Tropical surf islands worth visiting

When surfing is densely embedded in our lives, we think about the waves most of the time. And along with this, we have thoughts about travel.
Thanks to surfing, we get the opportunity to visit places that we would never have seen again.

Among such sites are tropical (and not so) islands located in the ocean, and from all (or almost all) sides are open to swells from various directions.

More swells mean more waves, and more waves mean more surfing! That is why surfers from different parts of our beautiful planet rush to such islands, to roll themselves well and powerfully get high!

This article will discuss ten stunning surf islands that every surfer should visit at least once in their life!


This island has it all: powerful, super-stable waves of the Indian Ocean, vibrant nightlife, spiritual practices, and many attractions.

Ever since surfers started coming here in the early seventies, Bali has captivated the souls of millions of tourists and travelers with its enchanting blend of stunning waves, unique Hindu culture, and local charm.

Of course, there are also problems here, such as overcrowded lineups, constant traffic jams, a dirty ocean during the rainy season, but this does not stop new tourists or those who have been here more than once from visiting. Bali is truly a magical island!


Tavarua has become the gold standard for surf resorts worldwide since the 1980s.

Even though the bans were recently lifted and now everyone can ride on Cloudbrake and Restaurants without restrictions, the impeccability of this tropical island, upscale accommodation options, easy access to the waves, and the warm hospitality of the locales continue to attract surfers from all over the world.

Many of them return here annually to maintain a friendly relationship with the spots, as well as the staff who treat guests like family.


The many local islands of the North Male Atolls are the starting point for conquering the beautiful waves nearby: Sultans, Honkis, Ninjas, Cox, and Chickens.

The relaxed atmosphere of these tiny islets, ideal conditions for skiing all day, and the cozy local camps and hotels make the Maldives a natural surf paradise.

The slogan Eat, Sleep, Surf, Repeat is entirely consistent with surfers’ lifestyle who come here practice.


The Hawaiian island of Oahu has been a world surfing center for decades.

The classic Waikiki beachboy hangouts in the thirties of the twentieth century, the longboard championships on the Macach spot in the fifties, the iconic rides of Jerry Lopez and Rory Russell on the Pipeline in the seventies – all these and rampant other events were vital in modern surfing history and influenced all aspects of the sport.

From boards and surf shorts to contests. In recent decades, the West and South sides of the island have lost their influence, but North Shore (North Shore) has become the center of world surfing every winter for almost seventy years.

At this time, a series of Triple Crown of Surfing contests starts here, in which the best of the best surfers participate for five weeks.


The first to discover the island was a surfer from Maui, a dreamer and drug dealer named Mike Boum; for him, Siargao was a staging post and a bulwark from the authorities.

Since then, Siargao has become one of Asia’s most famous surf destinations. Since 1992, when the first media trip to the insane pipe of the Cloud 9 spot got on the pages of magazines, the island has been included in the list of must-see places among surf tourists every year.

Interest is also fueled by the WQS stage, which is held at the famous spot every September with the support of local authorities.

Despite the chronic overcrowding of the Cloud 9 spot, there are still many spots on which you can ride almost entirely alone, and, at times, these waves are not inferior in quality to the site that made Siargao so famous.


The Canaries are called European Hawaii because the maximum swells come here in the same winter as the surfing mecca in the Pacific Ocean.

Surfers from Britain often come here to bask in the warmer waters and enjoy the powerful waves.

Inhospitable volcanic landscapes coexist with the blue Atlantic Ocean, which regularly brings powerful swells to spots with sharp lava reefs at the bottom.

Lanzarote has earned its popularity among European surfers for its many accommodation options and a good variety of waves.

The only unpleasant factor is the potential aggression from the locals, who use their fists to teach rude surfers visiting surfers to observe surf etiquette.


The former British Colony is so well positioned in the Atlantic Ocean that it is a great surf destination.

The constant swells brought by the trade winds from the heart of the Atlantic guarantee that there will be a minimum of wave-free days here.

And during the season, some hurricanes create powerful offshore zones and turn East Coast spots (such as the Soup Bowl) into world-class chimney waves.

The undoubted advantages are the abundance of various housing options, from mega-expensive villas and five-star hotels to relatively cheap apartments, as well as the small size of the island, thanks to which many spots are within easy reach.


Santa Catarina Island in southern Brazil has a relaxed European vibe that provides a break from the urban chaos of Rio and São Paolo, making it popular with Brazilian, Argentine, and Uruguayan surfers.

There are many fantastic beach breaks on the island, including the Joaquin and Kampiche spots and about 40 other great skiing spots during the peak surf season during March-April and September-October.

In addition, the state capital, Florianópolis, is considered one of the safest cities in the country, with cozy restaurants and lively Brazilian nightlife.


The autonomous territory of Portugal, the Azores archipelago, consists of 9 islands, of which São Miguel is the largest and most diverse. Incredible landscapes are combined with a variety of waves.

Stunning volcanic nature, relatively warm water, amazing views of the Atlantic, many empty waves, and proximity to Europe and the States (from Lisbon to fly here only an hour and a half, and from America – four) makes San Miguel a must-visit destination for surfers with all over the world wishing to add variety to their tropical travel.



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