Surf spots in Bali

Bali is a truly heavenly Indonesian island that will forever remain in the heart of every surfer who has visited this iconic place at least once. Bali has drastically changed the outlook on life for many wave lovers. A whole generation of talented surfers of our and the last century visited its spots.

In total, there are about 40 places for excellent surfing on the island. It is impossible to visit them all at once, because they “work” at different times of the year. All surf spots in Bali have different “wave conditions” and wind direction. When choosing a board, you should take into account the fact that on some spots on the coast of Bali, the waves are quite fast, forming a tube. Local experienced surfers recommend taking a board a few pounds longer than the usual size.

The most popular spots in Bali

Kuta Beach

For those who are just learning to ride, it is better to start from this Bali spot. The waves here are quite calm, and in good weather it is safe and a lot of fun. You can study in this place almost at any time of the year. There are a lot of surf schools in Kuta Beach, so if necessary, you can learn from professionals. There are also enough board rental bases, where you can easily pick up a surfboard of the right size.
Kuta Beach is a very crowded surf spot. There are a lot of skiers on the coast, ranging from beginners to local “wave heroes”. Do not try to take the wave by swimming to the highest peak: you will still be intercepted by local surfers. At the same time, they are quite friendly to beginners, they try to help and support, although they do not miss the opportunity to play a joke.

Padma or Legian beach (Padma, Legian beach)

This spot is located on the bend of the beach line, due to which it collects the energy of many waves. If in Kuta the wave reaches a height of 3 feet, then in Legian it grows to 6 feet. Despite this, the spot is very good for beginners. The waves, although higher, are quite “comfortable”.
The big advantage of Legian is that it’s not as crowded as Kuta, so it’s a good opportunity to practice and hone your skills. At the same time, there are also enough surf schools and board rental bases.

Changu Batu-bolong or Old mans (Batu-bolong)

If you study at a surf school, then your first trip will most likely be at this spot. The waves here are quite slow and long. The ideal option for skiing in these places is longboarding.
It is deep enough here, so you can not be afraid of reefs. You will have to swim quite a lot, since the line-up is far away.

Canggu Brava beach (Brawa beach)

Brava Beach is considered one of the best spots on the island, which is very much loved by many professionals. The wave speed here is slightly above average. It is better to ride in this spot at low tide, as it is deep enough and the waves on big water rise with difficulty. On the shore you can find several bases for renting boards.


If you are already confident on the board, then Canggu is the first place you should visit. The spot is located on the same side of Bali as Kuta. The waves here are quite large, gentle and “correct”, but catching them is quite difficult.
There are few swimmers here, Canggu was chosen mainly by surfers on fan-boards. There are practically no “pipes”, the waves are even and unhurried. On a small board, you will have to accelerate with all your might and it is better where the wave is steeper.


This is another interesting spot in Bali just a kilometer south of Canggu. Berawa “works” only during low tide (low tide). The waves crash on the hardened black lava, which is overgrown with shells and inhabited by hedgehogs. Local hedgehogs are very different from those that can be found, for example, in Egypt. Balinese needles are shorter and thicker, and they can be easily removed.
There are quite a lot of local surfers in Berawa, but there are enough good waves for everyone.


Very beautiful famous southern Bali surf spot. The water here is clear, the waves are perfectly shaped and the views are spectacular. You can surf on any water – small or large, but at low tide it becomes quite dangerous, because the waves rise at a shallow depth, and there is a risk of hitting the reef.
There are quite interesting cafes along the coast. This is where surfers spend their free time from skiing. Most people come to Balangan specifically for surfing.


Uluwatu is the real pride of the island. This is one of the oldest spots in Bali. Worth a visit for experienced surfers. Although it is quite possible to try to ride even if you have an average level. Everything is quite complicated here – the waves are strongly lateral, there are reverse currents, rocks, reefs.
The entrance to the water is through a cave in a large rock. Here, on the rocky terrain, there are many cafes and shops. The cliff offers a stunning view that you can admire while dining in one of the restaurants. People come here not only for the sake of surfing, but also just to admire the most beautiful views.


This spot is a great place for confident surfers. Here the best “pipes” appear on the whole island with a sufficiently large swell. The waves are right, medium speed. There are quite a lot of pleasant vacationers on the beach.

Green Ball (Green bowl)

This is a wild and very picturesque spot in Bali. There is absolutely no commercial activity on the beach. Green Ball is more suitable for experienced surfers, although, with an average swell, the spot is quite suitable for surfers of any level. The waves are more to the right, the reefs are pretty close.

Geger beach

Not far from Uluwatu is an area of ​​huge five-star hotels and prestigious golf courses – Nusa Dua. Not far from the most beautiful sandy beaches there is an interesting surf spot – Geger beach. This place is good because it “works” even in the rainy season.

The reef itself is located quite far in the ocean and you will have to get to it by boat. The waves are quite fast, and with a big swell they become very powerful and dangerous. Medium tide is best for surfing.


When the season changes and the wind begins to blow from the west side, surf spots like Serangan come into operation.
There is always clear water, in which it is pleasant not only to ride, but also to swim, as well as an excellent beach with beautiful light sand. There are three peaks on this spot, the central one being the most popular and producing the largest wave size.

The left and right peaks are ideal for beginners, it is better for a beginner not to even meddle with the central one in a sufficiently large wave size. Serangan is a reef surf spot, in this regard, you need to carefully choose the time for skiing and the use of reef boots is recommended.


Spot Sanur operates only 20 days a year. Here is the best right reef break. It is good to ride when the wave reaches 6 feet, and if it rises below 4 feet, it becomes too shallow and dangerous. Sometimes the wave reaches 10 feet high, then it is worth using a big wave board and prepare for a ride of several hundred meters. But be careful, get off the wave in time, otherwise you will go straight to the Denpasar hospital. There are quite a lot of people at this spot. Many come here just for the sake of those few days when the waves reach their gigantic sizes.


Not so long ago, this place was a secret surf spot in Bali, about which there was no information anywhere. And it was not in vain that it was so hidden: the waves here are of a first-class level. Mostly surfers from Australia, France and Japan ride in Keramas. They say that many successful and famous surfers have chosen this spot, and therefore the competition for the best waves is very fierce here. The waves on Keramas are very fast and steep, so the “starting point” for the surfer is quite small. Keramas is ideal for competitions of all levels and gorgeous photo shoots.
The listed surf spots are the most striking and impressive, but the list of spots is far from over.

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