Lost Weekend Warrior – the most reliable model of surfboard and its review

It can be compared to an animal. Domesticate this one, and you will get pace and handleability necessary for considerable advanced low circs ride.

Keep up-to-date of what we have tested. Unbiased.

Pros of Lost Weekend Warrior:

  • The surfboard is super quick after you have taken your direction.
  • Lost Weekend swings immediately although it has the broad contour.
  • The Warrior gets on top without additional efforts and does its job greatly under low (height up to the neck), slack circs.

Cons of the Warrior Surfboard:

  • You will not master Lost Weekend Warrior immediately. The thing went in random directions, but when the speed became lower, everything started to be okay.
  • Lost Weekend Surfboard gives you an impression of being a little too voluminous.

What I Tested


It was the Lost Weekend Warrior model of surfboard. Its dimensions amount to 6’2 (187.96 cm) x 21 x 2.75, 38.96 liters.

What It Fits

lost weekend warrior surfing

Half of the height up to a little above the level of the head waves, that are plane, pushy or porous and slack.


  1. This is a middle-stage surfboard to complete your inventory that already has an advanced short surfboard and a surfboard for low conditions.
  2. The divided broad lozenge-shaped rear part mixes the features of the typical fish model styling, having a smaller rail contour at the same time to give you enhanced handleability. All told, it also provides a lot of energy under low, slack conditions.
  3. Its front part has features of short surfboards and does a good job in sharper waves.
  4. Positioned not so high, the front bottom curve is plane across the middle and then goes up at the rear part.
  5. It boasts of considerable pulling potential.
  6. The five-fin system makes it fitted for a thruster and a quad at the same time. I am a fan of the latter 🙂.


Lost Surfboards

  • DVS Hydro Hull Fish: it’s a typical fish type which has been updated by Dick Van Straalen.
  • Lost Round Nose Fish: the famous surfboard was created by the same manufacturer and made its contribution to the way that our today’s model looks like.
  • Chilli Cherry Peppa: its distinction is in the appearance, but Chilli is close in the experience it gives you.

Main Ideas


Hi, we are happy to have you here again. I greatly appreciate it.

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Like said at the start, Lost surfboard felt like an animal that has not been domesticated yet. It was not a secret for me how quick and energetic it was.

The only problem was to understand the way you should act to gain it. At the start, it seemed I would pop up.

It was difficult to direct it how I would like it to run, and it was a tad mad. The moment I understood the correct place to keep balance on it (you should step slightly higher to the middle), pleasure has begun for me.

This high-level model was designed to work in not good circs.

As a result, the changeover from a more advanced model produced by the same company, this changeover to little models, was quite smooth.

I am talking about this extensive span of quite elongated, broad surfboards, namely the Lost RV or the Bottom Feeder or some other surfboards.

Nevertheless, it is not all the time you need to use such a type of more elongated models. It happens that there is a need for efficiency. And Weekend Warrior was designed exactly for that.

Lost Weekend Warrior Review

Its front part is of the kind typical for short models and is drawn in, going back and going with the rail contour into this small divided swallow-shaped rear part.

To me, The Weekend is a curved rear part, or a divided lozenge-shaped rear part. Afterwards, the curve runs into the place, but without a large lump.

Such rear parts are my favorites. I consider them to be truly awesome. More and more models acquire them nowadays.

You get much energy plus you are able to let it go when it comes to it (and this is what you truly need under lower circs). It is necessary to direct it under lower conditions, and afterwards you need to let it go and swing it the moment some pace has already been gathered.

As far as low up to middle conditions are concerned, this kind of rear part does a truly great job. My usual conditions are maximum up to the neck, sometimes up to the person’s height.

I have not tested it in higher conditions as  the Warrior was not created for such things.


In addition, we can notice that there is a slightly more prominent throw-up in the bottom curve in the rear part.

Like said, it features a slightly bigger throw-up in the rear part to be able to relax it to some extent in lower conditions. The bottom curve is rather plane across the middle, going fairly down at the point.

So, Wekeend Warrior was one more nice alternative suitable for low conditions. I will be happy if you share your opinion on the experience you have had with that one.

Take it  and spend nice time at your place. Blow those waves to bits.



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