The Location of the Surfboard Wide Point Should Be Considered When You Seek Your Perfect Board

The Wide Point Influences The Way Your Surfboard Turns

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The wide point of a surfboard is a decisive characteristic. The right way for you is to visit a person who shapes surfboards and understand together which construction is perfect for you.

This person will be your guide and consider your training level, the way you surf and, above all things, the kind of waves you surf in.

The latter will help him prepare a surfboard beneficial for this very purpose. And here, the positioning of the wide point is of the greatest importance.

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Depending on the positioning of this point on the deck, the turning performance of a surfboard differs.

George Orbelian, who wrote Essential Surfing, says that the wide part should be placed approximately 8 inches (20.32 cm) in front of the middle point and 5 inches (12.7 cm) at the back of the middle part.

Its location is influenced by the kind of waves for surfing and the way a person surfs. If the wide part is positioned too far from the middle point upwards, surfboard turning will take much more time and area in the water.

Your surfboard will turn quicker and abrupter if the wide point is located too far downwards. It is now clear how much the location of the wide part influences the style.


The positioning of this wide part on the surfboard is also very critical for paddling performance.

The farther these tips are placed on the surfboard, the better you will paddle.

This can be perfectly illustrated by two types of broad points placement: on the fish and the gun boards. The first one is broader and usually fits lower and softer waves with small power.

This will make amateur surfing more pleasing. Another type is located on the gun. It fits high-wave surfing.

The way paddling into the waves of 15 feet and digging into the lip differ is very critical. The wide part is placed in front of the middle point so that it dips into the waves immediately.



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