How to Order Surfboards from Shapers That Will Be Your Dream Equipment and Tool for the Best Surfing Experience

Choosing a surfboard sometimes looks like a challenge.

To navigate correctly in the whole assortment of surfboards and make an appropriate order, you should know a lot of parameters and characteristics that newcomers may not be familiar with.

Spending a pretty decent amount of money on the order of a surfboard, you want it to be as comfortable as possible and last a long time.

You can get confused by presenting all the possible surfboard options for the length and shape of the necessary equipment.

But the most important thing is not to get lost in this choice in order not to follow the trends because the best surfboard will be the one that will be selected specifically and you will order from a reliable shaper for yourself.


It often happens that a surfer cannot pick up and order a surfboard, or, what is even more common, such a surfboard does not exist.

So when you come to a standstill in your search for the perfect surfboard, a squad of personal shapers comes to the rescue.

If you want to buy a surfboard that will be ideally suited to you, or if you want your surfboard to be the only one in the world, or you have a variety of reasons, do not be afraid to turn to professional shapers in order to get what you really want.

After all, the point is not even in the characteristics and orders of your surfboard parameters but in those values ​​that make your surfing unique.

In this sport, you can show your identity anywhere and the surfboard, in its order, is obliged to help you in this matter.


If you find your perfect surfboard, you get the perfect surf. This law sounds pretty simple but it does work in practice.

So, if your surfing is somehow imperfect or it does not suit you in some criteria, you should think about changing the surfboard in order to improve it.

The best option is to order a surfboard from a professional shaper that will be as personalized as possible and will be great for you.

So you can save your time and nerves. Instead of searching every nearest sporting goods store and asking a consultant about each surfboard, you can simply contact the shapers who create surfboards you are looking for and order one from them.

Sometimes this is really a priority way to achieve the highest level on the waves.

The best news in this area is that to order a personal surfboard is not as hard as you think. And in this article, we will explain why.


Initially, we should clarify the point with the price of surfboards. Everything you’ve ever heard of personal design or custom-made surfboards is associated with large sums of money.

You can dismiss our article at the very beginning by deciding that luxury when you order custom surfboards will be too much for you.

We hasten to assure you that this is not so.

Of course, some surfboards made by special orders are really expensive and will not be affordable for many. But this pattern does not apply to the main subject – a surfboard – that is necessary for surfing.

In fact, things are different here. The shaper of the surfboard will spend the same manufacturing time on your personal order of the surfboard.

This shaper will use the same materials to create the surfboard shape and body, and he will use the same materials for coating and grinding according to your order as for the standard surfboard that will go to the store.

Surfboard Shaper

The only difference in making an order and production is to discuss the order with a shaper and identify your personal characteristics and experience.

Also, your shaper will need a little time to develop a personal form of the surfboard according to your order before such a surfboard is made.

Due to the fact that the creative process does not require any unique efforts, your order of the surfboard with individual parameters will not cost much more than the surfboard that you will find in free sale.

Another plus of such a surfboard order is that you communicate directly with the shaper. This means that you do not need to spend money and stand on waiting lists for placing an order, which happens when working with intermediaries.

Here, you do not need to make a salary to a person who will communicate with the shaper who will fulfill your surfboard order, and you yourself will be this person.

Thus, you will not pay more than nine hundred dollars for a personal classic surfboard, and an ordinary shortboard will cost you no more than six hundred dollars for a personal order.

As you can see, these prices do not exceed the retail price of standard surfboards with optimal shapes and models.

For the same money, you can get a personalized surfboard in order to save money and risks in the sense that the surfboard you choose in the store may not be suitable during the trip.

We are looking for a professional

surfboard making

If you decide that your surfboard should be unique, you need to find a professional shaper to create such a surfboard according to your order.

In fact, making an order is a very responsible decision, so before contacting the shaper directly, you should study the surfboard range and methods of creation.

It is the most important aspect of making orders since your surfboard will be the way your chosen shaper will make it.

Make sure that you like the things on a surfboard that this shaper makes and only then place an order.

It is best to ask other surfers who have been in the port for several years. They already clearly understand the industry and which shapers make the best surfboards.


Some shapers can be good manufacturers and create a cool surfboard for you in a few weeks but that’s if you’re lucky enough when making an order.

