Surfing on the California coast – features of waves, climate, vacation spots

People of all ages practice surfing in the United States. This phenomenon has long acquired a mass character. Therefore, the conditions for this sport in the country have been created simply ideal.

Every state with access to the ocean offers a highly developed infrastructure: a wide selection of surf camps, comfortable access roads to surf spots, special schools, and professional instructors.

Sunny California was no exception, and the beaches have everything to attract surfers of all ages – both beginners and real pros, who have long learned to “catch the wave.”

Best time to surf in California

Surfing is an extreme water sport for those who are not afraid of challenges and love to overcome obstacles.

The mastery of conquering the ocean waves is one of the most beloved activities of California residents who cannot imagine their life without the unique sensation of flying right above the deep dark abyss under the board.

Learning this sport is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance, especially if you do it in the right place and under the strict guidance of a professional instructor.

Unfortunately, California is just such a place, so surfers flock to the coast of the state every year from all over the United States and many other conditions.

The best time to conquer the waves is from the beginning of autumn to the end of spring, and it is at this time, the season for surfers begins.

However, this does not mean that it will not be possible to devote oneself to this occupation at other times. For example, in winter, you can catch the highest waves on the coast – they can reach three meters at this time.

In addition, perfect surfs are almost always observed here, and dangerous rocks are simply absent. There are pretty heavy showers here in February, but even this does not stop real athletes.

The beaches of California are crowded throughout the year; in summer, the water temperature in the ocean reaches + 25 degrees.

As for the necessary equipment, you can rent it right on the spot or buy it in one of the specialized shops, which are many on the coast. Suppose the water temperature in the ocean is not very high (no higher than 14 degrees).

In that case, it is recommended to immediately rent a wetsuit that will reliably protect you from the cold. It is better to choose the warmest product, with a neoprene thickness of up to 6 mm.

Surfing is impossible without a soundboard, and its choice will depend on the professional level of the surfer himself. For beginners, it is best to take a board with a soft surface and a maximum length of 9 feet – it is easier to maneuver and swim through the waves.

Where is the best place to catch the wave

California’s beaches are world-famous, not least due to their fame due to numerous feature films and TV series celebrating the romance of surfing. So let’s talk about the most famous beaches.

The Malibu beach near Los Angeles immediately comes to mind, and Santa Cruz, Santa Monica, Laguna Beach, Encinitas, and Huntington Beach.

These beaches are superbly equipped, with impressive ocean waves rolling on their vast sandy shores, attracting surfers like magnets. In addition, other water activities are well developed here: diving, paragliding, yachting, and many others.

There are many spots in California so that everyone can find surfing spots to their liking. Such spots as El Porto, Santa Monica, Hermosa Beach, and Malibu in the Los Angeles area deserve attention.

Newbies should head to Santa Monica, as this is where the best training centers in the state are located. In addition, there are a lot of them, so it will not be difficult for a beginner to find an instructor who speaks the language he understands.

Real pros will love spots like Seal Beach and Newport Beach. But the best California spots, from the simplest to the most difficult, can be found in San Diego County.

A favorite destination for surfers is also the town of Encinitas, which is worth visiting in the fall when the ideal season begins here.

Choosing a Beach – Tips for Newbie Surfers

The beach must be chosen very carefully since the whole process of riding on the waves on the board will depend on this place.

Therefore, it is necessary to adequately assess the size of local waves, average weather conditions, and water temperature. You can see the tide charts on specialized sites for surfers, which are scheduled for each spot separately.

Since most beaches in California have webcams, tourists are advised to observe the ocean through them to make sure the waves at that location are appropriate for their fitness level.

For beginners, it is better to choose beaches with functioning surfer schools.

Regardless of which beach is chosen, a great vacation on the California coast is guaranteed. Waves are ideal here at any time.

In addition, many other events and institutions are offered to tourists: noisy beach parties, discos, restaurants, and bars that are open until the early morning.

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