Using Wood as Surfboard Material Contributes Much to the Environmental Protection

Is a natural wood surfboard good for the environment

From time to time, the development of surfboards improves: new manufacturing technologies appear, manufacturers find and use new materials in the construction of boards.

So, in search of progressive ideas, a special group of surfboard makers decided to use high-quality wood as the main material in the manufacturing process of surfboards.

The use of large wood tiles resulted in the creation of works of art.

Initially, it was conceived that the use of wood as the main material due to its characteristic qualities will lead to an increase in the performance of a surfboard.

Such wood boards have become a really good choice for athletes who care about the environment and want to buy a surfboard with high performance.

So, these boards are created on the basis of natural materials such as wood that do not harm the environment and special technologies in manufacturing that maximize the environmental protection effect and create the minimum amount of harmful emissions of processed products into the atmosphere.

Wood surfboards are an ideal choice for those who are worried not only about the quality of their surfing but also about the environmental situation in the world.

Wooden Surfboard

If you use such a green surfboard made of wood, you can be called a thoughtful citizen who cares about the environment.

The fact is that the manufacturing process of such a board made of wood eliminates a large percentage of harmful emissions from the materials that poison the environment.

So, environmentally friendly materials are a new trend in the surfing industry. Many surfers use certain materials in their sport only because of this environmental factor.

A wood surfboard is one such thing. Such a surfboard made of wood rides no worse than other boards and performs all the functions necessary for a surfer, and many athletes ride only on such surfboards.

One of the creators of these wood surfboards is Danny Hess from Hess Surfboards. He is a professional wood processor who now lives and works in California.

Danny Hess is a manufacturer who, in the creation of surfboards, has focused on the special properties of the wood material. He approaches the use of wood material resources very thoughtfully and responsibly.

Danny believes that the materials and manufacturing methods provide the highest level of productivity with a minimal negative impact of the materials used on the environment.

So, the technology of on-board equipment allows him to achieve these with the goal to create a dream without harming nature.

Danny Hess with Wooden Surfboard
Danny Hess

The company creates each of its surfboards using Amapola, Cork, and Poplar wood systems. These materials are used due to their high strength to weight ratio.

This material ratio is useful when creating a wooden frame for the entire perimeter of the surfboard.

These surfboards, having the frame with a wood stringer around the entire perimeter, do not allow the surfboard to curl, which sometimes happens with boards that are made of foam.

The elimination of such twisting characteristics is the key to the absence of twisting during torsion. The existence of bending during torsion can lead to a decrease in the speed of the surfboard.

The special design of this company provides the flexibility of memory along the wood stringer and the rail line. This provides an efficient energy supply that is highly responsive to the waves.

Our hero uses a core made of foam which delineates the types of manufacturing and materials of the old and new systems.

The manufacturer uses wood paneling to form the bottom and contour of the sides.

Thus, we can see the difference in the modern and outdated production of surfboards.

Danny Hess making wooden surfboard

This type of manufacturing has a significant advantage due to the environmental aspect. The wood from which the surfboards are made is pre-harvested and processed.

So, initially, this wood material is distinguished by stability.

Polystyrene foam materials are added to the wood as well as special corks that are capable of environmental processing on their own.

Epoxy resin material does not emit highly volatile inorganic compounds into the outside world so its use is justified.

For each wooden-based surfboard, half of the fiberglass materials used in a traditional board (which is made of polystyrene) is used.

Wood does not break like a standard foam surfboard, so it is a more tenacious material and will last longer on the water.

Also, such a surfboard does not lose its responsiveness over time like other surfboards. So, you are unlikely to find durable wood boards in landfills, especially, among those that have finally died.

Surfboard Shaper Danny Hess Makes Truly Gorgeous Wooden Boards

«Hess»  is not the only company trying to produce environmentally friendly surfboards using wood as the main material.

On the Internet, you can find many creators who monitor the harmful emissions of their production and try to protect the environment.

Such manufacturers care not only about environmental friendliness but also about the surfing abilities of their customers.

The problem of our favorite sport is that no matter how manufacturers try to reduce emissions of harmful substances, surfing is still harmful to the environment.

Unfortunately, surfing is one of the biggest pests for the biosphere.

We think that we should all take time and effort to find a more environmentally friendly way to surf.

Perhaps, you should concentrate on recycling old products to get new ones. So, you can find new technology and materials for processing and creating surfboards which will help preserve the environment.

Hess Surfboards

And even if surfers are very attentive to the global pollution of the oceans with their surfing wood accessories, the emissions are still quite large.

The bottom line is that all these efforts may not bring results because of the materials that are used in production since, very often, these are refined products.

So we see a solution to this problem in the recycling of old materials that are no longer usable. This way, you can reduce the number of harmful emissions into the atmosphere because it will not be necessary to create new materials but only recycle old ones.

Here, the question remains open of whether these items made from recycled materials will be suitable and of high quality in use.

Another solution is the use of organically pure materials like wood surfboards. Such materials are processed faster in the natural environment and do not bring much harm to nature in the manufacturing process.

Many shapers are already dealing with this issue and are increasingly expanding their range of environmentally friendly materials such as natural wood.

This revolutionary movement in surfing will help preserve our ecology and the planet for many years to come.



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