There Are Two Options for Surfboard Slip Fixing – Certified and Hand-made Variants

How to deal with surfboards slits

It is a usual thing for surfers to have periodic surfboard fixing.

Surfboard slits are absolutely unavoidable and troublesome at the same time.

Luckily, on, you can find useful instructions to follow in surfboard slit fixing.

You slit the surfboard. What are your actions?

Surfboards slits

You will get the fixing variants ahead. But, firstly, we have to make a point of you not spoiling the situation with your surfboard slit.

Keep up the following steps to get prepared for fixing:

  • Go ashore: it can become only worse if the slit gets wet.
  • Dewater the surfboard: put the surfboard so that the water drips out of the slit.
  • Take away the wax around: no matter which of the options you will follow, it is going to simplify the further stages of surfboard fixing.

Variants of your surfboard fixing

Certified fixing

sutfboard master

Price: Less than two – from twenty to twenty-five dollars, more than two – from thirty to thirty-five dollars.

Fixing part: from sixty to eighty dollars.

The surfboard is crushed into two pieces: from one hundred to one hundred and twenty-five dollars.

Fixing of a fin: fin control system – from twenty-seven to thirty-two dollars, futures fin – forty-two dollars, glass-on fin – from thirty to fifty dollars.

More: epoxy resin – thirty dollars, gloss coating – eleven dollars, coloring – ten dollars.

Time period: about half a month (however if you want the surfboard to be ready for a soon-coming trip, you should remember that it can sometimes take several months for some surfboards to be “nearly ready”)

Service: the experts can repair your surfboard the best way, and this variant is the most appropriate in terms of quality.

Additional information: If some serious slits occurred to your surfboard, we would advise involving experts for fixing these slits.

For the majority of surf-shops, slit fixing is a kind of help, but not the way to make money.

The staff guys there understand how wicked it is having slits in your precious surfboard. Do not forget, they are surfers too.

Fix it yourself: using putties

using putties

This way of fixing will cost from seven-fifty to ten-fifty dollars. You do not need any special competence here.

As for quality, it is not once for all time but can help to make the surfboard water-proof. The procedure will take you about sixty minutes.

The advantage of this way is that you can use putty at the very moment a slit occurs because this matter may harden in the water.

Our recommendation is to pay attention to such putties as “The Quick Stick”, “Session Saver”, “Solarez”. They need approximately a quarter of an hour to dry out, can harden in the water, and it isn’t difficult to use them with any slit shapes.

By the way, the putties of “Solarez” can be stronger in the long term because they are made of fibrous filler.

Fix it yourself: fibrous filler

fibrous filler

The price of such surfboard slit fixing is about ten dollars for each tube.

It is suitable for various slits and lasts for some time.

The procedure will take about a day and needs some skills from you.

Fibrous fillers can mix in if everything is done well enough.

They are quite hard but they have a disadvantage of peeling off really often, that is why they need to be re-fixed sooner or later.

Also, you should know that those goods contain a mixture of rosin and little parts of glass-fiber plastic, which under pressure gives elasticity and hardness.

“Solarez” and “Sun Cure” are the best-selling goods. Before buying, pay attention to the label.

These items are produced in two variants – epoxy and fiberglass, and they both can harden with exposure to the rays of the sun.  (There is a risk of the surfboard core decay caused by using PU (fiberglass rosin) on epoxy foam.)

The main disadvantage is that it is not always easy to put these lumpy materials into the needed slit shape.

Fix it yourself: fiberglass or rosin set

The price for each outfit will be from fifteen to twenty-five dollars. It is proper for fixing several slits and lasts for some time.

However, this step requires advanced skills and slit fixing will take you one or two days. The good news is that this surfboard fixing will be the same quality as from the experts.

Be ready that such fixing sets are many-stage procedures.

They consist of filling and topping a slit with rosin and then a piece of fiberglass. This process takes more time than fixing with putty or fibrous filler because it needs a mixture of several parts of some chemical substances.

It is worth mastering these repair skills if you have noticed getting slits pretty often.

A big thank for help with the article to Flowbee from The Froghouse in Newport Beach.



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