January 31, 2023

Opinion on the Chilli-01 and quick review of the surfboard

This version combines components of the company’s best short variations, namely the Chilli Spawn, Fader and Rare Bird.

Is it an elongated improved variant of the latter? Chilli-01 model is one of the best that will come in handy in any situation.

Here are our thoughts on the Chilli-01. It is an excellent all-purpose model for any circumstances.

Containing parts of the foil, contour, bottom curve and shapes of the above mentioned models, it is a general-use model suitable for common to nice waves.

Get to know our testing experience of the surfboard that we are sharing with you.

Chilli-01 surfboard

Pros of the surfboard:

  • The one we have tested is an all-purpose day-to-day model that contains parts of the company’s favoured short variations.
  • It shows itself well in common situations, but also does well in less favourable environment.
  • The surfboard features a larger amount of foil (spreading of foam) at the forward part and the adjacent areas. It will not be a problem at all to get onto waves and go through the whole thing in general, too.

Cons of the Chilli-01 surfboard:

  • I have not found one. I had a great time with it. It seems there are no disadvantages to Chilli-01 model.

What I Tested

Chilli-01 surfboard

The dimensions amount to 5’10” (177.8 cm) x 9.25 x 2.5, 28.5 liters. This is done-to-order size.

I used the Future Fins AM2 with it. Their fins were tried, too.

If you want to know its normal proportions, you can find it in the table in the end of this article.

What It Fits

The thing will be perfect in any common, day-to-day environment. However, if it appears in a little better environment, a little less favourable and a little more difficult, there will be no problem, either.

Waves middle of the height and above the level of the head will be a decent environment for it.


Chilli-01 features

Chilli-01 surfboard contains components of the company’s three best variations, namely the Spawn, Fader and Rare Bird.

A tiny bit of additional thickness and breadth at the head which makes the paddle force and gliding potential the same as the latter surfboard has.

Thanks to the fact this one has the rails that are improved and not so big, you will get an impression as if it is smaller and more flexible.

The curve and the lower outline are taken from the already mentioned models.

The surfboard dives into more concave and/or strong waves owing to a bigger upraise across the front part.

It has a thumb rear part that gives an impression of being soft and giving a lot of drive.

The Chilli-01 model features a normal five-fin arrangement.


  1. Sculpt Surfboards Two Step: this advanced model works well in common to decent waves in day-to-day situations.
  2. Perry Surfboards Shporky: this is a good choice when you want to use it at your place or abroad.
  3. Lost Surfboards Sub Buggy: the all-purpose model is good in common situations we all are in.

Main Ideas

Chilli-01 board

Hi, we have tested the Chilli Oh One this time.

Like said, the surfboard’s size amount to 5’10”. It is slightly modified in size compared to the fabrication size of 19.025 x 2.5.

The volume amount to 28.5 liters.

The Model


In case, you do not know, Chilli-01 model of surfboard has been released not so long ago and is a mix of a number of their most popular short Chilli-01 created in the course of the last several years.

It is extra adaptable. Like said before, it contains parts of three surfboards. I personally prefer the Chilli-01 Spawn.

The breadth and the mass at the head are quite big, including the stinger.

It has also adopted the curve and the lower outlines which makes it a rather advanced surfboard, and it has that thickness at the head at the same time. Then the thickness goes further along the line.

It works great in sharper pop-up waves at paddling. You catch them relatively fast, but it does not have much thickness across the front part.

The board copes with going along the lines of the wave in a good way. With this model you get a real experience when popping up, going down, and up to the end in more difficult situation.

surfboard chilli

It gives an impression of being a more advanced, elongated variation of its Rare Bird surfboard. It is a relatively plane advanced Chilli-01, which is why it features a slightly bigger upraise in the head. To my mind, it gives a strong look.

In addition, it features a circular thumb end. It goes really easily under control.

It is equipped with 5-fins. That means there are the thruster and quad simultaneously.

The Chilli-01 is surely the thing you should get if you are satisfied with the above mentioned surfboard, but need a slightly more advanced board and more flexibility in higher-quality waves.

Moreover, the foam is spread truly abundantly across the head and furtherdown, so you will catch waves and do the remaining job without effort.

If the waves get pushy and higher, you have the lower line and shape taken from the more advanced boards.


Chilli Oh One board

We have been testing the  Chilli-01 for about 60 days. The conditions we tested it in were pushy, powerful waves.

At first, it seemed to me that this one would work as the Rare Bird, for instance, owing to its contour and bug thickness at the tip.

I was also happy with how it showed itself in going down and drawing into concave high waves.

From the moment I came back, I have tested it at my place and it has been real fun. The waves were below average which means not so favourable plus waves maximum 150 cm high (a bit above the level of the head).

It reaches its limit in around 180 cm. But this surfboard did well in the highest waves I had, too.

Fin Arrangement

Surfboards Chilli Surfboards Oh One

I have used the AM 2 by Futures, a big template. As you already know, this one is what I love the most. Other ones worked greatly, too, with Chilli-01.

In addition, I have tested it with a quad kit produced by the same company. I cannot say I am a fan of such things, but when the kind of surfboard is perfect and you are going firmly along the wave, I enjoy it.

I truly liked the way it turned out to be. Smooth nose that is in harmony with the rear part and the remaining parts in general.


craig review

All in all, I have truly got pleasure to use Chilli-01. It is relatively flexible.

It is a good choice for those who have a wide range of waves in their region, but not so excellent in the main.

Chilli-01 is truly flexible in common day-to-day situations. If the waves become slightly higher and more powerful, it is not out of its place either.

I am happy with the experience I have got. As for me, there are no cons in this one.

I really love the Spawn and the Fader models. And I can say that it all felt almost the same, as I tried it before.

My final thought is, if you happen to have experience with this board, try it. You will have a great time with this one. I appreciate your attention.