Incredible surfing in GOA – is it worth the trip?

Surfing in Goa is becoming more and more popular every day. However, more recently, surfers have not considered India as an interesting country for themselves. Meanwhile, the length of the coast here exceeds 7.5 thousand km, and the waves are the most suitable for this sport.

Features of surfing in Goa

Calling Goa an island is a mistake. In fact, we are talking about a part of the Indian mainland, which is part of the Republic of India as a separate state. It is the smallest state in terms of area and population. But in terms of the number of incoming tourists, it has been a leader for many years.

Previously, surfing in India was mainly done by tourists who ended up here for a beach holiday and accidentally saw an advertisement. However, the country joined the ISA Surfing Federation (https://www.isasurf.org/), and then advanced surfers and novice athletes became interested in it.

Previously, surfing in India was mainly done by tourists who ended up here for a beach holiday and accidentally saw an advertisement. However, the country joined the ISA Surfing Federation (https://www.isasurf.org/), and then advanced surfers and novice athletes became interested in it.

Geographic location of Goa

Geographically, Goa is divided into northern and southern parts. In northern Goa, a holiday and noisy fun are constantly reigning, here you can have fun and ride a board. The southern part has a relaxing calm atmosphere suitable for families.

Surf schools in India

There are a lot of surfing schools in Goa, including Russian-speaking ones. The most popular are:

Banana Surf is one of the most famous surf schools in Goa, located in the Shanti Club. A camp with comfortable accommodation is also organized here. There is a spacious terrace overlooking the sea, a good restaurant, music is almost always playing, concerts and exhibitions are held. The school employs experienced instructors who promise to put everyone on the board in a short time;

Neptune is a surf school and camp in Goa with instruction in Russian. The school is located in Mandrem, the surf tour includes airport transfer, hotel accommodation, country tour, yoga classes. Surfers are provided with the necessary equipment, equipment, and upon completion of the course – photographs;

Surf Wala is a school with a surf camp in Goa with comfortable rooms, a massage room, a bar. How much the tour to this camp costs depends on the chosen room category, as well as on the time of year. Lessons take place between the beaches of Arambol and Mandrem, they are conducted by experienced instructors. There is a rental and sale of boards;

Surf Club Morjim – The school offers accelerated learning for confident skating. Theoretical classes and practical lessons are held on land, then practice on ocean waves begins. During the classes, photos and videos are taken so that later mistakes can be sorted out. Surf lessons for children are available. The instructors speak Russian.

When choosing a surf camp and a school in India for training, you should study all the conditions offered in advance. For example, in some schools, the cost of education includes the rental of boards, there are individual and group lessons, as well as unlimited courses with unlimited study time.

Spots in Goa

Surfers traveling to India often stop in North Goa. Mostly surf spots are beaches with a sandy bottom, where the wave height reaches 2 meters. You can get to Goa by plane through the Dabolim airport. From here you can go to the camp or school by taxi or use the transfer organized by the host.

The beaches closest to the airport are Calangute, Baga, Candolim, they are also the most popular among tourists. These places are also loved by the locals. There are many restaurants and bars, clubs, nightlife is always in full swing. Popular beaches are Vagator, where you can see the face of Shiva on the rocks, Anjuna and Morjim, which is traditionally preferred by Russians.

Ashvem and Mandrem are less crowded, the descent into the sea is shallow and gentle. For party-goers and informals, the ideal option is Arambol beach. The most remote of the beaches in the northern part of the state is Kerim.

Surfing in the north of Goa is several interesting spots at once:

  • Shanti is a very picturesque beach, even beginners can ride here;
  • Arambol – in your free time from skiing, you can take part in dancing right on the shore;
  • Mama and Kiwi`s are spots for beginners without underwater currents, reefs, big waves. There are few people here, you can safely enjoy surfing;
  • Ashvem Rock and Twin Peaks are for advanced athletes. Spots with serious waves suitable for tricks.

In the south of India, there are not so many places where you should go for surfing. This is Kovalam beach, Varkala village. Here you can take surfing lessons in specialized schools or just rent a board and ride on your own. They get here through the airports of Trivandrum or Kochi.

Surfing is also practiced on the Andaman Islands, for a few days you can stay on the islands of Havelock, Neil, Long. There is a special island – Small Andaman, where the Onge tribe lives. You can visit here only during the day; tourists and surfers are not allowed to stay overnight. The nearest airport is Port Blair.

Surf season in Goa

From late May to mid-October, the monsoon season begins in the Indian Ocean, this time is considered the low season for tourists. A strong wind raises waves of 6 m or more, this is the right time for a surf tour in Goa only for experienced professional athletes. This season is not suitable for beginners and children. The air at this time warms up to + 27 + 29C.

After a period of heavy rains, there is a lull, which means the high season (in terms of tourism). Waves rarely rise above 1.5-2 m, so in Goa in February you can learn to surf from scratch. There is a particularly large influx of visitors in December, during the Christmas holidays, as well as in January, when the children have holidays. For this period, lessons in Goa surf schools should be booked in advance.

During a surfing tour in Goa, you can learn how to stand on the board, improve your skills, and at the same time enjoy the amazing nature, beach holidays, excursions and many other entertainments.

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