How to prepare yourself for surfing in Indonesia with the help of some tips

This time I’ll go to Indonesia the fourteenth time.

Based on previous experience of surfing, I’ll say that it is one of the best places to practice on the waves. Usually at such moments I finish the trip in a few weeks.

At the same time, I begin to think about what might come in handy during trip and surfing.

In article I have provided a fairly large list of things, including basic necessaries, that may be needed during your surfing vacation.

I share with you only verified household items that once helped me out and now I don’t go anywhere without them.

surfing in Indonesia

Indonesia has a lot of specialized surfing spots.

Many people come to Indonesia from different parts of the world to ride with beautiful views and warm water. But the peculiarity of these places is that the most popular of them are quite far away.

Not only will you have to get there but you’ll need to do with all your necessary equipment . This is necessary because these places are not predetermined specifically to surfing and are not intended.

There you’ll not find specialized surfing equipment or other things necessary when surfing. So you have to carry everything with you to Indonesia.

When considering this trip to Indonesia, you’ll of course take into account its cost, as well as the time cost.

The last thing I would like to think about is traveling with all the necessary things behind. But here I want to advise you one thing, especially if you spent a lot of money in paradise.

The advice is that it’s better to have some surfing things and not need them, than not to have them and need them on vacation.

So that your surfing trip does not pass without a trace and is remembered with pleasant memories, you should carefully prepare to it.

The conditions in Indonesia are rather severe here and require not only physical, but also moral training.

Indonesia is close enough to the equator and therefore it is really hot there. Yes, there is not only hot water, almost everything is hot there.

Experienced athletes are used to different conditions, but the nature of the water bottom should be taken into account in Indonesia. You’ll have to be on the reefs most of the time, but here they are shallow and sharp.

Thus, you’ll need to withstand the heat, the weight of the equipment behind, sometimes dehydration, injuries from the reef bottom, malaria in places, and many other things that you’ll encounter on the spot.

What you need to take with you to Indonesia

surfing travel

The nature of the surfing here is quite serious, as the waves are fast and powerful. In order to cope with them, you need really good equipment in case of non-weak waves and surfing in Indonesia.

Some of your best boards

I advise you to read before preparations an article about the quiver. There you can catch the most powerful waves from all over the Indonesia, perhaps only in Bali.

A hybrid board is ideal, which may gather dust in your home at low speeds. Here she’ll show you all her beauty and strength in action.

The number of boards that come in handy depends on the places you are about to visit. But from experience, I advise you to take three or four pieces and that’s it for fast enough and solo waves.

Once I witnessed how, in a few days, my friend broke his two boards.

If you do not know what kind of boards to take with you on a trip, then pay attention to their reviews in High Performance.

There you’ll find things suitable to travel to places in Indonesia.

Bag for surfing in Indonesia

Surfing Bag

This is a very important point when collecting to a trip to Indonesia and not onlu. It is designed to make your life easier on the journey or to make it a nightmare.

Most often I ride with a bag that resembles a coffin. Several of my boards are placed in it; it necessarily has a wheel to easier movement and protection during transportation.

When purchasing such a thing, be sure to pay attention to the wheels – their presence will greatly brighten up your movements, because you have to drag it along for a long time.

Also pay attention to the weight of the surfing bag itself, as you often have to lift it to Indonesia. The lighter it is, the better.

Fins for your equipment (several sets)

surfing fins

Often, many do not pay attention to the detail, but in vain. These pieces to surfing boards are the same as tires for a car.

It is a very important and rather demanding detail in Indonesia. But without it, you cannot go anywhere, especially to Indonesia.

So, you’ll not put racing wheels. As you can’t put the classics under the racing model. It all depends on its purpose and conditions of use.

Here you’ll need not only special boards, but also special fins. In case something goes wrong, take a spare pair.

So you are unlikely to remain in the red when you break a few of them.

If you have enough time, then you can do some research and use various combinations. So you can determine the most effective set that will help you get the most out of your classes and get good sessions.

Remember that a flexible fin with foil in its composition is perfect for places with soft waves, but not for those where we are going to go. You’ll need steady fins to control your water position.

Several leashes for your board (preferably one for each)

leashes surfboard

You can take completely new ones or those that were a bit in use. Here they quickly stretch out in a strong stream and become exhausted under the sun.

You definitely should not take old and dirty leashes with you, because they’ll not bring any benefit and you risk later finding them somewhere on the reefs already clean and shiny, but with a lot of errors.

I do not advise you to bring special things for competitions with you. They are more subtle and the transition to something unusual can ruin your long-awaited vacation.

If you intentionally go to large water with suitable equipment, then take special leashes. They’ll be thicker, longer and will serve better and more reliable.

