The youngest surfer to bear world championship tour title as the foremost man from Brazil

His incursion into this field has turned out to be as quick as a flash. The triumph that happened not so long ago has aroused passion for surf-riding all over Brazil.

He was in the twelfth position in the World Championship Tour back in 2011. One year after he got five steps higher. In the following year he downgraded to the fourteenth position.

After that, Gabriel won the ASP World Championship Tour (around 15 points in the mean). He put himself on record as the foremost guy from Brazil who became the winner of this competition.

professional surfer from brazil
Gabriel Medina

Gabriel has made his way in the surfing world at a very early age. Moreover, he brought popularity to this kind of sport in Maresias, his home-town.

Subsequently, the town became popular with its lengthy powerful waves and drove out some of its rivals.

By the way, Medina praises his home-town for providing him with the opportunity to hone all the movements needed for the competition. It also helped him win a couple of other competitions.

How did that start

Medina did not have a goal to make a high-level career as a surfer. On the contrary, he was eager to make his living being a footballer.

The surfer’f step-father, trainer and instructor, noticed Gabriel’s aptitude for surfing when the guy mastered the surfing skills.

At the age of eight, his distinctive expertise was noticed. This is when he began practicing and, shortly after, gained prizes.

Gabriel took chances despite his juvenile years and liked pipe-shaped, strong conditions. His practice took place at lower conditions.

Three years after his start in this field in Brazil, the surfer became the owner of the title of the countrywide champion, becoming the most youthful winner of the ASP Junior Tour afterwards.

surfer gabriel medina

As of today, Medina is on the list of the thirty-four highest-level professionals who will take part in the World Champions Tour being the one of the earliest age.

He is currently showing a considerable success crowned with his rank. Moreover, the twenty-year-old guy belongs to the list of the surfers with the largest income.

It’s impressive for Medina who always strove to devote his life to football.

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