Characteristic Features of Stand-Up Paddle Boards and Their Use by Surfers of Different Levels

The Stand-Up Paddle Board

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For the past few years, stand-up paddle boards (SUPs) have gained more recognition. This allowed many people to spend more quality time on the beach even on the days with the calmest weather.

Quick elaboration of the shape of stand-ups drew the attention of the famous shapers of this kind of sport.

In the short period, the stand-up boards with paddles progressed and returned to the spotlight being more than simple gear for paddling and shooting surroundings and surfers as they did in the 1960s in Oahu (Hawaii).

No wonder that this sport has dated back to the good days of island countries of the Pacific.

paddle boards

Stand-up paddle board shapes differ and become more varied.

The length of SUPs is connected to its width value, level of thickness, and use. Based on these characteristics, they are commonly more than 2.7 m long up to 4.3 m for more speedy versions.

Shorter stand-up boards are used in the competitions. Generally, the width of such boards makes up 66 cm and also they are 10 cm thick.

The contour defines the direction of moving—the parallel contour keeps the rider moving straight while the curved one causes him to yaw on the water.

Even though it can make it harder to move directly while using the paddle, experienced people can apply it for their vantage while surfing.

man with stand-up paddle board

Thickness differs according to the rider’s weight, meaning that a lighter board will flow easier. It’s perfect if you can plane on the surface while paddling and also are able to dip the sides underwater.

Most stand-up boards with paddles possess a very low balance beam to get across tranquil and smooth waters of the shoreline.

The longer stand-ups can have a nose crook but not too big not to obstruct the movement.

Stand-up boards with paddles usually offer a high vantage point that allows the person who rides both to observe the kind of upcoming waves and the situation underneath.

Because the sport is surely good for health, it attracts surfers with experience as well as active lifestyle lovers, celebrities, and everybody eager for all levels of training.



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