Also, you’ll not regret if you purchase a special surfing leash for your surfing board. Then you’ll be guaranteed excellent trips.

If you do not know which one to choose, then pay attention to the products of well-known companies, such as Creatures of Leisure.

Tested personally, so you definitely will not regret in terms of quality.

Special surfing shoes for reefs

Special shoes for reefs

Better take two pairs in case something happens to one. Priority in shoes is a purely personal matter, because some cannot wear such shoes and hate it.

I also can not stand them and booties for reefs – it is a nightmare. But they are really necessary with such characteristics of the bottom.

Despite your experience and dexterity, everyone sometimes stumbles. One wrong movement or a stream you don’t understand can become a guarantee of cuts from reefs that are located in shallow water.

It brings a lot of inconvenience, which includes constant disinfection, dryness and other conditions in order not to bring microbes into the wound.

It is especially inconvenient if you go on trips not for a couple of hours, but for the whole day.

Of course, having personally tested the water and the bottom, we might think that the reef is soft. Perhaps you don’t even think, and these things will become an extra burden. But on the other hand, it is better to have them and feel comfort and safety than not to have them and get injured.

You can spend your whole life looking for such perfect shoes, but still after some time on your foot you’ll cease to feel such great discomfort. Sometimes I happened to think that I was without them at all.

Special surfing shorts

surfer shorts

You should take at least four pairs with you to Indonesia, because you should always have a reserve for carrying on land.

You should be careful about your skin, because sometimes it needs to be meticulously dried. It is difficult, especially when you spend most of the day in the water, and even under the scorching sun.

Moreover, if your skin is constantly wet, then you can encounter various problems, such as rashes, redness, etc. Should we talk about a favorable environment to the  development of bacteria.

To save space and not to collect a lot of unnecessary things, then I travel at a minimum. It means that in addition to these shorts, I do not take any others, including pants.

Thus, this set of accessories will become the main thing  on the trip and you’ll literally live in your surfer shorts.

Now many companies are trying to produce a duplicate of the coolest travel shorts Hurley Phantom 120, but they are all far from the original. And their production is now stopped, which is regrettable.

T-shirts for trips

surfer special t-shirt

Usually in my set there are only two special t-shirts and this is quite enough.

Also, I always have two vests with me: short and long sleeve. It depends on the swimming conditions, because one restricts movement, and the other allows you to move more freely.

They are usually equipped with hoods that are easy to handle in the process.

Valuable advice: in no case do not drill with those T-shirts that you wear at home. The fact is that the difference in climate is enormous, because you are in the sun a lot.

Ordinary T-shirts are too thin and you may not even notice how the skin burns right through it. Be sure to take clothes made of a special dense fabric in case of work in high temperatures.

surf hat

If you, like me, don’t like special hats, then I always choose something like a baseball cap.

If most of all you want to look cool in the process, then this is not your option, because they all look ridiculous.

Believe me, you’ll want to look cool on the first day of arrival on surfing in Indonesia. But when you ride a week or two, you’ll be very happy to be able to protect your head from heat and ultraviolet radiation.

Moreover, this insignificant accessory will save you not only from overheating and heat stroke, but also from burning your scalp. if you do not want to deal with hats, then immediately buy a jacket with a hood and you’ll be happy.

It is much more convenient to move with it and it is removed quite easily, so that we can freely remove and put it on to air the head.

Such a jacket often comes with a long sleeve, which will also help you save your hands.

You may not want to take advantage of these things initially, but when the sun bothers you, you’ll be grateful to yourself for taking all this with you.

Sunblock and zinc

Sunscreen For Surfing

Always bring along two full cans of sunscreen with the highest levels of protection and one can of zinc.

You should use a lot of these materials during surfing, even if the sun seems friendly to you. But do not be fooled and better prevent skin lesions.

For Indonesia, heat strokes, as well as sun diseases, are not unusual, so do not neglect the protection.

Due to the fact that the sun’s rays in Indonesia are quite direct , you’ll need the most stable protection that you can find. From a long stay in open rays and high temperatures, you also lose your performance.

When you feel the complexity, it’s better to rest, because you still have days to train ahead. Do not kill all your strength in one go. So be sure to apply a plentiful amount of these creams several times a day and you’ll be happy.

If you are a fan of environmentally friendly products, then recently, manufacturers of sun creams have paid attention to natural ingredients.

There are fewer chemically aggressive substances in such creams, and they are also sold with the addition of zinc.

Tropical wax

tropical wax

It’s better to immediately pack four full blocks with you, because it’s either impossible to run after it somewhere, or far enough away, or it’ll hit your wallet.

Waxing is incredibly expensive in Indonesia. All you need to know about the thing: the harder the wax, the better it is in high temperatures in Indonesia.

That is, you will need the hardest blocks that you can only find.

