Wooden Alaia Surfboard – the first and very right choice in your sport

The subject of our article today is created from a thin wooden layer without any additional equipment and fins.

This instance is simple not only to create, but also to use. It is perfect for those athletes who are just starting their way in our favorite surfing.

The history of Alaia equipment dates back to the last century, where the inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands came up with this way of transportation.

This is due to the simplicity of Alaia version of the equipment, since it did not go through major changes during the modernization process and still looks the same and carries the same functions as the original creators put into it.

A feature of Alaia equipment is its special composition.

The specificity of production lies precisely in the fact that it must be produced from polonium – only then you can get the maximum effect and productivity that Hawaiians were looking for a hundred years ago.

This one, quite unpretentious to climatic conditions, literally in five to seven years reaches 20 meters in height and about a meter in diameter!

The trunks are even and smooth, the wood is homogeneous and relatively soft: the density of fresh is about thousand kilo; after drying –even less than a half.

Alaia surfboard

It is easy to harvest – when drying, neither trunks nor lumber leads, it practically does not lend itself to pests and diseases.

Grows in the Far East and Southeast Asia. It is cultivated as a garden and park plant in the Caucasus and Crimea, in the south of Ukraine, in European countries and America.

Judging by the available articles, it is used very widely: in the manufacture of furniture, interior items and musical instruments; as finishing materials and in the manufacture of table tennis rackets and surfboards.

Among cooks, cutting surfboards from paulownia are highly valued: it is believed that knives are dulled less about them. Ideal as ornamental wood.

Having carefully studied the characteristics and descriptions, we realized that we were familiar with wood: in art goods stores you can often find paulownia blanks.

Alaia surfboards

The resources are really interesting: light, soft. It is not polished, but it is perfectly painted with stains and is “friendly” with varnishes.

Cut and burn on it, if you adapt, you can. But here’s an amazing thing – they asked the familiar masters, searched the net, and did not find anyone who would work with her!

Yes, and to buy from us is not so big thing to do, however, you can always order from China.


Such equipment does not have any problems with aqua exposure and will last you long enough.

The sizes of such equipment vary, but always exceed fifteen feet in width, so be prepared for the fact that it is quite massive and big thing.

If you look at such a thing live, you will be surprised at how thin it is. It’s a significant advantage during the trip, because it thanks to this property, it acquires speed and ease during training.

This subtlety gives not only a special charm and look, but also allows the athlete to easily manage cornering due to the ease of maneuvering.

The type of amazing uniform has an additional reverse rocker, due to which this thing becomes fast enough during wave fishing.

But be careful, because the nose will turn in the opposite direction when cornering, that is, pull closer. You should get in time and take advantage of this because it helps to make your turn smoother and easier.

It is best used also under the control of buoyancy, because that option is not just a thing or equipment, but like a living organism with which you work for your own good.

How to create such stuff:

  • buy supplies. You can find in any local shop everything you need and you can always ask workers about stuff you have to buy.
  • the clamps are distributed across the width of the material being processed. Turn each face up.
  • apply a layer of glue to the surface of the end side of it. Then turn them wide side down and press the areas with glue to each other. Remember to align on the nose and tail.
  • fasten the stuff with 4 large clamps, after placing small beams between the surface of the future creation and the metal parts of the clamps. Wait for the glue to dry. This may take up to 24 hours. Then you can remove the clamps.
  • make the necessary measurements and apply the outline to the workpiece. It is best to use a template, but if you like to do everything yourself – draw lines by hand. You can make your Alaia in the shape of a giant tampon, but at the same time, Alaia will perfectly cope with the task assigned to it. So do not take that part too seriously.
  • cut off all the excess with a circular. But if you strive to achieve maximum authenticity, then you can do it without electric stuff.
  • level the thing. If you do not have a modern one, try the old-school mechanical option – you can ask one from a familiar carpenter. Keep in sight that no damage remain after it.
  • handle the workpiece thoroughly with a sandblasting thing. It’s better not to do it manually – a power tool will save a lot of time.
  • use some kind of oil to make it airtight. Spread the compound in a thin layer over the entire surface with a rag or brush. Wait for it to dry, and then repeat the procedure. Before you try this, you have to wait a few days, and process with linseed oil a couple of times. You can also paint your thing in your favorite color before sealing.

alaia surfer

From time to time, the development of such stuff improves: new manufacturing technologies appears, manufacturers find and use new materials in the construction of surfboards.

So, in search of progressive ideas, a special group of surfboard makers decided to use high-quality wood as the main material in the manufacture of surfboards. The use of large wood tiles resulted in the creation of works of art.

Initially, it was conceived that the use of wood due to its characteristic qualities will lead to an increase in the performance of a surfer surfboard.