There is a chance that you will get a cheap shaper who will be completing your order during six months and not come to anything in the end, or do unnecessary things where your wishes and your order details are not taken into account.

You need to follow a certain order in every process of surfboard production so as not to blunder and not to pay a lot of money for a surfboard that does not suit you and will soon go to the trash.

But also, be patient and open with those shapers from whom you decide to order a surfboard.

Your future surfing depends on these shapers so be considerate and attentive to the people you are going to work with according to your order and needs.

surfboard making process

In your searches, you first need to pay attention to those shapers that are closer to you geographically.

It will be easier for you to contact these shapers for making an order and the shapers can already understand which waves you need a surfboard for.

It’s best to ask your friends who are interested in this topic where you can make such an order. So you can even be advised for a good shaper with a discount on his work.

If the option above did not live up to expectations, then ask on the Internet or drive a request for a good surfboard shaper into the browser.

Most likely, this way, you will find a skilled shaper with his own network of surfboard stores and a brand where you are unlikely to save money but making orders in such a way and working with professionals is a pleasure.

Another plus of such orders is that often, these companies already have a name on the surfboard market and will complete your order in the best tradition.

surfboard Shaping with Tim Folkert

It should be remembered that an ordinary person who rides waves on the surfboard can also be a shaper. His so-called company may be in his yard or garage.

Such professionals can make your surfboard cheaper and no less high-quality than branded shapers according to your order but here you should evaluate all your risks yourself.

Still, such shapers may not have modern appliances and use tired technologies that can affect the productivity or lifespan of your dream surfboard you are going to order.

Be careful in the pursuit of savings so as not to fall for scammers or laypeople.

Large companies may ask for a higher price for your order but they are unlikely to allow themselves to make you a bad surfboard in the name of an existing reputation.

Naturally, you can never be sure of people, especially, people you don’t know. But sometimes it happens that people are just lucky, and a person who has been building sheds or other wooden structures all his life will make you a very good cheap surfboard by opening the shaper guide on any website that comes across.

It all depends on the case and the complexity of your order.

The first thing you need to scout for when you order a surfboard is the specifics of the shaper you found.

This means that you need to understand what type of surfboards this shaper or company specializes in.

Some shapers are good at only certain types of surfboards while large companies, in turn, have many segments and are able to create any surfboard due to your order.

So, if you plan to order any particular type of surfboard and have already decided on the wishes for the shape of the surfboard, go to the shaper who makes this particular surfboard type well and order it.

Narrow specialization allows such shapers to keep good relations with their customers even after the order has been completed and so you can find your shaper who will answer all your questions about the order.

Due to such open communication, you can order a better and customized surfboard for yourself owing to the necessary information and qualifications of the shaper who will fulfill your order.

How a Surfboard is Made

Next, you need to collect feedback from those who have already made orders and used the surfboard of this shaper or company perfectly.

You should find out which surfboards of this shaper people order more often than others and how long they have been customers of this shaper.

If the majority of the customer base is constant or from time to time turns to order from this shaper or company, you can be sure that your surfboard order will be executed well.

You can search for this information on the Internet or on the manufacturer’s website. Find out from those who already use their services whether there are delays in deadlines or any other unpleasant moments with their orders.

If, in the end, you are convinced that you are ready to order and work with this shaper and that they will fulfill your order better than the other shapers, you do not need to search any longer.

Communicate directly about the order and make appointments because your tedious investigation is over.

How to conduct a conversation

Making Surfboards

One of the most important parts is a conversation with your shaper about your future order.

It is on this basis that you will either affirm your positive opinion about your possible order perspectives in full or you will completely refute this shaper.

Often, such conversations end with an order for the surfboard creation and a transition to modeling.

But this does not always happen.

This meeting does not imply acquaintance and refusals – its purpose is to identify the main factors by which your future surfboard will be made.

The shaper will find out a lot of facts about you for this conversation so you should not embellish things or give false data. But sometimes, unskilled shapers are encountered.

It happens that you come to a meeting about making an order and these shapers try to sell you the most popular surfboard model or its most advanced version, simply because this surfboard is the coolest of its kind and there has never been such a cool surfboard before.


The shapers can also offer you a surfboard right away, the kind everyone can buy everywhere and you might not get this surfboard because of the influx of people.

