Positive And Negative Features of DMS Actor – Review On The Surboard

The highly productive and highly efficient surfboard allows for mind-blowing rides for experienced athletes.

Positive sides of DMS Actor:

  • Actor Surfboard has a good shape, conducive to better boarding;
  • Actor’s good structural elements allow you to ride as efficiently as possible.

DMS Actor surfboardNegative sides of DMS Surfboard:

  • DMS is not suitable for beginners;
  • DMS is rather wide in the middle.

Below we will tell you about the Actor’s features that should be considered when purchasing DMS Actor equipment.

The best waves for the Actor surfboard can be found in the Dominicana, which is full of not only reef breaks for advanced athletes, but also calm spots to beginners.

Each of us sees the ideal summer vacation in his own way. For some it is lazy time on the spot, while for others it is exploring the sights.

But there is another category of travellers. During their vacation, they try to master a new sport with DMS Actor. It is often characterized as extreme and gives the opportunity to experience a lot of unusual sensations.

In recent years, boarding has become more and more popular, the practice of which has become a real “love” of travellers of all ages from the first trial lesson.

In places suitable for boards such as DMS Actor, new schools and campsites are opened every year, where even the whole family can come and live in the most comfortable conditions.

Such schools are most in demand in Goa and the Dominican Republic. Surfing in these countries is actively developing, and now travellers come here just to fly on the waves on a surfboard.

During the high season, when the waves are both high and long, there is no free space on the spots  for lovers of such kind of water sports.

We will tell you a lot of interesting things about surfing in the Dominicana with DMS Actor Surfboard.

Where to go surfing with DMS Actor? Which school to choose? What are the best beaches and resorts for the kind of pastime?

DMS Actor surfboard in dominican republic

Surfboarding in the Dominicana with DMS Surfboard began to develop actively from the beginning of the 2000s, when the republic’s authorities began to pay close attention to the traveller infrastructure.

The country, located on one of the islands of Haiti, is ideal to relax people with different interests. There are miles of white beaches, luxury all-inclusive hotels, unique attractions and an incredible sea. More precisely, two seas.

The Dominicana is washed by the Sargasso and the Caribbean seas, so nature itself has created all the conditions for water sports.

The most popular types of it in the Republic are classic boarding, kitesurfing, windsurfing. All this can be learned in specialized schools.

They open in large settlements and small villages that only fishermen once knew about. In addition to them, campgrounds, surfboards rentals, shops selling specialized surfboard are operating in the Republic, and new surfing bases are being built.

Thanks to the infrastructure, the flow of tourists who come to the country’s resorts for the sake of water sports is only increasing every year.

DMS Actor surfboard

If you are wondering whether it is worth spending time on a trip with DMS Actor Surfboard, as you are not aware of the level of boarding training, then do not worry – both beginners and professionals will be comfortable on the beaches of the Republic.

There are a lot of spots of different difficulty levels here and different surfboard models. Among them, you can always choose a place suitable to ski, and if you wish, try all the locations existing on the spots.

The second reason to come here on vacation with DMS Actor is the large number of surf schools. There are more than twenty of them in the Dominican Republic, and many of them teach in Russian.

A beginner surfer can choose a school only with Russian-speaking instructors, but also with classes conducted in two or even three languages ​​at the same time.

Another factor that acts as a kind of “plus” for the Republic is the developed infrastructure for surfing.

There are rental centers, small shops and diverse training schools on almost every spot. It makes surfing easy and simple even to beginners as you can book or buy DMS Actor Surfboard.

Tuition and living costs are the fourth reason for surfers to travel to the Dominican Republic.

Here you can find a center that can be affordable to  you. Moreover, the average cost of accommodation in campsites and surfer hotels is fifteen dollars.

One lesson with an instructor and surfboard usually costs less than thirty-five dollars. Compared to other overseas boarding resorts, these numbers are well below average.

The fifth reason to come to the Dominican Republic can be considered the ease of paperwork for the trip.

A tourist will only need a desire and a plane ticket, because our compatriots do not need a visa for a month’s stay on the island.

Surfing season in the Dominican Republic

high tides

The country is good because you can surf here almost all year round.

If you just look at the weather conditions in the Dominican Republic, it turns out that the high season starts here in November and ends in April.

During these months, the island rarely rains, a fresh wind blows, and the temperature often exceeds 30°C.

The rainy season begins in May in the Dominican Republic. Precipitation falls mainly in the morning and evening, and the temperature fluctuates around 25°C.

Hurricanes and storms hit the coast in May and September.

Based on the above, conclusions can be drawn about suitable surfing seasons.

