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One of the most exciting things for surfers to do is travel the world in search of the perfect wave. As modern day surfers, we are incredibly lucky to have a huge selection of some of the world’s best surfers. Those who are even more fortunate live on the ocean and can go to their home spot at least several times a day. It is even possible that you have several such spots, and from which you can choose depending on the current, wind direction or swell.

But, you see, even if you live on the ocean, you don’t often go further than your home spot. This is due to several prosaic reasons – work, home life, family or other obligations. We fall into this routine that dictates where, when, and how. Plus, the feeling of comfort. At the home spot, everything is familiar: how and where to enter and exit, where it is worth or not worth reaching, waves, people, in the end. You could say you are in your element. And this allows you to fully focus on surfing and pumping your skills, on emotions, experiences and everyday thoughts.

But after all, stability for someone is a synonym for the word “boredom”? Sometimes it’s worth sacrificing comfort in order to gain something more. Those who live in the US usually travel along the coast, up or down. But the spots and conditions are still very similar, only the landscape changes.

Now, close your eyes (only, please, for a while – the article will not read itself). Imagine yourself surrounded by what you might call another ocean in another universe. A land that is completely different from what you are used to, and an ocean that is even more unknown. Even the sand with bare feet feels different. Everything looks different. Nobody speaks a familiar language. The wave is felt differently, both on the surface and during the dakdive, when the elements are raging around you. You are here – an ink dot that can be placed on the map, somewhere between green and blue.

Traveling to another country in search of the perfect waves is something that can bring you closer to the very feeling of the first wave taken. There is an element of mystery both in the ocean and in the surfers around you. You do not know what to expect from the coming wave, and this makes the adrenaline accelerate the blood and sharpen all your senses. It’s a wonderful feeling and worth looking for. Even just swimming to the spot feels different and raises many questions. Where are the currents? Are they here at all? What’s at the bottom? Sand, stone… reef? Surfing on a coral reef can potentially be a very exciting experience for many beginners. It is a special feeling to see how the rays of the sun dance along the bottom, distorted by the bends of the wave. As for the wipeout at a new spot, when you don’t know what to expect… that experience is also worth getting.

Each new trip to another country is a lottery. After all, you will not spend all your time in the ocean surrounded by like-minded people. Some of the most memorable moments and people are waiting for you in countries that are radically different from the usual environment. What is a daily routine for the locals will be an amazing immersion in foreign life for you. And here it is a lottery – you will either be attracted by what you see, or it will not respond at all somewhere at the level of the heart. But, in any case, smile more often, and you will be smiled back. And even if you drive a rented car everywhere – from the airport, to the hotel or for breaks in a stretcher, try to find time to take a walk around the area. Enjoy new landscapes and faces.

Often surf trips take us to places where the average tourist would not even think to go. Sometimes these are wild corners of the planet, completely cut off from civilization, where no one speaks your native language. And many are afraid of this language barrier. But the devil is not so terrible as he is painted! You don’t need to be fluent in a language to immerse yourself in a culture. And it often happens that you need to know just a couple of phrases in the local language in order to please and impress the locals. Well, no one canceled translators on the phone or sign language 🙂

Philippines, Surigao del Norte Province, Siargao Island

Of course, in most places like Bali or Sri Lanka, where surfing is an integral part of tourist life, almost everyone knows at least basic English. But do not be afraid if you are going to a practically uninhabited island in search of the perfect waves. If you have free time – you can take a book or a couple of lessons in the language of the country where you are going. This will be not only a useful workout for your brain, but also an interesting experience that will allow you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere and learn the culture of another nation.

And, as mentioned above, there are countries where English is a second language, and the locals speak it perfectly. But we encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and what locals expect from tourists: make a little effort to speak their native language. Based on our experience, we can say what will win people over to you. Usually, when you hear phrases in their native language, you first see bewilderment, and then a warm smile, and these smiles are simply priceless. Plus, it can give bonuses in the form of local prices in stores or new interesting acquaintances.

Few activities lead to such physical, mental and emotional bliss as surfing. Add to this the opportunity to discover new and uncharted waves around the world and you have an incredible experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. And which will make you look forward to the next opportunity to surf somewhere off the coast of a new country. Open up to the world, it’s definitely worth it!

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