Such shapers (mostly, crooks or laymen) are in their field so you should not even engage in such conversations. You can simply get up and leave without making any order because this shaper will never help you with your surfboard.

That is why you should conduct a thorough study before making an order, otherwise, you risk not only wasting your time on the surfboard order from such shapers but also becoming a victim of them.

It should be remembered that the meaning of such a meeting is the selection of a surfboard just for you because you order and pay for this surfboard.


To select the form necessary for you, your interlocutor will begin to ask a lot of questions first, and only at the end of the meeting, the shaper will tell you which surfboard you should order and how the shapers will make it according to your order.

It is important that the shaper hears your wishes because there are many examples where the customer says one thing and the shaper hears something completely different.

As a result, this story ends with unpleasant surprises when the finished surfboard people order does not work or is not at all what the client was counting on.

Make sure you are asked the right questions about your order and your answers are heard, and that you have been provided with the right picture of the final product.

Female Board Shapers

So, during a conversation, while making this order, you will definitely touch on the topic of your physical parameters.

The shaper needs to know your volumes and growth, not to get lost in the forests of incorrect data in order to make everything perfectly.

You should also clarify which waves you prefer and which ones you plan to ride on the future surfboard. Your skating experience is a key topic of the conversation and placing the order.

The shaper must understand your level of wave control and calculate the development of your surfing.

The shaper also needs to understand what kind of surfboard you are switching from in order to make sure that this transition is as productive and convenient as possible for you.

The equipment you are riding sometimes plays a key role in choosing the things you’d like to switch to and order.

Also, this item allows you to supplement the previous column about your skills on the water and say how confident you stand on its surface.

You will also need to share your wishes about which way and order you want to move. You need to choose your preferred type of ride and develop in this area.

Your certainty in this matter will help the shaper more than you might think at first glance because the surfboard should help you develop in this sport and not pull to the bottom.

future surfboard

The key topic during your conversation about the future order will be your preferences. You can make the picture clearer both for yourself and for the shaper if you initially prepare well.

In fact, the preparation is made in order to answer to yourself what you expect from your surfing and what it is now.

Shapers who live or work nearby will be able to help you better than others.

These shapers are the kings of your nearest bays and know where you will go with the surfboard that they will make for you so this simplifies the development process and helps in making the order.

If you are completely at a standstill in your thoughts, show your activity on the waves to the shaper you are going to work with.

Such shapers have long had a trained eye and they will immediately be able to determine your skill level in order to do their job better.

Also, this method will help you not to cross the line while making your order and correctly evaluate yourself on the water.

surfboard made

Pay particular attention to what you are breaking the waves on now. It will be much more convenient for the shaper to understand the pros and cons of what you use to avoid these errors in the new model you intend to order.

So, the shaper can offer you advanced options or the complete absence of something that you do not need, and that can only interfere.

From here, it will be easier for your shaper to begin the process of forming in your head a certain picture of what you need and are going to order.


You should discuss all topics with your shaper in as much detail as possible so that the abstract idea begins to emerge into something real to order.

The better your conversation and the more information you provide to the shaper for your order, the more suitable the surfboard will be.

Think ahead about what conditions you will ride, especially, if it is cold water.

It is possible that your suit for training will add a few pounds and then the surfboard will not work as it should, although the same surfboard will be good to ride the same waves at any other time.

Make the right decision and consider all the options of your order.

making surf

When the process of extracting information from you is completed, your shaper will concentrate on a certain assortment of surfboards that will be most suitable for your order.

Based on the general information, the shaper will determine the category of the surfboard order and then begin to try to extract from there what suits you. So the shaper comes from a whole set of all kinds of things to a single final option for your order.

The shaper filters out all the inappropriate modifiers and conditions of use in his head so that you are most comfortable and sure about your order.

When the detailed screening is completed, the shaper will have a certain picture of the future surfboard that still needs to be further developed and completed for you. Every additional question is like a criterion in the settings of your phone.

The shaper will change your idea of a perfect surfboard until it suits you.

So, each of his subsequent questions corrects those already asked, and the detailed information is selected from all this for you to come to an agreement with a shaper.

