July 4, 2022

What do experts think about Chilli Rarebird Surfboard

Dramatically speedy and dynamic, versatile surfboard suitable for little up to middle waves. Here is our opinion on the Chilli Surfboards RareBird type.

As for me, I adore this one, and people talk exclusively positively about Chilli.

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Pros of Chilli Rarebird Surfboard

  • Impressive surfing during every stage, be it a pop-up or setting-down (though setting-down occurs).
  • An all-purpose foam device, it acts pretty well in a wide variety of little to middle waves.
  • It belongs to the list of the quickest (and surprisingly) all-purpose models on the market!

Cons of Chilli Rarebird Surfboard

  • For me, it got a little driven during lower part spins in higher, heavier waves.
  • The biggest normal version will not meet needs of a big part of people with its volume amounting to 35.85 liters.

What I Tested the Chilli RareBird surfboard. The dimensions amount to 6’2 (187.96 cm) x 20,25 x 2,75.

What It Fits

Waves slightly above the level of the head, sharp, pushy, plane, and not overly little or effective at the same time will be great.


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Main Ideas

The Rare Bird by Chilli Surfboards

We are happy to greet you here! I am slightly thrilled at the moment. The reason is that I had the privilege of checking Rarebird surfboard out before it came out onto the market. It is called the RareBird and is designed by James Cheal (Chilli Surfboards).

The moment I used it, I liked it enormously. I had waves of a person’s height or slightly more, slightly cross-shore, quite bad.

It turned out like this: I managed to pop up from the word go, and it is impressively quick. I stood up, and it popped up.

The chilli surboard literally glides. It gives you a true enjoyment, it is quick, but all the same I had difficulties rotating it consistently and glide over plane areas, too.

I am truly thrilled about the surfboard and would truly like to have extra time with it. In addition, I have tested the RareBird afterwards in sloppier, not so big waves.

As RareBird is quite thick and has a broad tip at the rear part, which is unusual for this company, it will work greatly in less-sized waves. I have tested it in this kind of wave, and it showed itself truly well.

You can notice that Chilli’s outline is quite common, smaller, more plane, and broader.

The rear part moves the foam upwards and to around the tip as it draws in. It performs greatly here.

Like said, rarebird features a broad tip at the front, much foam going along here, and it has that good circular back part going across the end.

As you know from my opinion videos, I adore circular rear parts and quads of such models which have smaller length, are more plane and broader.

Such ones suit me to the greatest extent, and this one was the case, too. The Chilli surfboard actually belongs to the list of the best boards.

chilli surfboard

As I already said, this one has just come out onto the market. It has happened so recently that my copy has not got a company’s logo.

The one that it has is the Project Black logo the company places on types which are being checked out.

This one has sort of a typical, plane bottom curve going across here, also a slight turn-up at the rear and the same thing at the back.

This one is an all-purpose model. It has an isolated hollow going into the lower part outline, going out to a V on the rear.

RareBird requires not much effort to adjust it rail to rail.

It is a quick, easy to handle, impressively quick and truly enjoyable model to surf on. I am very thrilled to test it once more.

We will be happy to find out what an impression you have got with surfboard.

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