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Located on the African continent, the country of Morocco is not exactly typical Africa. Morocco combines mountains, ocean, and authentic Arab culture. In the west – the Atlantic, in the north – the Mediterranean Sea, in the South – the incredible sands of the Sahara. And in the very center – picturesque cities with thousand-year-old Eastern traditions and modern technologies of the West. From the very first minutes, the country falls in love with bright colors, and on the streets you can see palm trees next to citrus trees.

The neighborhood of the desert, mountains and ocean delights, opening this direction for outdoor enthusiasts. Here you have skiing, snowboarding (!!!), and surfing on the coast. And you can do both, and even without bread! Just an ideal place for a vacation, as for us, you definitely won’t get bored.

And where else at the same time of the year can you ski in the mountains, surf in the ocean and wander through the sands of the desert? There are even excellent golf courses – in Agadir and Marrakech. And to all these charms – only 6 hours of flight. Compared to Asian countries that are similar in color, this is not a long way at all!

When you get into the city, the bustle of the Arab city embraces you from all sides. Small streets where it is so easy to get lost are divided by bikes, cars and pedestrians. It all looks like some kind of perpetual motion machine, everyone is running somewhere, driving, the noise and din just does not stop. But there is a special charm in this, right?

And what colors are there! Everything is colored everywhere, it ripples in the eyes. Ceramics, buildings, fabrics, spices, whole cities painted red or blue, desert, ocean – be careful, after that Russia may seem too faded 🙂

Exploring the streets is also a very exciting activity. It seems that you can find everything here – countless spices and fruits, all kinds of clothes, shoes, bags, a bunch of small shops with souvenirs, shops selling traditional lamps. And carpets! In general, everything to return home not empty-handed, but in addition to stories about an incredible journey, bring a whole suitcase of souvenirs. And just dodge street musicians, snake charmers or acrobats!


Morocco is an Islamic country. So access to mosques for non-Muslims, with some exceptions, is prohibited. But, although on the one hand, Morocco is a country of strict rules, it is also a popular tourist destination, so the locals turn a blind eye to many things. But still, it is better to refrain from violent manifestations of feelings on the streets and in public places. After all, having arrived in a foreign country, it is worth respecting and honoring the culture and traditions.

The locals treat tourists well, but, of course, as in any country with an oriental temperament, you will not be deprived of attention. So, to all the extra exhortations of merchants, guides and beggars, you should firmly and confidently say “no”. Bargaining is welcomed as part of the culture

The locals speak Arabic. The monetary unit of the country is the Moroccan dirham (MAD), in 1 dirham there are 100 centimes. 1 dirham costs about 8 rubles (rate for 2021)


The climate depends on the area of ​​the country. So, in the mountains, on the warmest days, the temperature does not rise above +15 Celsius, and on some peaks the snow lies for several months.

On the Mediterranean coast, the climate is subtropical, with hot summers and fairly warm winters. The temperature in summer reaches +25…+30°C, and in winter +12…+15°C, in the mountains – about -10…-15°C. The average water temperature is +20 °C.

But, if you move towards the northwestern coast of the country, the climate becomes cooler, and the daily temperature fluctuations become more severe.


The environs of the Taghazout/Agadir region are dotted with world-class spots that are running steadily. From April to October the waves are rare and only suitable for beginners. Since October, more serious swells begin to come. But what is good about surfing in Morocco is that both beginners and hard surfers can find waves to their taste and level here!

Anchor Point: They say if you haven’t surfed on this wave, you haven’t surfed in Morocco 🙂 The most popular spot for visitors. And that means the most crowded. The legendary right point break, considered the best in the country. It works best during low tide or low tide.

Killers: Another spot with a great starboard and sand/stone bottom. If Anchor is too crowded, you can check this spot.

Draculas: If you take a wave at this spot, it will probably be the best wave of your life. But here’s the fly in the ointment – the entrance/exit is lined with razor-sharp rocks, so you’ll need boots or impeccable timing if you don’t mind your feet. Long wave with several tube sections for experienced surfers.

Boilers: You can check this wave if Anchors or Dracs are not working. Quite a difficult wave due to its curvature, but nevertheless, you can get a lot of fun on it if you are an advanced surfer.

Tamri: Dream beach break with stable waves. Suitable for all levels of riding. But if you are an experienced surfer, this wave is certainly not a reason to travel half the world. The advantage is that it is a spot magnet, so there is a good chance of finding waves here when other spots are dormant. It is also a truly beautiful place where you can meet flamingos and camels!

The Bay: If there are no waves in and around Taghazout, you can always drive north for an hour and a half to Imsuan. There is a spot with a sandy bottom, which will appeal to both beginners and experienced surfers. Loves the tide. And this is one of the longest waves in the area! This is where the lessons at our camp take place, and you can read more about the camp here.


A separate story deserves a place called Imsuan, where our camp is based.

The small fishing town is located on a remote headland about halfway between Agadir and Esueira. This is an extremely picturesque place, surrounded by mountains and the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Despite its fame as a great surf destination, the city still retains its charm and tradition. What is worth only a noisy fish market, where you can buy seafood or ask to cook the most delicious dinner in one of the restaurants.

Imsuane has two beaches, some of the best in Morocco with incredibly clear water and yellow sand.

The most famous surf spots in the area are The Bay, an incredible long right hand wave, and Cathedral, a reef point break. This place is not so well known, and can be a great alternative to the most popular spots in the country.

Even if surfing is not your thing, Imsuan is a fantastic place with pristine and clean beaches. Mountains and wild landscapes on one side and traditional snow-white fishermen’s houses on the hillside make this corner of Morocco especially attractive to visit.

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