Haydenshapes Shred Sled King’s Amazing Surfboard – Features, Specs, Pros & Cons

A Haydenshapes Shred Sled is a brand-new board with a stouter body shape for better functionality.

This surfboard was originally designed for big and steep waves. It doesn’t matter whether you are surfing an energetic sea coast or a firm spot, it flows under your feet on any wave surface.

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+ Easily copes with waves twice bigger than a surfer, in spite of the fishy shape.

+ Unlike a PU, the EPS core with a Future Flex carbon rail, that has a parabolic shape, gives the board more flexibility.

+ This wider shaped design that goes throughout its whole body length, in tandem with wings that draw the tail in, makes the board faster-moving and more flexible.


– This board feels slow on more flat and smaller waves.

– It is not enough volumetric and, personally for me, it feels like it has to be bigger

Benny’s surfboard

Currently, I am talking about the HS Shred Sled board of 6’4’’ x 20 ¼’’ size, 2 5/8’’ thick, with a 34.88L of volume.

Scroll down to the end of this page to find a list of all possible board sizes.

Waves to surf

Big, tough, and aggressive waves, that are a few feet taller than you, or even twice bigger than you, could be easily handled by this monster.


An extraordinary design that consists of a wing followed by a wide tail part that allows the board to fit different wave types.

  • A volumetric foil gives you the possibility to feel a better connection with the water while sitting on a wave face.
  •  The wing makes the outline of the central part of the board more linear that makes a board faster and allows it to crack down a water flow, so makes it more responsive.
  • Nose part is a single concave, the middle – is single to double, and the tail is a single to ‘V’.
  • parabolic shape with a carbon stringerless rail technology.
  •  It has and a 5 fin setup with complete rails.
  • A deck rocker is flat with a slightly bent nose and tail parts.


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Video overview

Hi friends, it’s me, Ben, and welcome back to my boardroom. Today we are gonna talk about the HS Shred Sled. It was my very first Hydenshapes board, but this one is not mine, I have borrowed it in order to make this review.

This board with the carbon rail, parabolic shape, and stringerless technology was developed by Hayden. At the moment I was buying it, this technology was called Fiber Flex, which is Future Flex nowadays.

That board has been serving me a few months after I have sold it. The reason I did so, wasn’t in its behavior on waves, or I didn’t like the way it felt to surf it. I did so because it had hurt me several times under different circumstances.

So, I guess it was a reasonable decision to say ‘goodbye’ to it.

I saw this board as a board originally designed for small waves. Even though it has a fish-like shape, but its efficiency is a bit lower than the boards of this shape are supposed to have.

As far as its form is not enough volumetric, I would rather classify this board as a highly featured one, created for big waves, rather than a small size wave surfboard.

Get a bunch of interesting, unprejudiced, and impersonal reviews of surfboards weekly from our devoted soldier.

Despite the fact, that the foam is evenly spread throughout the board’s foil, I had a feeling that I needed a more forceful wave to stand up and start to surf.

Nevertheless, my board of 6’4’’ length has quite enough volume for me to get up and stand on it steadily. It has a nice, high-performance rocker with an even surface in the middle and a more curved rocker at the nose and tail part.

When I was surfing at a Lennox point (by the way, it was a great session), I have realized, that this board was performing its best on the overhanging and head-high waves.

I was surfing on some dynamic spots and sincerely enjoyed it, but after describing to you some principles of how it works, you will get my point.

This board has a wider outline throughout its whole length, but nevertheless, if you draw in while standing on this small wing, so you can feel the width from the center, it will help you to control the narrow parts, and, as a result, it makes the board more flexible when you press on its tail.

Also, I have noticed that it demanded me more power to delve deep into the wave, in spite of a wide shape, because I felt that the small waves are slowing me off when surfing them.

Just to remind you, I have bought this surfboard, when the Future Flex technology had the name – Fiber Flex.

To be honest, when I tried this board for the first time, I didn’t like the way it lay on the water surface, because it was different from the PU boards that I liked and was used to.

But later on, the technology was improved and the following board models of Future Flex technology felt pretty much the same as those PU boards but were more dynamic and flexible, and the materials didn’t run down for quite a long time.

These advantages were reached by using carbon fiber instead of a width stringer, which gives it stronger endurance and more flexibility.

So, to sum up, I would like to say, that this Shred Sled board is the right choice for big overhead and head high waves. I know a bunch of people who really love this board, and I, personally, surfed it on a double overhead, and it handled it just perfectly.

That was my opinion on a Shred Sled board by Haydenshapes. Again, it was my first HS board. I had some other HS boards since then, so I should prepare some other reviews about them. Thank you for watching this video. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Max Surfer


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