January 31, 2023
The Roach by Stacey

What is the Roach and why Stacey Surfboards are so popular

Today we present a very cool Roach SurfBoard from Stacey.

Let’s start right off the positive side of the Roach from Stacey:

  • Manufacturers made the Roach from a special compound that we call magic dust. I am just telling you that this is an unusual and beautiful surfboard. It will make you feel like you are surfing much better than you really are;
  • you feel directly attached to the tide as if you are inseparable friends. Wherever you put your feet, they will still feel great and comfortable, but all this is available to us due to the design features;
  • Stacey equipment rides very smoothly, but hard, it helps you to control more space and possibilities;
  • the rooted version of Roach, rides very fast and makes very good sharp maneuvers, excellent controllability, so it works exactly as you need it.

Negative sides of the Roach  by Stacey Surfboards:

    • guys, you won’t find surfboards by STACEY.

Best Tide Type for the Roach  by Stacey Surfboards

Roach SurfBoard from Stacey

Medium and large tides are perfect for Stacey Roach, as well as those that are at the level of your shoulders and head.

With the Roach Stacey surfboard you can conquer both reefs and steep beaches and headlands.

Now is the time to decide on the spot that is best suited for training and improving your skills with the Roach. As it turned out, there are many places in the world suitable for surfing beginners.

Shanti Beach Break

Shanti Beach India

One of the most picturesque beaches in India to try out Roach surfboard by Stacey.

The optimal two-way tide for entry-level surfers. Season from September to March.

Good power and tide height, together with a warm ocean and no surfer crowds, create some of the best beginner conditions on the planet.

In general, there are many pluses and no minuses at all to try out the Stacey surfboard.

If you ask any seasoned surf trainer to model the ideal spot for teaching beginners, the result is Shanti Beach Break. Of the schools, Banana Surf School is represented here.


In the spot, the length of the coastline is about three kilometers and seven to eight independent and constantly operating peaks during the season.

Medium speed tide which is good to the Roach by Stacey Surfboards.

You can ride at the Roach by Stacey Surfboards here at any level with the Roach, except for the maximum low tide, and study at all, except for the full high tide.

The season runs from late September to April inclusive.

It is a great spot for both beginners and experienced surfers with Stacey equipment. There are some peculiarities, such as the lack of infrastructure, and at full tide, a shorebreak is possible.

Schools: Red Star Surf, ZOOPark Famara – classes in Russian.


Laskovy beach Solnechnoye

Laskovy beach in the village of Solnechnoye on the shore of the Gulf of Finland.

The coastline is about 700–800 meters long, with four to five independent and well-defined peaks.

The tide here is slow, the bottom is sandy, and you can ride at any time. It is better to start training after the wind peak. Season from May to October inclusive.

This is a good spot both for the first steps and for confident skiers, and, of course, best place to check out pros and cons of the Roach  by Stacey Surfboards.

Also worth mentioning is the small tide period, good foam, as well as the presence of kites and windsurfers and the lack of developed infrastructure.

Schools: SPb Surf Club and WSGS.


Surfing in Morocco

This place is named after the rock with the silhouette of a crocodile, from which the spot begins. The spot is located 15 kilometers from Agadir.

Among the advantages: the Atlantic Ocean, the length of the coastline is 2.5–3 kilometers, a dozen independent peaks that work stably during the season, the tide is medium in speed, the bottom is sandy, with rare stones.

Ride your Roach by Stacey at any water level, learn always, except at full tide, when a shore break is possible.

The season runs from late October to March.

Many schools are located here – a consequence of the reputation of this spot as an educational one. Among them are Surf Town Morocco, where classes are held in Russian, as well as seasonal Russian surf camps (GoSurf, WSGS).

Estagnes forest

surfing on Roach SurfBoard from Stacey

The length of the spot coastline is about one and a half kilometers.

There are four to five independent and stable peaks operating in the season. The tide is fast and medium in speed, the bottom is sandy.

You can ride your Roach surfboard by Stacey at any water level, learn – too, with the exception of a full tide. At the same time, the shockbreak here is quite powerful. Also there are strong currents.

The infrastructure is developed, there are a lot of schools, mainly English-speaking. There are also seasonal Russian surf camps (SPb Surf Club, WSGS, Surfholiday).


The length of the coastline of this spot is 3.5-4 kilometers. Eight to nine independent peaks work stably during the season.

The waves are fast and medium in speed.

Riding at any water level, learning – too, except for the full tide due to the short break. The season starts in September and ends in April.

Overall, this world-class tide spot is great for learning from the ground up to any level.

The infrastructure is developed here, there are many English-speaking schools, as well as seasonal Russian surf camps Surf Holiday and WSGS.


This spot is located in the central fjords of Norway. The length of the coastline is 2–2.5 kilometers.

There are five to six independent and constantly working peaks in the season. Medium speed wave, sandy bottom.