Key points when working with shapers

surfboard shaping

Below we have selected the main points that you need to pay attention to when meeting with the shaper who will complete your order.

If you are in touch with only a few points, then you’d better find another shaper.

  1. The shaper does not care about your level of surfboard control. The lack of professionalism of this shaper should be suspected since the presence of experience in this field determines the type of the final product.
  2. The shaper constantly talks about the benefits of a particular product despite the details of your order. If a certain surfboard is imposed on you, then, most likely, the goal of this shaper is to sell this surfboard and not to choose the suitable one for your order.
  3. The place where your order is made looks like a city after a typhoon. If you notice a warehouse of unusable things or surfboards as well as dirt and non-compliance with labor standards, it is better to refuse to work with this shaper. Perhaps, what you pay for will end up in the same pile of rubbish.
  4. The aim of these shapers should be that you are delighted with the meeting, be certain to place the order, and look forward to their call that the order is ready. If it does not seem like that, leave immediately.
  5. The price of the order is suspiciously low or too high. In this case, beware of pitfalls – perhaps, you are communicating with a layman.

Service cost


The cost of your order with personal characteristics will be about the same as a surfboard on free sale.

If it is still expensive for you or you want to save some money on the purchase of a new surfboard or other equipment, you can agree about it with your shaper.

The shaper can offer you cheaper materials that are part of the surfboard, or reduce the cost of the service through the specifics of production.

Your shaper can also choose the budget option in order that the difference in water will be almost imperceptible.

If you have a considerable amount and are ready to spend a little more than the agreed amount on your surfboard, then the shaper can offer you additional nice features, for example, add several channels or diversify a thing with colors.

Often, shapers of surfing gear do not have a discount program because these shapers do not earn too much for their labor.

This happens because the industry has developed historically: there is not much increase in the price of production for your main equipment so the shapers charge for the order almost as much as they spent.

But if you still do not have the required amount, you should openly discuss this issue with your shaper.

Perhaps, the shaper will support your zeal and passion for your favorite pastime and make concessions for your order.

All these issues are resolved individually and only together according to the order, and you will definitely find a solution.


In any case, to offer your price is something that you should not do, even if you want to brag to your friends later.

Firstly, it is unfair. Your shaper must have some profit from the project and you intentionally deprive him of payment for labor.

Secondly, this will not lead to good outcomes. Most likely, you will receive either a low-quality product or the shaper will no longer want to work with you, or both options may be possible at the same time.

Thus, if you are able to pay as much as the cost of company services, do not lose your face and conclude a fair contract.

So, your shaper will not have any constraints and rush which practically guarantees you a good final product and fruitful cooperation.

Surfboard-Shaping Class

If your situation is difficult, you will always be helped to find a way out. It happens that in a warehouse at large manufacturers, there are a lot of old surfboards or those that customers have abandoned.

Often, these are new and good things but they simply did not fit any criteria and were not used and paid for.

You can completely randomly approach the parameters or ask for a little processing of a ready-made item for you. It will cost much less and both sides will benefit.

Congratulations. You got the right exclusive surfboard

board for surf

You must test your new water assistant. Of course, it should be done after a thousand thanks and good reviews about those shapers with whom you worked on creating the product.

Be sure to tell the shapers how your first trip on a new surfboard went. This will bring not only pleasant emotions to both parties but also help the shaper in the development of subsequent products.

Perhaps, it is your order with personal parameters that will give rise to new ideas.

Also, when you already outgrow this type of equipment, this review will help the new shaper in the production of what you will need further.

If you have no complaints about the product and work, tell the largest possible audience about this shaper, so you will help this part of our industry develop and earn money by creating good things and making people happy.



Perfect surfing can only happen on the perfect surfboard, and today we have told you how to get it.

This is the most comfortable thing for you because it suits your body complexion and, most importantly, allows you to realize your ideas and improve.

This version of the surfboard is not more expensive than an ordinary one but you will feel the difference immediately.

Be sure to take this process responsibly and find yourself a good shaper who cares what your surfing will be not only now but also after a while.

The spent efforts will pay off in full when you receive the long-awaited equipment.

We wholeheartedly support the production of such individual surfboards because this is the best option for your development.

We welcome new beginnings and creative ideas of shapers who work every day to create a unique product. Our convenience depends on their creativity.



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