Avoiding Crowds Can Lead You to the Best Wave Surfing Places and Experiences You Will Remember for Life

How to get away from the crowd or take control of it

All of us are very familiar with the feeling of anticipation of surfing waves in the sea, ocean, or in the closest swimming space.

Some people occupy their places in classrooms and dream about how soon they would conquer everybody on the waves surfing on their new surfboards.

Others anticipate the unforgettable emotions languishing in their places and cabins, striking out the days on the calendar until they get to the summer season and their favorite surfing places.

We are waiting for this warm sunny weather and light soft waves with a special thrill. All these future summer months are the time for surfing before our eyes and it attracts like a red rag in the face of a bull.

They excite and tease us with possible sunny weather, beautiful waves, picturesque places, and sandy beaches for the best surfing experience ever.


The summer weather is perfect for surfing. We love to catch warm waves and sea breezes while surfing.

A light careless wind accompanies us on the waves that give off a clear blue in the sun.

But at the time when the perfect season for surfing the waves comes, some problems begin.

Doing surfing sports, many local surfers encounter crowds of tourists on packed beaches and places where too much foam forms, including accumulations of dirt and debris in one place, as well as internal pipes underwater in these places that interfere with surfing movements on the waves.

The congestion of people in one place for surfing exacerbates the situation when athletes are not free to move around this place and go surfing the waves for the benefit of safety.

many surfers in ocean

What could be more important than surfing a wave, maintaining balance on the surfboard, and proudly raising your head in the midst of raging waves?

Mind that the avid surfers feel the same. They are ready to explore every wave of the water places of the Earth and try their hand at the submission to every surfing element.

Surfing the waves is incomparable with anything else according to its sensations and emotions on the waves.

They say that only mountains can be better than mountains, and so only new uncharted waves can be better than surfing the waves you have already tried.

To avoid clashes with crowds of tourists in one place, crazy mothers with their children who constantly smear them with sunscreen, and to protect ourselves from angry meetings with onlookers in the surfing places, we have collected several options that will save you while surfing.

These five tips below are a way to avoid aggression and the influx of a summer crowd while surfing the waves.

Gathering people at dawn

surfing at dawn

We are wiser when we are together. There is no doubt that you have heard phraseology in which an early bird is able to catch a worm.

This proverb is more than ever suitable for the surfing experience in the summer. Only here, surfers appear in the form of a bird and their worm is a wave.

Of course, we all love to sleep. This is especially true for those who come to the sea place on vacation.

After a busy day surfing the waves, all surfers are immersed in restorative sleep, go to a bar, or visit some other entertainment places.

And if you choose the latter option and stay awake all night, then think about this decision twice.

If you are eager to defeat the tourist crowd in the surfing place, you need to avoid getting up late or a wild hangover in crowded places, so it’s best to keep a cup of strong coffee out of the way.

If it’s not very pleasant for you to wake up before dawn to avoid relaxing vacationers in your surfing place, you will not have the slightest chance to be alone with the waves.

Remember that practically no activities take place on the seaside until almost noon. It is unlikely that you will see somewhere pumping coolers rambling around the place earlier than 10 o’clock.

So, before you wake up, this is your safe place for surfing the waves.

early morning surfers

You should only keep in mind the state of the sea in this place at the time of surfing.

It happens that the tides in the morning can be either weak or too strong in some places. Consider this fact when choosing a method of surfing the waves until dawn.

You should always be prepared for the characteristics of the beach from which you go surfing as well as the waves on which you will ride.

This option will be a great solution not only for surfing itself but also for the feeling of unity with surfing sport and nature.

At such moments, you can feel the power of waves, fight these waves saturated with their energy, and enjoy the place and activity.

Many athletes are also advised to have breakfast before surfing waves, especially if you go to the place before dawn. So you protect yourself from a possible loss of consciousness with increased loads.

Occupation at the sunset

surfing at sunset

This type of surfing the waves during the sunset is the exact opposite of the first type – surfing the waves at dawn.

This option will be ideal for those who cannot force themselves to get up early.

So, you can be as balanced and stable as when surfing at dawn. Not taking into account the fact that in the modern world people are able to eat quite a lot, and while on vacation, they do this with a special predilection.

You can even imagine that we have a special plan for this or something like that.

Surfing at sunset in Bali

In the vacation places near the sea, by about six in the evening, people are tired of rest and are looking for something to eat in the cafes or restaurants closest to the beach.

Some return to their hotel to empty out everything that was included in their package and has already been paid for.

