Small or Large Surfboard Fins for Riding Different Types of Equipment and Waves Should Be Chosen Correctly

Huge or Tiny: Don’t Doubt About Fins

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Here you can find out the information about what number of flippers your surfboard requires for riding.

Fins of a large size

Fins of a large size

  •  You should have them if you are stout and you weigh much. Larger flippers help you to afford stability while riding because of the bigger area.
  • The same thing is with athletic men. If you do a lot of training and your muscles are powerful, mind the larger stabilizer.
  • If your board is short but you want to catch the huge waves, you definitely need a bigger flipper, that could provide you with a wider sweep.
  • If your surfboard is huge and its rear part ends with a wide zone, an extensive flipper will fit your riding needs.
  • Great fins can make the riding of the surf with a larger rocker even better.
  • If you like to diversify your riding style, a bigger stabilizer could work well.

 Fins of a small size

Fins of a small size

  • When the surfboard is narrow and you would like a bit freer style of riding, you can apply a smaller fin.
  • If you want to be more flexible, this decision is also for you.
  • If the surfboard has almost no rocker, you doubtlessly have to install a minor flipper.
  • Smaller fins are indispensable when the surfboard has huge rails.
  • If the surfboard doesn’t have an ample rear end or its channels are extreme, the small stabilizer will be effective.


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