You can ride at any water level, learn – too, except for the full tide.

The season lasts from April to October, but it is worth remembering that the waves are quite low from the second half of June to mid-August.

The infrastructure is developed here, there is an English-speaking school La Point, as well as seasonal surf camps of the SPb Surf Club.

Kuta Beach

kuta beach surfing

The spot is a few kilometers of sandy beach with variously breaking peaks.

The season lasts all year round, but from December to April you can find a lot of plastic in the water.

Overall, this is one of the best spots for first steps, but also suitable for advanced surfers. Given the popularity of the place, it is quite crowded here, but the infrastructure is also adequate, there is where to spend time in the evening.

Schools include Surf Discovery, TackOff and many others.



The coastline is about two kilometers long, three or four independent and stable during the peak season. Medium speed wave.

You can ride at any time, and training, as in the case of Atlantis, is better after the wind peak. The season runs from April to November.

This is a good spot for both beginners and confident skiers.

Cons: a small wave period and poorly developed infrastructure. In addition, there are no schools, but there are seasonal surf camps of the SPb Surf Club.

Surfing features

shortboard surfing

Surfing is a mesmerizing, alluring word.

Everyone has thought at least once about the Roach surfboard, the waves and the ocean. And about myself, of course, on this very surfboard.

How many American films with episodes of tough guys sailing fearlessly into the surf did we watch as a child? How many times have we envied them?

The imagination draws surfers as some kind of unreal people, forever young, strong and tanned, who are not afraid of either sharks or the bottom of the sea.

To become one of the chosen ones is a dream that can be fulfilled, but difficult.

The high cost of the flight and the lack of free time make us postpone the trip to the waves until better times. And the absence of the ocean nearby and, therefore, frequent training, speaks of the impossibility of climbing further the shameful status of a “beginner”.

If you want to become at least “seasoned surfers” – move a couple of thousand kilometers closer to the ocean. There is no other option.


E.g., you can move to Australia, the capital of surfing.

Almost all Australians live within half an hour’s drive to the ocean, and on the mainland, a few farmers huddle among deserts and barren land.

The dream of any Australian inhabitant is to save up to retirement to a small house overlooking the waves, which most often remains a dream.

Interestingly, to Australians, the ocean and surfing are indispensable parts of the natural course of things, a mystical connection, the interruption of which can lead to a complete loss of interest in life.

The inability to buy a home on the coastline makes the continent’s inhabitants feel inferior.

“We don’t feel inferior without surfing, but sometimes we still want to be on the crest of a wave.”

best surfing in australia

The most important thing you need to quickly learn to surf and start enjoying the waves sooner is, as you might guess, your great physical condition.

First of all, you will need the ability to swim, strong abs, back, shoulder girdle, legs and excellent stretching.

Swimming lessons and general fitness will help you get the basics of fitness in the form you need to ride your surfboard. Jogging, pull-ups, push-ups and ab exercises will definitely not be superfluous.

Stretching can be done at home.

The main thing is to follow all safety rules: it is better not to exercise in the morning, so that the muscles have time to warm up a little during the day, in a warm room and after preliminary charging, and even better – after strength exercises that do not clog the muscles, but bring them into tone.

By the way, all these exercises and workouts will help you in everyday life – where there are not too many waves.

To real surfers, the season, of course, lasts all year round, but everyone else usually remembers this sport exactly at the time of the onset of summer.

More often than not, the main problem on the path to breaking waves is where to start.

“In order to make it easier to train with direct contact with the ocean, basically good physical shape is enough, but the requirements to  it are quite high. It is best to go to the gym and the pool to train. Moreover, in the pool it is not easy to swim, but to train with a trainer. The second most important point is flexibility, you need great stretching, yoga or Pilates is ideal to this.”

skateboard boy

Many people believe that skateboarding or practice, for example, windsurfing, which, by the way, can be practiced even in the Moscow region, can help you master a surfboard in a shorter time. And these many are right.

The most important skill that comes in handy to cut the waves is the ability to balance and easily manage your weight in unstable positions.

When all the necessary skills, of which, however, there are not so many, have been obtained, it is time to move on to what it was all about – practice.

It’s time to start spending money and fly to a place where you can easily find high waves (unless, of course, you want to chase a boat on the river).

Statistics show that most beginners tend to choose Bali, Dominican Republic, Portugal and Morocco – waves in these regions are best suited to initial training.

Bali and Lombok (Indonesia) are some few places on the planet where there is a wave all year round. The rest of the places are seasonal (you need to choose such a time so that there is suitable weather and waves).

If you are going to learn how to surf, the first thing you need to be prepared to is to be in the water to a lot of time.

This will require shorts, a tank top, and a waterproof sunscreen, preferably 50 and zinc – especially if you’re in the tropics.

Reef slippers can also come in handy. It is also worth gaining knowledge about currents, ebb and flow in advance.