December 8, 2022

Why travel for surfing makes you a better surfer

Sooner or later, but every surfer wants his summer not to end.

He will search for his “the endless summer”. And he will be ready to ditch everything for week or two and travel half the world chasing the summer and a good swell.

travel for surfing

As surfers, we are looking for adventures where others might see danger and reject such cases. For example, 15-foot waves, hurricane season, sharks.

There is some type of people who are attracted to the unknown. Whether it be meeting the elements in the ocean or traveling the world.

It is rather strongly combined in surfing daring adventures in the ocean and search for new interesting places in the world.

surf friends

Surfing somewhere in exotic location, roam the new places roads is much more exciting without your agent planning your every step.

Lost your way, meet new people, have new friends, got new experience and repeat the same in a few months.

Traveling gives you a lot of benefits. Personal invaluable experience, new friends, new places and sightseeing, marvelous stories, fun with old friends, verification of your personal ability and increasing your suitability, feeling you young.

All these activities create your personality and generate spirit of youth.

new surfing experience

And even do not think and worry about your budget.

Use Couchsurfing community to “surf from one couch to another” free of charge. Or get a tent and put it up on a beach.

And in an addition to all above benefits you can increase your surfing ability if you take surfboard with you to travel.

In summary, we can mention the following benefits of travel for surfing: remove stress, improve your surf skills, avoid possessiveness and revive your personal sense of adventure.

Remove stress

remove stress

Unless you are not a professional surfer earning money by surfing you still in need to work a real job. You need get money to keep your life and life of your family which means work hard.

No matter what is your job profile and what is your job intensity you must take time to yourself every once in a while to keep you healthy.

Sure travelling might be stressful means language problems or catching flight but these are positive stress.

Finally, you will be pleased by getting surfing somewhere in exotic country.

Start your travel with positive intention, meet new people, get new friends, enjoy being traveling on the way, improve your surf skills and delight what you are doing.

Forget your office and all your reports, e-mails, tel cons.

Avoid possessiveness

surf travel

Everybody has ever faced problems with local guys. It is known as parochialism.

They consider beach break as their own and behave like a landlord of a beach. Especially if they find out that you are beginner.

They want their break should not change and this includes new surfers.

A completely different situation if you are traveling. You will find out that people are rather welcoming for traveling surfers.

If you tell that enjoy surfing in their area you will get a lot of welcome advises to where better to stay, eat, get fun, etc.

Of course, you should be respectful and you will get same back from people.

Improve your surf skills


Try to do utmost to improve your skills. This is very important to keep driving you board constantly to start surfing good.

But if you travel for few days no need to bring you board with you. Just check beforehand possibility to rent a board at the place you are going to visit.

Even you plan to stay for week you can fix long rent and try other boards to improve your skills.

Revive your personal sense of adventure

Solo Surf Travel

It is easy to meet like-minded people while you travel.

Just do what you like and the rest will follow you. For suffers this means go to beach break.

To meet people from different cultures, taste different meal, establish new relations with other people all these revive your sense of adventure.

Just keep traveling and surfing and this change your life to better.