July 4, 2022
surfing on Eye Symmetry

Positive And Negative Features of The Cool Surfboarding Equipment – Eye Symmetry

Today we are talking about how cool it is to ride an improved Symmetry board for really big surfing.

Positive features of the Eye Symmetry:

  • The Eye Symmetry runs smoothly on steep tides;
  • Symmetry allows you to control every movement;
  • Eye Board has the small tail behaves well on large tides.

Negative traits of Eye Symmetry board:

  • Eye Board glides perfectly only on powerful tides.

Best Sea Type for Eye Symmetry: It is the perfect gear for the highest quality tides in your life, and rides beautifully at water level from your head and up.

Eye board with excellent traction can be taken not only on Australian spots, but also on beaches and reef breaks in Indonesia.

surfing on Eye Symmetry

There are a lot of spots in Australia for the gear. All fans of this sport rightly consider Polynesia to be the birthplace of surfing. But it was in Australia that the sport was developed and then triumphantly began to spread throughout the planet.

This significant event took place at the beginning of the 20th century.

Surfing in Australia with Eye Surfboards has become another national symbol for its inhabitants, such as a kangaroo or koala.

Therefore, Australian children learn the art of surfing while still at school, and surf culture on the Green Continent is at the same level as on the Hawaiian Islands.

On weekends, young Australian girls and boys grab Symmetry boards and head to the beaches to enjoy the Australian sea. This all happens in reality, and not in the scenes of TV shows for young people.

Surfing in Australia is practically a folk sport like wushu in China. Therefore, there are plenty of excellent spots  where you can practice your favorite hobby on the continent, especially since the coast of the continent is washed by the waters of three Indian oceans at once.

Not many people know about the existence of the Southern Ocean, since it is immediately included in the three great Atlantic oceans. Quiet and Indian.

Most of the surf spots are concentrated in the states of Queensland, New South Wales, in the southern part of the continent in the region of Adelaide and Melbourne, and in the southwestern part of the mainland on the coast washed by the Indian Ocean.

gold coast australia
Gold Coast

The most popular surfing spot in Australia is the Gold Coast, especially appreciated by right-handed point breakers.

Those who want to catch the steepest and longest tide on the planet come here from all over the world – Snapper Rocks.

At promising moments, this Australian tide will make it possible to race on it for more than 1 km, which means that to get to Snpper Rocks you need to have well-trained legs and then you can hold out for the maximum possible time.

This spot is considered one of the most dangerous spots in Australia. The reason for this is its popularity.

Here you need a quick reaction because a huge number of surfers on Eye Symmetry boards will fly by. Working distance in Snapper Rocks starts at 3 feet, and 10 feet can be reached in strong swells.

Australians are mainly interested in beach breaks with sandbanks that form shoals, so they are in constant expectation of a positive outlook.

Surfer Paradise beach
Surfer Paradise beach

It is almost mandatory to any surfer to visit the large and very noisy Surfer Paradise beach, which is the face and hallmark of the Gold Coast.

Here you can find entertainment to every taste and budget.

There are expensive boutiques, relatively inexpensive taverns with delicious seafood dishes and chic restaurants, street performers, a Ferris wheel, a surf museum and, of course, the Australian wave.

This is a unique opportunity to ride practically in the center of a large city with Eye Surfboard.

New South Wales

As for the state of New South Wales, its coast is generally a continuous spot. Here everyone will find a sea to their liking of stones, reefs, sand, tides for both the most advanced and beginners.

The main thing is not to get confused by the prospects and opportunities. Don’t say it, real surfing in Australia is a surfer’s dream.

Bondi Beach is one of the most famous and popular Australian beaches located on the southern outskirts of Sydney.

Its unique location attracts numerous tourists from all over the world, especially surfers.

After riding the tide on Eye Symmetry, there is where to taste delicious barbecue and local beer, and then get to a noisy party that can last until the morning.

The spot is primarily to those who love not only surfing, but also good fun.

Australia Surf Map

Surfing in Australia with Eye Symmetry is possible throughout the year. Only conditions may change depending on a particular season.

We should not forget that on the Green Continent, all seasons, on the contrary. When it is winter in Europe and Russia, it is sultry summer in Australia.

Beginning in April, the water on the east coast cools down and becomes cool enough until October. Therefore, a wetsuit will be needed.

But with the onset of November and until the end of March, swimming here is very comfortable. And the most promising seas come here in spring.