Such surfboards have become a really good choice for athletes who care about the environment and want to buy a board with high performance.

So, these surfboards are created on the basis of natural materials, which does not harm the environment, and special technologies in production maximize the environmental effect and create the minimum amount of harmful emissions of processed products into the biosphere.

Wooden surfboards Alaia are an ideal choice for those who are worried not only about the quality of their surfing, but also about the environmental situation in the world.

alaia bord

If you use Alaia green surfboard, then you can be called a thoughtful citizen who cares about the environment.

The fact is that the Alaia production process of such a surfboard eliminates a large percentage of harmful emissions that poison the environment. So, environmentally friendly materials are a new trend in the surfing industry.

Many surfers use certain things in their sport only because of this environmental factor. A wooden surfboard is one such thing.

Such a surfboards rides no worse than other boards and performs all the functions necessary for a surfer, and many athletes ride only on such surfboards.


Cliff Carono is a scientist, and part-time also a surfer, he had a question, from what material the surfboard will work best.

For this check, he invited Matty Raynor, who is a fairly experienced molder.

The purpose of the test was to answer the question, is there any opportunity to make the surfboards more environmentally friendly and will there be a difference from Alaia, the choice fell on the three types of materials that are popular at the moment, are there any significant changes?

At the moment, about 400 thousand surfboards are made from fairly toxic material, the surfboards fail, deteriorate, ultimately affecting the environment, and are practically not suitable for reuse.

Three outwardly identical surfboards were created, the first of the standard components, which include a base of polyurethane foam, polyester resins and fiberglass.

The second consists of an environmentally friendly foam base after processing algae, epoxy and fiberglass.

The third consists of recycled polystyrene foam, biological resins, and fiberglass based on silicon dioxide.

According to Matty, to the touch all three surfboards are absolutely identical, which is the first argument for the use of environmental materials.

Then there were tests of all Alaia boards on the waves, “I felt a little difference only at the very beginning of skating, but after a couple of hours it was gone and I rode as usual, it seems that all three surfboards are of standard production, which means that you can not use it in production toxic materials.

From the point of view of the surfers themselves, it does not matter for them what the Alaia board consists of if it does not affect the level of skating for the worse, and for nature, the manufacture of Alaia boards using non-toxic materials will always be good, whatever one may say.

Perhaps right now the manufacturing technology will change which lasts about five decades, the technologies do not stand still, surfing should also move forward.

Alaia Surfboards by Surfing Green

Many companies create Alaia boards using Amapola, Cork and Poplar systems.

These materials are used due to their high strength to weight ratio. This ratio is useful when creating a wooden frame for the entire perimeter of the Alaia board.

Alaia surfboards, the frame with a stringer around the entire perimeter, do not allow the board to curl, which sometimes happens with boards that are made of foam.

The elimination of such twisting characteristics is the key to the absence of twisting during torsion. The existence of bending during torsion can lead to a decrease in the speed of the Alaia board.

The special design provides flexibility of memory along the stringer and the rail line. Alaia provides an efficient energy supply that is highly responsive to the waves.

Manufacturers use wood paneling to form the bottom and contour of the sides.

Thus, we can see the difference in the modern and outdated production of surfboards.

surfer with alaia bord

This type of production has a significant advantage due to the environmental aspect.

The wood from which the Alaia surfboards are made is pre-harvested and processed. So, initially this material is distinguished by stability.

Foamed polystyrene foam materials are added to the wood, as well as special corks that are capable of environmental processing on their own.

Epoxy resin does not emit highly volatile inorganic compounds in the outside world, so its use is justified.

For each wooden-based Alaia board, half of the fiberglass materials used in a traditional board (which is made of polystyrene) is used. Wood does not break like a standard foam board, so it is more tenacious and will last longer on the water.

Also, Alaia board does not lose its responsiveness over time, like other surfboards.

So, you are unlikely to find durable wood boards in landfills, especially those that have finally died.


And even if surfers are very attentive to the global pollution of the oceans with their surfing accessories, then the emissions are still quite large.

The bottom line is that all these efforts may not bring results because of the materials that are used in production, because often these are refined products, including.

So we see a solution to the problem in the recycling of old materials that are no longer usable.

So you can reduce the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, because it will not be necessary to create new materials, but only recycle old ones.

Here the question remains open of how much these items made from recycled materials will be suitable and of high quality in use.

Another solution is the use of organically pure materials, like a wooden surfboard. Such materials are processed faster in the natural environment and do not bring much harm to nature in the production process.

Many shapers are already dealing with this issue and are increasingly expanding their range of environmentally friendly materials.

This revolutionary movement in surfing will help preserve our ecology and the planet for many years to come.



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