Opinion on the awesome surfboard model – Lost Rocket

The Lost model is the one that will be perfect in almost any condition. Its authentic version is a legendary versatile board suitable for typical waves that are the most common for the bigger part of people.

The Lost model turned out to be revolutionary to me.

You will love the fresh V3 Rocket, taken into account you are a fan of surfboard’s authentic version. To my mind, it outstrips its forebear.

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Pros of Rocket surfboard:

  • The surfboard needs no big effort to pull and is an extra quick, high performance surfboard.
  • It is perfect at any task you give it.
  • It still lets you make mistakes sometimes and features a sensitive contour.

Cons of the surfboard:

  • Do you know what words they use to express their love to a common-condition versatile thing?
  • Maybe it will not fit the conditions of Indo, but once more, it is still possible.
  • The moment you get used to this smaller, thicker, broader advanced contour, you will not be able to use a common, mainstream short surfboard again, but nobody fancies it  in any case.

What I Tested

lost rocket surfboard

It was the Lost Rocket. Its dimensions amount to 6’2 (187.96 cm) x 20.5 x 2.625, 37 liters.

What It Fits

Lost Rocket

Any kind of wave is not an issue for Rocket: from half of the height up to above the level of the head.

The thing is terrifically adaptable, being suitable for any condition.

Main Ideas

I have never had an experience with any model from the manufacturer. I am impressed.

He knows what thickness a board should have and what a crucial role this aspect has as far as control over waves without difficulties and gaining tempo in a fast way are concerned.

Moreover, his models, especially the Lost one, is thick exactly where it should be, to such an extent that it should be. That makes your experience easier and better.

You can find out what we think about different models weekly.

LOST Rocket Redux

I have tested today’s model at common conditions up to above the level of the head, quick, pushful conditions up to less fierce conditions.

I can say that it turned out to be a perfect versatile board suitable for little to middle waves at common conditions.

It outstrips in the way it performs in planer, not so strong conditions and gaining tempo as it has a quite plane bottom line and foam where necessary.

A slight throw-up in the bottom curve at the broad rear part will do nicely at sharp swings from the front and the rear.

Moreover, the broader contour gives you a proper equilibrium of adaptability and lets you make mistakes time after time.

I have been contemplating if I should take this one to Indo as a substitute for typical models, and I rejected this idea every time. Nevertheless, I would like to find out if it would work okay, for instance, at…

Did you enjoy the experience you have got with this one? Is it in line with the expectations you have had?



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