On the south coast, the water is colder and you should always have a 3/2 mm wetsuit. And for the winter months, by the standards of Australia, you will need a wetsuit more essential from 4/3 mm.

surfing in australia shark

Everyone is attracted to the Australian tide, but there are also quite serious problems here.

These are, first of all, sharks. These are numerous predators of various species and sizes with a wide variety of gastronomic preferences.

Sharks attack people quite often, but on large beaches, where there are many vacationers, there is a well-functioning warning system. And rescuers warn in advance about the appearance of sharks so that people have time to leave the water.

Another difficulty is the rather high prices for everything. On the most popular surfing spots, localism is widespread.

As for Australian surfers, they are usually friendly, so they need to reciprocate and there will be no problem.

surfing in bali

Surf lovers from all over the world come to this picturesque Indonesian island, the Indian Ocean creates conditions to them to ski all year round.

The waves here attract not only avid surfers, but also everyone who wants to join the surfing movement.

It is Bali that to many becomes the spot where they first caught the wave. It is quite possible to learn this even during a short vacation.

The elements of the ocean, white sand, sun – everyone can plunge into the surfing atmosphere and try their hand.

The period from April to October is attractive to surfers who are confident on the Symmetry board.

Especially July and August delight with the abundance and frequency of high ridges. During this time, the trade winds on the western side blow towards the ocean to almost the whole day, which keeps the seas in shape.

It is during the dry season that the “right” seas come to the popular skiing spots in Canggu and Bukit.

Surfing a Wave. Bali Island. Indonesia.

At the same time, storms occur in the Indian Ocean, from which swells regularly leave the island.

This season is considered the main one when all surf spots of the western part of the Bukita Peninsula are open, including Balangan, Dreamland, Padang-Padang, Uluwatu.

Surfers are also hosted by Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, Changu, Balian and Medevi.

Surfing in Bali can be practiced all year round, but it has its own peculiarities to summer and winter.

During the rainy season, surfers move to the east and south – to Nusa Dua, Serangan, Sanur, Green Bol, Keramas, Payung, Pandava.

This season is considered a minor one. First of all, not because of rains, but changes in the direction of the wind – in the west, it begins to blow towards the coast and breaks the waves.

The island has more than 40 spots to surfing of all levels – from spots with a sandy bottom and gentle waves to reef breaks and point breaks.

The best spot to surfing debut is Kuta Beach. Waves break near the shore – beginners don’t have to swim far, and the bottom is sandy – which is great when falling.

They say that learning surfing on the foam that forms after a wave breaks is a lot of fun and many people get on the Eye board the first time.

You can go surfing in Kuta all year round, excluding the period of dirty water from December to February.

Bali has a problem of ebb and flow. During the day, there are a couple of drops in water level with a difference of 6 hours. Each day, the beginning of the tide shifts by an hour.

Batu Bolong Beach
Batu Bolong Beach

Those who get on the  Eye board should immediately go to Batu Bolong Beach, where you can get the experience of riding on a low wave. After its development, you can go to Changu-Rights, here small waves form pipes.

The Padang-Padang spot is called the real Bali “pipeline” – surfing competitions are often held on this beach.

Many experienced surfers come to Bali to tame the famous Uluwatu – in August and September there is a wave of extraordinary sizes.

There are many surf schools on the island, both local and international: Rip Curl (official website: https://ripcurlschoolofsurf.com/), Pro Surf (official website: https://www.facebook.com/PROSURFCAMP/)

Indonesian instructors, bypassing the theoretical part, immediately start with practice.

As a rule, their English is not very good, and their Russian vocabulary is limited by the commands “swim” and “get up”.

In Russian schools, there is a more fundamental approach. First, “schoolchildren” learn basic terms, safety issues and etiquette. Students are taught how to choose the Symmetry board, ride in crowded places, behave in reverse currents, and much more.

bali surfing school

The second stage is training on land and in the pool, where beginners learn to lie on the Symmetry board, climb on it and row effectively. And only after that you can go to the ocean.

Children are put on the Eye Symmetry board, as a rule, from the age of 10. The cost of education is not much less than that of adults.

Sunscreen is a must-have. Exposed areas of the body from direct sun exposure are very badly burned. If a special cream is sold in a surf school, then it is better to choose it.

After a few lessons, you can go on a surf trip. During the rainy season, schools organize trips to Sumbawa Island, which is considered a surfer’s paradise with unspoiled nature and empty line-ups.

In the dry season, the G-land spot awaits those wishing to ride with the breeze.

The beach of the village of Medevi has already gained worldwide fame in the surfing world – it is especially popular with the Japanese and Australians.

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