Stunning Abilities of Small Funboards Allow Riding Waves in Various Weather Conditions and Making Surfing a Great Fun

Now’s the time to discuss the design and riding abilities of funboards or small balance boards, and still the word “fun” is more suitable in this case as these surfboards can give real pleasure to their owners due to their riding abilities.

The small length of such funboards commonly varies from 6 to 9ft, as compared to longboards or “malibu”, and, at the same time, they are much wider especially in the middle part of the board that makes these surfboards look more roundish.

It’s not only a matter of small size, but it’s also a point where the boundaries of the convention are broken to let any upgrade in abilities you want since such details as tails and fins of special forms and their abilities do not prevent an easy riding.


On the contrary, a special small size gives better opportunities for funboard riders.

First of all, funboards are good on small, middle and large waves. Now, you shouldn’t dry your small board during the dead season.

Secondly, this variety of surfboards presents a perfect combination of stability due to the big width and cornering abilities due to the small length.

These features make funboards universal, so their abilities are ideal for green bands.


However, not only newcomers choose balance funboards. They are also perfect in stunt performance as they give more maneuverability and ease of handling.

Funboard abilities allow the rider to walk easily under strong swells and even to try a noseriding that you can’t feel on the surfboard of a larger size.

One more advantage is the ease of transportation due to the small weight.

So, if you are sick and tired of common standards and restricted abilities, if you want to try multifaceted surfing and if you are always eager to be at the crest of the wave – funboard is the key!



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