The Right Choice of Surfboard Fin Sets Allows You to Experiment with Riding Styles and Surfing Conditions

Have you ever had doubts about your surfboard behavior on water? If so, another set of fins may be just what your surfboard needs to solve the problem.

For starters, it is the easiest method of changing the way your surfboard behaves under your feet. Your style tends to evolve constantly along with your surfing career and life circumstances.

You may get to explore new breaks, gain or lose weight, or experience the wear and tear of your equipment. Whatever it could be, switching fins on the surfboard is one of the cheapest options available, and it may be just another set you need in order to refresh your ride.

By the way, SurfScience has got some concepts to share with you.

Take Your Fin for a Spin


The so-called “test-drive centers” exist nationwide. The dealers from both FCS and Futures will certainly have something to boost your engineering spirit.

Any set on the counter is available for a small deposit, and you can freely test a new piece of equipment out in the water.

Does the set item fit your style? Is it good enough in standard local conditions? Is it fully compatible with your preferred surfboard? What about your back-up board?

All the dealers with such test centers are shown on both FCS and Futures websites.

Just Rent Something


The price of new fins for any surfboard may be too steep, and that is why The Surfboard Warehouse is the perfect fit. Borrow new fins for as long as you need them!

The SW staff came up with a Netflix-like system providing you an assortment of three different sets for you to try out.

It is all very simple: you get one set at a time, use this set on your surfboard for as long as you want and then send it back using a prepaid postal bundle. You can test an unlimited number of fins sets this way, and you can also change the three items on your list at any time.

On the bonus side, the service price was recently lowered to $9.99/month, making the program even more attractive and groundbreaking.

Expand Your Collection Wisely

central fin

The Bessell Surfboards company located in La Jolla, CA, has some advice that will help you not only find a proper set of fins for your surfboard but the means to strategically build and expand your showcase.

“What you require is to choose a fin system for the surfboard and purchase three variants of the same set. So, you are going to need large, medium and small sizes. Then, just begin surfing with these fins,” Tim Bessell elaborates.

“Those three sizes would be everything you need in one set at the time, with a number of adjustments. For example, you might want to install a bigger fin in order to flawlessly surf bigger waves, and so on. Sliding off the front? Then, you should probably install a pivot fin in the back of the surfboard. Driving fins at the front should help you compensate. This way, you get more pivot in the back which means you also get more pivot in the front of the surfboard. This is how the set choice should work in general.”

We suggest expanding your fin stockpile according to various sea wave patterns and surfboard types. As well as for surfboards, no two fins sets run alike.

And sometimes it is the fin that makes a ride unique. So, the more fin sets for the surfboard you have at your disposal, the more unique rides you will perform.

In fact, there is no limit to this number of sets. SurfScience will give further insights for you to shape qualified opinions.

No matter what kind of set you choose, you will find out how to modify specific options for maximum output and improve your overall experience.



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