You Need to Opt For a Quad Paddle Surfboard with All Its Advantages to Get Speed, Drive, and Unforgettable Impressions

If you are addicted to surfing and seeking for the innovative construction for a brand-new surfboard, the common dilemma comes up. There are plenty of paddle surfboard options and because of this, the discussion appears whether to prefer a quad fin to three-flipper, twin flipper, or quad flipper thrusters.

This is quite an important issue we find out during the task of looking for qualitative equipment. However, the quad paddles are worth serious overlooking as they show excellent results during the performance.

And agai n, the intrigue of using the four-fin paddle surfboards has risen by their potential of the best handleability, preferable speed, and greater control on big waves.

How Quad Paddle Surfboards Work



The paddles do not just support varying the course. They make you go down while surfing in a straight line.

Shapers construct the surfboard so it steers water through its rear part, and when the water reaches a thruster tail paddle, you are losing speed. With a quad paddle board, water flows backward of the tail without any obstacles. It lets you not reduce speed.

It provides a huge advantage compared to the three-fin surfboard while surfing.The man on such a board has to control his own speed, while a squad paddle surfboard will slide down the line smoothly on its own.

The Best Surfboard

SurfboardsExperienced surfers subdued to massive waves prefer riding quad fins which provide the tricky flow in spots like Jaws and Maverick. The characteristic feature for the sustainable balance in a bigger size quad paddle surfboard is that two paddles located right beside the rail are operating together.

Undoubtedly, it’s more attractive to have more speed and hold when you have to flee from the waves.


SurfboardsYou may ask yourself a question why not have two paddles located closer to the center of a surfboard if it provides efficient maneuvers on the track. A larger number of flippers, as in a quad, allow the surfer to direct the surfboard with more thorough monitoring, less effort and time.

As well, it supports keeping up a higher position in high waves and creates better driving by means of rotation.

Disadvantages  At the same time, there can be a disadvantage too in using a quad paddle surfboard. It lacks the back fin. The latter is a tracking fin on a thruster which provides more control over the water surface. You can feel that your quad is pretty outgoing, yet you don’t have full control over the waves.

SurfboardsTake into account that the quad manages a variety of styles of surfing compared to the thruster. Some time is needed to get used to arranging your bottom turns, regulating motions with larger velocity and get some feeling of freedom on your quad paddle surfboard.

The quad paddles leave a larger fin surface zone for you, and they also grant plenty of adrenaline. However, some people have noticed that they are slipping out at the bottom rotation when they use a quad paddle surfboard.

Consequently, it becomes clear that to fix it, you need to use a rail turn more effectively with the minimum effort while having more hold and more fin performance. Thus, the minus, when you are attacked at the leap, is difficulty with achieving balance.

SurfboardsIn the end, an important question arises of how fast you can react to the swiftness which is provided by the quad paddle surfboard? You should be attentive, otherwise, you will slide rapidly down the line catching only one turn in before you are at the finish line.

If you are a good surfer striving for adrenaline to drive through turns, or an average surfer with the need for rapidity, or you desire to spend your happy life on the sea later to tell fantastic stories to your grandkids, try to enjoy the moment capturing the highest wave possible and squeeze out all the juices from it with your quad paddle surfboard.

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