If you take ordinary soft, do not expect too much from it. Most likely, it’ll drain off your board immediately or within a few minutes.

Also pay attention to whether the previous wax remained on the equipment in case of a colder temperature in Indonesia.

Remember that a hard wax type will not lie well on top of another softer one, so thoroughly clean the surface before application, otherwise you will not get any benefit.

There are always people at the session who have forgotten to take a piece of wax with them and are forced to ask other athletes for it.

I advise you not be one of them.

Polarized sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses

Always take a few, because the risk is high that you alone will either break or lose, or all at once.

You should rely only on yourself and understand that you need to have a reserve for each thing.

Take things with polarization, because only they are specially created in order to protect your eyes from glare. Such lenses will save your eyes from the light of the sun, under which you’ll be for a long time.

You will encounter light intensity and brightness every day, especially then you say thank you when the water will not beat the light in your eyes.

Go-pro camera or any other for motion recording

go pro

It’ll be useful to you if you want to capture your memories of the surfing in Indonesia in the most colorful way.

Having recorded movements on water during surfing, you will convey a sense of presence and will recall as if you were on the same reef while watching.

Pay particular attention to the surrounding nature of Indonesia and breathtaking sunsets in Indonesia. Against such a background in Indonesia, you will look twice as advantageous.

First aid kit

first aid kit

This is probably the first thing to put in your luggage. The basic first aid kit will be your assistant in case you earn cuts, pull the muscles or they become inflamed, and also if you encounter a rash and other skin lesions.

You should not bring a bag of medicines with you; an ordinary set of painkillers and disinfectants will suffice.

Do not forget to throw ibuprofen, medicines from the common cold and motion sickness, if you understand it you are suffering from this ailment. It is very important to stock up on insect repellents.

Study your intended location in advance, and if you are at risk of malaria, you should think about the necessary vaccinations in advance.

If you have received some serious injury and you need urgent help, then they will help you at any nearby camp.

You can also ask for help on board any boat, because all employees will not be surprised by such an injury, because they undergo special training. Any captain, camp owner or guide can handle a minor injury.

An insurance

travel insurance

It’ll help you if you still somehow got a serious injury in Indonesia during surfing. Most likely, your tour operator or agency will offer you travel insurance.

In no case do not refuse this offer, otherwise you risk receiving a bill.

Keep in mind the fact you are engaged in a rather risky sport (surfing) and you cannot be safe from mistakes. So this is one of those things is better to have when you are in another country than not to have.

Check the compiled documents and official signatures when using such services. It is better to contact a trusted company with a proven insurance history.

Hydrolytes and multivitamins

Hydrolytes and multivitamins

Maintaining a balance of these substances in the body is the key to a good mood and well-being during surfing in Indonesia. Not many people know about this trick, but believe me, it is effective.

Due to the fact that you will be in the sun, you can lose many important minerals. At the end of your classes, you should increase the dose of electrolytes, as well as continue the course of multivitamins.

This will help your body not to lose important substances and stay in shape during surfing .

Believe your productivity in surfing consists of vitamins that enter your body.

A repair kit

surfing repair kit

This kit is designed to handle various minor damage to your equipment. This includes dents, tears, etc.

Surfing can be traumatic not only to a person, but also to his equipment. Quite often, at high speeds, boards, fins, or other components can break.

Such a kit will help to cope with minor damage, and for larger damage you can always find local boaters who will not mind earning and repairing a broken thing.

Portable speaker

portable speaker.

If you are a music lover, then for certain you were not averse to listening to something pleasant while traveling.

After a busy day of training, it’s good sometimes to sit down and listen to works while admiring the beautiful sunset.

Preventive medicine from malaria

preventive medicine for malaria.

He specially made it into a separate column, since it should be taken immediately before the trip to the danger zone.

I’ve been to Indonesia many times, but never before have I had to protect myself so much. But now I’m flying to Simeulue and here the conversation is already about something else.

Before taking medication, be sure to consult your doctor and double-check your destination. If you are not ready for such a step, then it is better not to risk your health and choose another place to surfing achievements.

Surfing Backpack

backpack for surfing

He is needed in order to bring all what we have listed above.

Pay attention to models which are not too overall and light in weight, because the luggage came out quite large. Also consider if there is room for everything you want to carry to Indonesia.

Also add some t-shirts to sleep in it in Indonesia, otherwise I always forget to take something for these purposes. This will help you feel fresh even for a while.

Summing up, I can say it makes no sense to prepare a trip to Indonesia, arrange insurance and book accommodation in Indonesia if you do not plan to bring the things you need with you.

I hope this guide will help you get the most out of your upcoming trip to Indonesia, which will bring you not only useful experience in surfing, but also a lot of positive emotions.



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