Wake Park: Eco-Friendly Surfing

Wake park – what is it?

It is a unique park for cable wakeboarding

The term “wake park” comes from the English term “cable wake park” – cable wake park.

The cable wakeboard is based on the same principle as in a traditional boat wakeboard: the surfer holds onto the cable attached to the tug.

But unlike a boat wakeboard, when the rider drives behind the boat and performs various tricks using the wave and trampolines, in a cable wakeboard, the athlete moves through the water using a unique system of cables (ropes) and winches.

Photo: wake park FUNWAKEPARK33, Vladimir region

In Russian, a wake park is also called an electric wakeboard, a wake behind a winch, a cable wakeboard. Cable system – a mechanized cable-towing installation.

Thanks to a unique mechanism for creating a movement – a mechanized cable-towing installation – a cable wakeboard has several advantages over a boat:

  • a cable wakeboard is easier and faster for a beginner to master since the speed of movement is constant, while in a boat wake from the very first moment, you have to experience acceleration
  • can ride in an electric wakeboard at the same time from 5 to 10 people, while a maximum of two can go behind the boat.
  • financial affordability of a cable wakeboard: no need to rent or buy a particular towing boat
  • a wakeboard with a winch is an eco-friendly sport. The cable system is powered by electricity and does not pollute the environment.
Ring towing unit

Environmentally friendly surfing

The cable wakeboard is an environmentally friendly sport. Wake parks do not harm the environment and biological resources.

Consider all the advantages of a cable wake park from the point of view of ecology:

  • the cable-towing installation is environmentally friendly. Thanks to its lightweight installation system, it can be installed in protected areas without damaging the environment.
  • rope towing installations run on electricity and therefore do not pollute the environment with combustion products
  • when preparing the shore and the reservoir for the organization of the wake park, a set of measures is taken to clean the coast and the reservoir from garbage
  • cable-towing installation provides additional aeration of water in the reservoir
Reversible rope towing system

Learn more about the benefits of water aeration

What is aeration

Aeration is artificially saturating water with air to increase dissolved oxygen concentration. Aeration is carried out by spraying water into the air or bypassing air bubbles through the water, that is, by contacting water and oxygen.
Surf aeration 🙂

Benefits of aerating water

  • aeration can be used when water is saturated with oxygen for the oxidation of substances such as iron
  • aeration helps remove dissolved gases from water: carbon dioxide or hydrogen sulfide.
  • favorable oxygen regime has a positive effect on the fauna and flora of the reservoir, prevents stagnation of water.

Rider – compliments for the trick, water – oxygen

Aeration and wake park

The simplest and fastest way to aerate water is mechanical aeration

This method consists of various devices that saturate the water with air. This method does not have the adverse side effects of chemical aeration.

Let’s imagine that the rider is sliding on the water’s surface, which breaks up into many small splashes from this movement. While the spray is flying

to the water’s surface, it is saturated with oxygen. The positive effect of aeration is especially evident in low-flow and stagnant water bodies.

When operating a cable wake park on a lake, up to 9 tons of oxygen are released into its water every year!

Wake Park Moswijk

A reversible winch is installed in the Moswijk wake park  for riding a wakeboard.

The height of the rope above the water is more than 8 meters, the pull for tricks from the “flat” at any point of the distance

The park has an excellent double-sided radius kicker (springboard) and a slider 20 meters long. Wakeboards glide perfectly on the thick and expensive plastic on the figures.

And the correct geometry of the kicker itself tightens the FS1080 for the rider.

Any experienced rider will answer that in Moscow Railey, backroll, blind judge, and other wakeboard tricks from “flat” are better practiced in Moswijk!



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