August 19, 2022

Opinion on the Christenson Mescaline x Tomo Surfboard

Here is our hands-on of the Christenson surfboard.

Famous board-makers, namely Christenson and Tomo, cooperated and developed the versatile and super fast model.

Making the most of the company’s considerable proficiency together with its partner’s body structures aligned with the times, the versatile highly fast surfboard has been developed.

You can see the front and rear parts of the models of the two companies combined in Mescaline. A slight V across the front part going out into a slight hollow to the rear part is to be seen below.

Let’s see if it were the same pleasure for you to watch our hands-on as for me to surf with Mescaline board.

The Surfboard At Hand

Christenson Mescaline (x Tomo) Surfboard

It is the Christenson Mescaline. The dimensions amount to 6’2″ (187.96 cm) x 21.5″ x 2.625″, 38 liters.

I have used a selection of fin sets on it, the Futures AMT double ones and Futures Fins Rasta quads.

What It Fits

christenson mescaline

Waves approximately half of the person’s height up to a full height will be perfect for Mescaline.

Mescaline board is thick enough to be able to cope with lower conditions, but it will show itself from a good side if they get higher, in any case.

Properties of the Christenson surfboard:

  • Body structure aligned with the times;
  • Owing to the collateral rails decrease abrasion, the thing gets more speedy;
  • Mescaline  has sharper front part with top-of-the-line contour;
  • Plane bottom curve;
  • Highly responsive dual lozenge-shaped rear part.


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Main Ideas

Hi, we are happy to have you here. Here is our Christenson surfboard for today.

We will not blame you if you say you noticed Mescaline somewhere and it appeared to you that Tomo had released a fresh top-of-the-line advanced body styling. The reason is, it is its product developed together with Chris Christenson in fact.

Presumably, these two have happened to be stuck together somewhere far away from here and generated idea.

These are on the list of the leading companies on the world’s market. Their combined knowledge creates this super-fast, day-to-day board.

The Model

Christenson Mescaline Surfboard

What stands out in Mescaline surfboard is the top-of-the-line body structure features. Like said, the more collateral rails decrease abrasion, and the thing gets more speedy.

Mescaline features the sharper front which is not so common for the company, but the main feature is the top-of-the-line body structure contour.

You can also notice a highly plane bottom curve on Mescaline.

Mescaline is subtle at the head going plane in the remaining part. But the most important aspect for me appeared to be speeding-up.

Christenson surfboard will not be news for you if you happened to know many top-of-the-line body structures, but the Mescaline surfboard specifically is very speedy.

I cannot say whether the channels and this plane bottom curve are functioning hand in hand, with the volume of the body contour. You stand up and the thing lifts off no matter if the conditions are low or half of the person’s height.

According to my experience, I can say that, similarly to the models I have tested recently, this one features those pleasing, responsive rails.

It has much foam across the center. It is really thick, much thicker as the surfboard’s dimensions could allow it.

You regulate it a bit with your foot, get the contact with the rail, and it gets much more natural to do the shift in the course.

One more specific characteristic is, once more, the channel across the middle. The company is a fan of it.

To my mind, it is a quite sophisticated and maybe well-designed dual lozenge-shaped rear part. I am not sure if it is a correct name, but I have been naming the Christenson model with a large channel going across it like it. The rear part is highly responsive.

Christenson Mescaline (x Tomo) Surfboard Review

The Christenson surfboard has truly been reduced in thickness. The thickness along the head including the tip itself has much foam going along the center, but you return to this rear part.

Although it has a broader rear part, the thickness and the main body in its back sides are very thin.

Unlike other surfboards with broader, curved, squarish rear parts, for instance, that are difficult to control, there is no need to shove it when turning when the tempo is not sufficient.


Christenson Mescaline board

In addition, as the channels shove the water across the rear part and the large fins (which I will say some words about afterwards), the way it glides is wonderful.

To understand what I am talking about, think about popping up in higher conditions.

The surfboard gets fixed and gives you a pleasant gliding experience, but, like said, the reason is that it is reduced in thickness, and you can allow yourself to surf more powerfully all the same.

Fin Arrangement

christenson mescaline fin

At the outset of trying Chistenson model of surfboard, I got an impression that Mescaline was a quad which I am a fan of. The ones it had are the best for me to fit versatile boards.

They were the first ones that I tested.

Afterwards, I discussed it with a professional surfer and found out that he used the AMT fins with the Mescaline model that are double with small volume at the rear.

He is great at it. From his perspective, Christenson is the quickest model in its field in his experience. I tested it, too, and enjoyed it.

To my mind, it was this mix of large forward fins going along the length, plus this small balancing thing going across the center and slashing this lozenge-shaped rear part in the center.

There was a new impression for me with these. I am a fan of the quads. I cannot name the one that I consider the best.

In case the waves are slightly lower and your goal is to gain tempo from this one, your choice is AMTs and the things like them.

If I am not mistaken, I saw a double arrangement, too, with the characteristics close to these. It was excellent with this mix at the rear.


medcaline surfboard

To my mind, you will be satisfied with this plain day-to-day model. I would place it on the list of versatile models. It copes with anything truly efficiently.

Higher conditions are not a perfect match for it. You will not use it in twice as much above the level of the head waves, but it is still possible.

It seems to me that it will cope with it. Like said, waves lower than half of the height or smaller will not be good for it, but like said, it is possible.

The model is sufficiently plane, features a sufficient thickness, but my opinion is it will be excellent in slightly sloppy waves. It surfs well. Its rails are responsive, but not overly responsive. Higher waves will not be a problem for it.

The model will cope with higher waves, too, but, to my mind, it is great for common conditions. I would place it on this list.

Once more, you will be fond of Chistenson board in case you happened to test top-of-the-line body structure styling produced by Tomo and were not disappointed with it and its tempo.

And here you also get the adjustments done by his partner who is on the list of the leading companies on the planet.

It was our point of view on our today’s model. I expect you liked it.