Everything about surfing in Sri Lanka

We talk about surfing and beaches in Sri Lanka

If you ask any surfer why he comes to Sri Lanka from year to year, then every answer is that this is a unique and picturesque place where you can catch a great wave and have an inexpensive vacation.

Indeed, the Indian Ocean is famous for its calmness and the size of the waves for both beginner amateurs and experienced professionals, and the variety of exotic species will give an unforgettable experience and relaxation, which can always be combined with your favorite sport.

Anyone who decides to try this business will always find an inexpensive rental of sports equipment and a wide selection of training schools at affordable prices.

 When is the best time to come?

Sri Lanka is open to surfers all year round, thanks to exchanges between the east and west coasts of the high season

And if from May to September it is the northeast (Arugam Bay, Pottuvil), then from November to March its opposite is Hikkaduwa, Weligama, Mirissa.

Beginners should choose calm weather conditions that delight them in December-January and July-August.

Still, it is better for fans of extreme and severe waves to come during the rainy season – October and April.

Where are the best surfing spots?

Sri Lanka is where surf spots are abundant

However, when choosing a place, you should proceed from the level of your training, the presence of like-minded people, and the group of living.

For beginners and amateurs, the south-western direction is more suitable, where the waves are quieter, and there are many surf schools, including Russian ones.

Those wishing to master this sport should start from Weligama – an ideal place for learning any form: from individual to group lessons, specialized camps.

The infrastructure of the bay is fully equipped for surfing – a large selection of inventory, surf equipment rentals.

The most famous Russian-language school is also located in Weligama – SurfDiscovery, where you can study Russian under experienced instructors’ guidance.

For fans to taste: Hikkaduwa, Mirissa, Matara, Tangalle

For example, Hikkaduwa is the oldest resort in Sri Lanka and is one of the famous surfer destinations.

The town is full of budget hostels and economy class hotels, various restaurants, and seaside cafes.

In addition, there are always local discos, and entertainment shows in the evenings, making this place appealing even to those not on the board enjoying the beautiful views.

Hikkaduwa will delight with 3-meter waves, surf schools, a large selection of instructors, and an abundance of like-minded people for those who have come to devote themselves to surfing.

Merissa is a resort for every size wallet, from local bungalows to luxury hotels

However, it is no less beautiful: a sandy coast surrounded by palm trees and a rocky section of the beach, which generates waves up to three meters in size, where more experienced surfers come, as it is believed that the rocky bottom is not too safe for beginners.

And the presence of coral reefs also allows diving and snorkeling.

For those who have little experience behind them but a craving for new experiences, it is advisable to visit the coasts of Midigama, Talpe, and Galle.

The eastern direction is more correlated with experience and professionalism, so there are rarely beginners here due to the height of the waves and the abundance of reefs.

The environments of extreme lovers deserve the most incredible popularity: Arugam Bay, Pottuvil, Okandawara Bay.

For those who like to combine surfing and diving, Koggala is perfect

Arugam Bay occupies a special place in the eastern direction – a place full of thematic gatherings of like-minded owls of this world.

The waves of the Arugam Bay, although small, are long, which makes it possible to stay on the board more.

However, the level of development of the resort is rather poorly developed, but this does not scare those who are satisfied with the minimal comfort or modest dwellings of residents and cheap food in local eateries.

How to learn to surf?

To do this, there are several ways from which everyone can choose something to their liking:

Learn on your own

It is highly undesirable to do this if you have never stood on the board before. However, if you have a little experience, it is worth giving it a try.

If you have enough funds, you can buy everything you need at a local store, but you should be careful: locals sometimes deceive tourists by promising a subsequent ransom of the board before they leave. Do not believe such promises and better take rental equipment.

On average, rental prices are as follows:

  • 1 hour: $ 2-4;
  • Half-day: $ 5-8;
  • Full day: $ 8-15.

Again, it all depends on the location: the cheapest rental is in Arugam Bay and the most expensive in Hikkaduwa.

At the same time, a longer rental of a board will be more affordable than daily rent.

Take lessons from a local instructor

Among the residents, it is pretty easy to find people who have succeeded in this business and will gladly help you.

It is an excellent option for those who want to save money since the prices for such classes are lower than in professional schools.

On average, the cost of one lesson is from 10 to 20 dollars. Haggle and claim a discount if you take more than one lesson.

Foreign and Russian surf schools

More reliable instructors teach professionally in surfer schools; they have an excellent base and international certifications

In foreign schools, teaching is in English, the approximate cost of one lesson is from 15 to 30 dollars, including everything you need for classes.

Russian schools provide an opportunity to study in their native language, have both individual lessons and group lessons, which, by the way, will cost you less.

However, the price is relatively high: a group lesson is about $ 60, an individual address – 120.

Surf camp and surf retreat

The surf camp is a kind of surfing training camp that includes accommodation, meals, training, and staying in a team of like-minded people.

A stay in such a severe camp can take one week to a month. For example, the price for seven days in Weligama camp is about $ 700, in Hikkaduwa up to $ 800 to $ 1,500, and in Arugam Bay from $ 450 to $ 1,800.

On the other hand, Surf retreat is a luxury class educational complex

Starting from $ 2,000, you can get an all-inclusive package: accommodation in an expensive hotel, the necessary equipment and a course of classes, yoga, SPA, complete meals, and massage sessions.



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