Remember to Adjust the Position of the Central Fin in Accordance with Your Surfing Style

The positioning of a central fin cannot be measured in a particular way.

In fact, it is defined by the following factors: the way you surf, the type of waves in which you’re surfing and, what is more important, the desired way of surfing.

But still, you can follow a few principles that will help you position surfboard fins.


Firstly, place this central flipper at the back of the special box 8″-8.5″ away from the tail end. To better control the board, in case it tilts to the sides while surfing, position the central fin backward nearer to the tail.

Shift it backward, step by step, 1/4” at a time, until the surfboard slips as little as possible.

If you have difficulties with turning your board, allocate the central fin nearer to the front end. Shift it forwards, step by step, 1/4” at a time, until your board feels as easy to control as you wish.



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