Around this time, the sun is setting and the waves become less welcoming for vacationers, unlike the city places, the time of which at this hour is just coming.

So when the city attracts vacationers with lights, luring them from the beach and waves, here our chance appears for surfing the waves in the sea.

Epic Sunset Surfing

As soon as you notice that the sun begins to set in the place, it means that you have to go to the waves.

Some people think that this is the best time for surfing waves – at sunset.

At this time, you can watch almost deserted places, admire the views and rays of the sun as well as warm waves and the end of the day.

At this time, romantic personalities often ride because they can admire the beautiful sun and the way it is reflected in transparent waves.

For some, the process of the sun going beyond the horizon is an irreplaceable ritual at the end of the day to successfully practice surfing the waves.

Traveling with friends

surfing with friends

Not only in surfing but also in ordinary life, it’s sometimes awkward to be in a crowd of strangers in one place, even if you are doing the same thing.

But it is very important to do what you love in a circle of acquaintances and nice people.

The same goes for surfing the waves. It is much more comfortable to engage in the waves among your friends than among an unfamiliar crowd.

So, you feel more confident on the waves while surfing when there are a lot of familiar and interested people around you.

Being in good relations with other surfers on the waves, you no longer need to try to catch the most successful wave that others may have selected.

Friends sometimes let you have a good wave just out of a good opinion of you, so you eliminate the extra effort of fighting for the wave. In turn, you are also pleased to be on the wave and share the waves with your friends in spirit.


However, especially conscientious surfers do not cease to feel anxiety and excitement when they are in a favorable place surfing the waves.

Here, you already have to take care of your friends who are surfing the waves, and this can be boring and distract you from the main activity.

Despite this, in any situation, the more friends in one place, the better. The same rule applies to our surfing sport.

You will definitely feel better among friends and relatives on the waves than among people you don’t trust.

But remember that to be a good friend does not mean only to receive privileges on the waves. This means that you need to be able to retreat sometimes for the benefit of your surfing partner.

Secret place

Another reliable way to get rid of the crowd is to find only your special place for surfing. Thus, crowd control comes down to avoid it.

However, the search for such a secret place can lead you to unexpected surfing locations and the quietest and, possibly, the wildest places with strong and weak waves.

Honestly, finding such a place for surfing is not only difficult but also almost impossible.

You are more likely to find a place with a limited number of surfers and no vacationers which can also be a great option.

Usually, in such places, athletes know each other and support your professional growth in surfing.

Tourists rarely find such places but they are still not so heavily polluted with garbage, towels, and sun umbrellas like popular beaches.

surfing in secret spot

Sometimes, the search for a secret place can revive your interest in exploring not only new surfing spots but also varieties of flora and fauna in these places.

On your way to surfing spots, you can find amazing landscapes and discover new places.

It is known that the search for such secret places will be more exotic and productive in Bali as well as in areas of Fiji and in some places near the coast of Brazil.

If you are somewhere in these places – you are definitely lucky and go to explore new places immediately. This will help you not only get rid of crowds of people but also find harmony with nature.

The skating way

surfing with many people

In fact, we all know that there is nothing better than gliding over the surface of the water and its dissection.

But if you are in a crowded place or trying to swim in the absence of waves, then this may be your only way out. At such moments, skating is more justified than other methods.

Whether you are a fan of polyurethane wheels or using rails, skating will be your help in increasing the power and efficiency of surfing.

Also, this type of ride will help you maintain balance on the water, so do not be afraid to purchase this toy. It’s okay to row the other way from the crowd.

If even this method does not help you, then you should think about buying a talking tube. After all, there is nothing worse for people in the water when someone starts shouting about the approach of a shark to the place.

You will see how quickly you get rid of the crowds of annoying people on your way to the waves.

surf girl

Thus, with the onset of summer, you should as often as possible engage in what you love without being afraid of congested places and the shores of the seas.

Meet the sunrises on the water or finish the day at sunset admiring the horizon.

Let your summer trips bring you only positive emotions and help you gain the necessary experience.

Evaluate your situation and choose the method that suits you best.

You can be guided in the choice of places based on the daily routine and the rhythm of life, or you can succumb to internal research instincts and embark on a short trip along the nearest seashores in search of your place.

Do not forget to introduce your friends to surfing to make it more fun to ride.

In any case, you will have to connect your human instinct to avoid other people in the surfing places who may interfere with your favorite activity.

In any case, if you really love what you are doing, then no one can stop you: no people, no foam, no rubbish, or your own fear.




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