Quick review of the Christenson Fish and characteristics of the surfboard

Here are our hands-on of the model. Meet the most flexible styling the company could have created.

They are on a small list of those who are professionals in any kind of boards. In case, you have not tried one of their products yet, you should do it now.

Speaking about the Fish thing, it is one-of-a-kind that breaks the laws of a standard fish model, pleasing you with enjoyment at the same time.

There are some things you need an answer to? Are you having doubts if the Christenson model will suit you perfectly?

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christenson fish surfboards

Pros of the Christenson Fish Surfboard:

  • The thing is really adaptable and modified and will be good in almost any situation. It will be difficult to put your hands off it.
  • Equally a newbie and a skilled board-lover will find it superb. You get a flexible high-level board that will be always a pleasure to use.
  • Christenson Fish Surfboard stunningly copes with higher waves that are above the level of the head in more favourable environment. Average-size waves are okay as well.

Cons of the Christenson Fish Surfboard:

  • Its rails are honed and not high, which means they are truly responsive and edged. They say you need time to polish up your skills with these.

What I Tested

Today it is the Christenson Surfboards Fish. The dimensions total up to 6’0″ (182.88 cm) x 21.5 x 2.75.

The company does not specify the number of liters deliberately. The reason could be the fact that they do not want people to contemplate if Christenson model has enough or not at all enough.

However, the Fish Surfboard is ideal here. I would say it contains about 40 liters.

In any case, I did not feel I lack for it.

If you want to know its normal proportions, you can find them in the table at the end of this article.

What It Fits

fish board

The perfect environment for such a kind of surfboards is usually low or a bit higher waves. The Christenson Fish in its return works greatly in much higher and sharper waves.

If you happen to surf in lower, sloppier waves, you will be happy, but it truly becomes amazing if they get slightly higher.



Not knowing the details, you might think it is a common double fin model. In reality, it is an advanced and highly polished board.

Only when you pay more attention and see how it performs, you will understand that it has been time-proved and developed during a lot of years.

A broader fish contour and a broad tip at the front.

The rails are truly honed, not very high, and responsive. As opposed to a lot of boards of the Christenson kind, the model at hand is not for sloppy waves.

I suggest the Fish surfboard is so adaptable owing to a double rear part and an extremely extensive hollow that halves it in the center although it has a broad fish contour and double fin arrangement.

Have a look at our hands-on of its opponent – the Gary McNeill Concepts Rasta Torus Twin. To our mind, it is an absolute leader in its field.

Hands-on of the Eye Symmetry Elmore: a traditional styling updated for the new times.

Hands-on of the Channel Islands MTF Twin Fin: created to show speed and maneuverability, it has a quite compact rear part and an extra thick front part. Perfect for sloppier, common-quality waves.

Main Ideas

fish surfboards christenson

The company itself considers this to be their most adaptable development ever.

I actually heard them say things like if you happened to spend a decade isolated from the rest of the world, on the beach, and can afford just one surfboard to use constantly in any environment, the Fish is the best option.

I glanced at the Christenson Surfboard and its appearance is very attractive. I liked it, but I had doubts if it were so adaptable.

Casting an eye over it, it just seems to be a double rear part fish model which is suitable for lower and sloppier waves.

It is, in fact, a very polished model which shows itself from a great side in a wide range of situations.

The Model

If I am not mistaken, it has been getting improvements and modifications within around a decade. Thanks to tiny updates, it has become much more adaptable compared to “not sophisticated” models.

Christenson model features a broader contour and a broad tip at the front which is quite typical.

They managed to make it so unbelievably adaptable thanks to the elements enlisted below:

  • Typically, its rails are sort of honed and not high, which means they are truly responsive and edged. They say you become accustomed to it not immediately.

I could relate on that judging by the experience I have had with one of their models, but I cannot say the same things about this very one.

It is no problem for me to have such rails. Like said, the thing becomes more edged and easier to control thanks to them as opposed to what you could have got without them.

  • The most wonderful thing in this one is the rear part and the way it has been brought to life, this double rear part. A large hollow goes across this part over the center halving the rear part.


Christenson Fish PU/Poly 5'6

Supposedly, this hollow slits the water exactly across the large fins and then to the small double pins.

Like I said, the rear part has two turning centers that can be shoved away. This gives you a truly amusing experience when surfing and draws this broader contour rearward to the modified, fine, responsive rear part. Which is why, it is easily controlled.

In the course of time of using such models, you will understand how enjoyable they are.

Such ones are speedy, glide smoothly, but frequently it happens so, if you shove them extremely firmly, they “lose traction” or become not so fantastic at work.

It remains firm in water and gives a pleasant feeling all the time when turning. Afterwards, there are many advantages of the typical fish board at the same time.

There is a broader tip at the head and much foam going along the center. The model is flexible thanks to double rear part having a massive hollow.

To my mind, this one is more flexible to a great extent compared to a bigger number of boards of this type which we will test, or we have already tested.

Christenson Fish

The dimensions of this one amount to 6’0″ (182.88 cm) x 21.5 x 2.75. I got an impression that it slightly stands out from the common 6-feet type.

The company does not specify the number of liters deliberately. The reason could be the fact that they do not want people contemplate if Christenson model has enough or not at all enough.

The number of liters is ideal here. I did not feel I lack for it.

I have used it in terrible, complicated situations, also in more plane and not so high waves, and I can conclude that, in comparison to other boards of the type that seem to have been designed for lower, sloppier waves, the surfboard copes with higher ones.


Christenson Surfboards Fish Surfboard

The best conditions for this model are slightly higher waves. It is okay with sloppier ones that are not so big.

I truly enjoyed using the Fish board. I believe this is the best option if you happened to spend a decade isolated from the rest of the world and can afford just a surfboard.

Get this one if you are searching for an excellent flexible surfboard in your inventory, the surfboard that will cope with every task you are going to give it. It was amazing.

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