It is better to travellers to come to the north of the island from September to March. The part of the coast is washed by the waters of the Sargasso Sea, which during that period give surfers the most desirable waves.

From June, surfers can travel to the south of the country. Here sports activities take place in the waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Despite the frequent rains at the time, during the day the weather is conducive to boarding on the waves.


Interestingly, one part of the country from another is separated by one to three hours by car. Therefore, tourists can always change their location to a more suitable one if they have such a desire.

If you decide to go to the country to practice that sport, then it is worth choosing a place at home where you will master the art of boarding.

Where is the best place to surf in the Dominican Republic? You may be surprised, but there are a lot of similar places here.

Since we found out that the seasons to surf differ depending on the coast, then we will consider the beach areas separately.

If you are attracted by the northern part of the country, then beginners and professionals should seriously consider two areas:

Puerto Plata
Puerto Plata
  • Puerto Plata. The province is famous because of its luxurious beaches, which attract both casual tourists and extreme water sports enthusiasts.

In general, the coast here stretches to one hundred and fifty meters. It is well maintained and well appointed, with wild coastlines interspersed with hotel-owned private beach areas.

The advantage of Puerto Plata is its own small airport, which greatly simplifies the road to the place of rest for tourists.

Three beach areas are considered the most suitable to surf the waves:

  1. Near the city of Sosua.
  2. In the resort of Playa Dorada.

Near the town of Cabarete. By the way, this beach area is included in the world list of places ideal to surf the waves. This is facilitated by the bottom topography and special climatic conditions.

During the season, waves on this beach often reach one hundred and fifty meters, which is a dream of both beginners and surfing professionals.

  • Rio San Juan. This area has been considered the fishing center of the country since ancient times.

From here, the daily morning catch is sent to hotel complexes and catering establishments. But the spot areas nevertheless brought great fame to the province:

  1. Playa Grande.
  2. El Barco.
  3. La Precios.

A distinctive feature of these places are waves of different nature. They rise to a height of fifty to three hundred meters, moreover, they do not have the same length.

In the Dominican Republic, surfing in the south is no less developed than in the north. Therefore, if you go on vacation in June or July, then be sure to find a suitable place to yourself to ride the DMS surfboard.

Juan Dolio
Juan Dolio

In the south, two provinces are the most famous among water sports enthusiasts:

  • Juan Dolio. This area of ​​the country is famous because of its tranquil coastal areas.

Most beaches are suitable to bathers, but not to surfers. However, one interesting place to them in the province still exists – this is Playa Caribe.

A distinctive feature of the beach is the unpredictability of currents and waves. They are constantly changing their height and size, which is very attractive to sports surfers.

  • Barahona. There are several beach areas in this province where you can enjoy surfboarding on DMS Actor:
  1. San Rafael.
  2. Barranca.
  3. La Chinaga.

Usually athletes with above-average skiing skills gather here. The waves on the beaches are intermittent and rise from twenty to two hundred meters in height.

In recent years, surfing competitions have often been held here, where beginners flock to gain invaluable experience.

Tourists come here not only to thrills, but also to an ordinary beach vacation. Indeed, on the east coast is the most famous resort in the country – Punta Cana.

Punta Cana
Punta Cana

Surfing in the Dominican Republic is developing by leaps and bounds, but this place contains the most famous schools and campgrounds.

The resort itself is famous because of its luxury hotels, an abundance of entertainment options and a wide range of opportunities to a memorable vacation.

Surfers are attracted here by the length and height of the waves. Nowhere else in the country are there such conditions suitable to practice water sports.

Most often, surf schools in Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) are located near the Macau beach.

It is considered wild and it is impossible to find even sun loungers with umbrellas here. The entire beach area is covered with golden sand and stretches to several kilometers.

This coast is far from the tourist centers, hustle and bustle. Surfers are attracted to Macau by a clean and flat bottom, the absence of algae and a depth that starts literally at the very shore.

There are many centers in the country where a beginner can choose a suitable training program and eventually receive a certificate, which will indicate his level of surfboard proficiency.

If you are planning to come to grips with learning to surf in the Dominican Republic, then it is worth settling away from major cities. Like-minded people from all over the world gather in campsites and schools.

Here you can meet beginners who practice basic movements on the shore, and surfers who have initial riding skills and have come to improve their level.

Often, water sports enthusiasts come to schools to prepare to competitions. The infrastructure in such places is usually very well developed, so families can come to them, even if one of its members is surfing.

Accommodation conditions in campsites are selected to every budget: from Spartan to the level of a five-star hotel.



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