August 19, 2022

The Two Important Tips on How to Make Surfing Waves on Weekends Really Pleasant and Rewarding

The Battle of the Weekend Warrior

big wave

In case you tend to go surfing on the weekend, and the biggest part of surfers are like that, you will get disappointed with your weekend.

You have to yearn for a weekend to come to do your favorite surfing sport, dreaming that you will manage to have a good surfing time and the best waves on this very weekend.

You visit surfing websites every day to find what it is like today, for example, the weather and waves forecast on these precious weekend surfing days, and that interferes with your daily working life.

It is better to be grateful when waves get very high on the weekend monthly or once in two months (the deciding factor here is your surfing location).

When the weather is acceptable for surfing on the weekend, some people will hit the waves very early to get things done without scores of people.

Big Wave Surfing

Riley Stevenson is a surfer located in Trestles. He tells us about his usual surfing experience with the waves on the weekend.

As he cannot spend a lot of his time surfing, he tries to take full advantage of it on the weekends.

When he comes to his favorite surfing place, the beach on weekends is full not only of people who normally surf on the weekends but also of children who are usually in school on workdays.

It is “take it or leave it”, and you have to take the battle. It is of the greatest importance to struggle for your place in surfing the waves on the weekend.

Also, only the strongest win here because, as a result, they will ride the biggest number of waves on their weekends.

Oftentimes, Riley is unwillingly getting out of the waves to where skilled surfers are. They make an impression to be in the right place all the time during weekends.

You must be better skilled in surfing to have fair weather on weekends that allows battling for decent waves.

many surfers on beach

What you can do to surf better, is more practice. It is like a plot of a film.

A lot of surfers on the weekends battle everybody with disappointment, and it appears to be not feasible to become a more skilled surfer if surf on weekends only.

People who have not practiced surfing in their early years are usually not highly-skilled by this time.

As opposed to them, children and teenagers learn surfing much quicker. In addition, they are not so time-tied, especially on the summer holidays and weekends.

Newbies only want to ride waves while middle-level surfers strive for doing difficult surfing moves on waves, like cutbacks, that could fit the cover of a subject-oriented magazine.


Riley’s issue is that he does not have regularity in surfing. You do not always have the chance to catch a decent wave on the weekend.

Moreover, once you are finished with adapting to the waves and have achieved some results, the weekend is already over and you have to long for the next weekend again to go ahead.

Good news for those who have spent a couple of years surfing the waves and, in their opinion, have reached a peak, is that it is possible to overcome this obstacle with the help of some tips.

Below, you will find a list of recommendations on taking your expertise further when surfing the waves only on the weekends.

Travel around

surf trips

You should have a reward for working so hard at the office. Search for your perfect weekend place where you could spare a few days or even weeks in a row and gratify yourself with a trip there for surfing and relaxing in a new environment.

If your choice of destination falls at such places like Mexico, Indonesia, etc., you will surely have the chance of catching excellent waves on the weekends.

You will be able to discover perfect places for surfing the waves without scores of people.

It will be a whole kilometer for surfing with a mass of people that is a decimal compared to where you usually surf the waves.

The aim of this time span is to become better at surfing and to get to know more maneuvers on the waves.

Find an instructor

surf instructor

Even if you are already a middle-level surfer, you will always find many things to adopt from professionals.

It is always better to have someone who could make an assessment of the way you surf the waves and tell you what you can do to learn faster.

There are even trainers who record videos of your surfing that you can both watch after the session and analyze what you were doing wrong. You will hone the methods and learn higher-level maneuvers on the waves.

They are informed when the best places are concerned and what you could get on this very day.

One more advantage is that they will choose the location that matches exactly your level, not that you are a beginner and you are put into high waves which are too difficult so far.

In this case, you will, nevertheless, expand your boundaries on the waves and get an opinion while having no fear you are surfing under dangerous conditions.

surfing instructor

It is better to follow both recommendations mentioned. In any case, if someone invests a good sum of money on trips, it is better to use this moment to the fullest.

You just need to seek a trainer so that you know the locations with the best waves that are most secure for you.

It will be no fun to have accidents without the assistance of someone in an unknown place.

In case you are not about to travel somewhere to surf the waves in the nearest future, you should find a surfing instructor.

To have comments from a professional on the way you surf the waves is at any time helpful, even for a weekend surf.

Surfing is just like other kinds of sports where it is a common practice to learn with a trainer.