Fascinating surfing in warm Spain – what waves are there and how good the hotels are

Any adventure seeker who decides to conquer the waves should go to Spain, which offers excellent water activities.

The coastline of this state stretches for 400 km, and the fantastic weather, which lasts here most of the year, is conducive to the most active rest.

The main thing is to choose from the variety of most suitable spots for you, and you can safely start a confrontation with the sea waves.

Spain’s north coast is a surfer’s paradise

Exotic Spanish shores are washed by the warm Mediterranean Sea and the more incredible Atlantic Ocean. Constant winds favor the formation of waves, and the sandy, gently sloping bottom creates optimal conditions for safe surfing.

The most significant number of surf spots are located in the north of the country, and it is in this part, the bulk of surfers rushes. The northern coast can be divided into four zones: Cantabria, Basque Country, Galicia, and Asturias.

Surfing in Spain – Gastelugace island

The real Mecca for surfers from all over Europe is the Basque Country. Here is the famous Sopelana beach, which stretches 1 kilometer along the sea.

It is recommended to visit the Gastelugache island, connected to the mainland by an ancient esplanade bridge. You can find through arches formed by sea waves in its eastern part.

If your visit to Spain is planned for the winter, you should go to Cantabria – the waters of the Bay of Biscay seem to be specially created for surfing. Thanks to the warm Gulf Stream, surfers stay warm in the water, even after waiting for long waves.

The best surf spots in Spain for beginners & professionals

Beginners are advised to enroll in the best Spanish surf school known far beyond the country’s borders. The establishment is called ESCUELA CANTABRIA DE SURF and is open from mid-March to mid-November.

Everyone has the opportunity to attend short weekly courses that will help you quickly master the surfboard.

Professionals should go to Asturias – a picturesque region surrounded by high cliffs. You can simultaneously meet peak, reef, and beach waves in this place. A relatively rare phenomenon called “river point break” is also formed – sand banks washed up by the river.

The most popular beaches include Los Cubos, Landrin, Santa Maria, Rodiles, El Mongol. Surfing competitions are also often held in these places.

In addition, beginners can visit numerous training centers, where they will teach how to catch waves and repair and even make surfboards on their own.

Galicia is perfect for all lovers of extreme sports, as it is pretty windy in these parts, leading to many strong waves. The best local beaches: San Cosme, Compelo, El Baleo, Pena de Salsa, Fornos.

The beaches of Fruheira and Pantin host an annual surfing competition. The blue flag marks the most beautiful and cleanest beach in Spain – Orsan in A Coruña, which stretches for 780 meters.

South Coast – surfing features

The southern coast of Spain is very favorable to surfers, which will please with soft, pleasant waves and offshore wind. The best time to swim on the board is from the early days of autumn to mid-spring.

The months are calm, and the beaches are filled with ordinary tourists. But in general, the conditions in this place are just perfect, which is why kitesurfing and windsurfing are also popular here.

Best Surfing Spots in Spain – Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are a paradise that many surfers flock to, especially the city of Fuerteventura. The waves are here all year round, and the warm climate is even more conducive to surfing.

Beginners can study at one of the many schools that offer hourly lessons. If necessary, you can rent all the required equipment. Transfers and sometimes educational excursions are also organized for surfers.

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