push-up not so complicated for performance.

Getting down on marrowbones transforms the way how your foreside torso acts and participates.

As we’ve already mentioned, surf-riders have to be capable of effective movements engaging a particular set of muscles, therefore it calls for constant practice.

Using a higher arm support is the right solution to make the pushups easier.

When your physical fitness improves, you may gradually step down an arm support, until you’re able to execute a push-up on the floor.

Advanced Training for Improving

Non-Surfing Activities

As soon as you’ve improved a classic pushup movement, you are ready to advance your training.

There are numerous ways how to work on improving pushup exercises that would affect your surf-riding performance to the best advantage without risking your health.

In addition, they may lend variety and fun to your routine.

Ejected Popping up Push-up

improving push up for surfer

Take a start  in improving with a standard flawless push up, after that pass on to the strength popping up exercises with ejected pushups.

Gaining physical well-being and consistency as a first step, next advancing to ejected push up workout—this is the right way to stay uninjured and build up your upperparts that would be able to come in full force in the surf.

This kind of pushups may be considered as a surf-oriented exercise tutorial for popping up in the water that will greatly improve your fitness, rapidity, and hardiness when ducking and popping up riding the wave.

Surf-Riders Flawless Push-up

surf-riders push-up

Summing up the Flawless Push-up. Exercise your muscles adequately to your surfing practice.

A thoroughly done push-up is a major asset for surf-riders that contributes to your popping up and ducking movements. This is a key element for proficient surf-riding and excellent experiences on the waves.

Thus, do your best and put the most efforts to train your surfing exercises, have good results in improving yourself and attain the Surf-Riders Flawless Push-up.



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