Why Tomo Surfboard EVO is the best choice to do complex maneuvers

Tomo Evo  surfboard is well suited for the everyday tasks of the average surfer.

Intermediate to advanced athletes may feel like they’ve finally found a decent mate, and for beginners, this is a great opportunity to improve their skills.

On this thing, it is ideal to do both complex tricks and maneuvers, as well as learn the very basics of surfing.

Many consider this to be the best and most versatile surfboard in this group.

The advantages of EVO outfit:

  • Evo  is able to quickly and easily pick up the pace of the trip, and also maintains speed well on flat surfaces;
  • Tomo is very smooth surfboard, and also really steady, which is strange to things with planing surfaces;
  • not only will your ride become very fast and dynamic, but you will also be able to make sharp turns at high speeds.

Disadvantages of TOMO thing:

  • Evo is difficult to get used to high speed;
  • you constantly need to center your foot on the Tomo surfboard.

Best Wave Type

Firewire Tomo Evo

There is a fairly wide range in wave heights to the surfboard Tomo Evo. You can ride both in normal conditions up to 1 foot, and on the reefs, where you will catch waves of 2-4 feet and feel all life in your equipment.

Therefore, a correct spot is necessary to Evo surfboard.

Evo is imperative to choose a surf spot in accordance with your skiing level. Otherwise, extreme will turn into danger for you.

Of course, as long as you learn to surf, it’s not a problem. Because the instructor will select the safest and most comfortable spot to learn.

surfing on tomo evo surfboard

But after completing the training, you will need to make your own decisions. And at first, stick to these rules:

  1. Look for a spot with a sandy bottom.
  2. Choose a spot without a lot of traffic.
  3. Don’t ride alone on Tomo.
  4. Practice with surfboards on gentle waves.

Do not ride the Evo that advanced surfers have chosen. First, perhaps this is a sign that this wave is not yet within your power. And secondly, there is a risk of creating a dangerous situation.

What are the types of places:

Depending on where the water rises, there are divided into several ways: beach, reef, point break.

Beginners are mainly taught on beach breaks. However, even on such spots, the water height and its type can change.

Therefore, it cannot be said that these skiing places are not suitable for experienced sportsman.

And it is better for a beginner to ask more experienced “colleagues on the ocean” to details before the gurney.

What is Beach-break

The water forms on the sandy bottom.

That is good for beginners because, when falling, he does not risk hitting coral reefs and underwater rocks.

Depending on the underwater current, tide, wind and other factors, the place where the thing originates can change. In the same way, the way of water can also change – on the each there are both gentle ones and pipes.

One of the best such places is in Haussegaard (France).

What is Reef-break

reef break waves

More experienced surfers ride on such places and easily keep their balance on the Tomo surfboard Evo. Here the water rises against rock bottom, coral reefs or other obstacles.

On such a place, the thing rises steadily in the same bottom line. And its thickness and length depend on the size and shape of the reef barrier.

Bali has many such ones as Kuta Reef, Canggu or Keramas Beach. You can take a ride there after your studing course in Bali.

What is Point-Break

point break waves

A thing occurs when the swell collides with the top of an underwater cliff, cape, peninsula, stone ridge.

The waves go around the obstacle and, as a result, rise one after another.

Surfers love these waves because they are long and well-shaped. There are a lot of spots of the type in Morocco.



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