Exploring the Unexpected Surfing Spots Near Seattle


When one thinks of Seattle, surfing may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Known for its coffee culture, grunge music scene, and constant drizzle, Seattle seems an unlikely place to ride the waves.

Yet, with the Pacific Ocean at its doorstep, some surprisingly excellent surf spots near the city exist. Let’s explore the unexpected world of surfing in Seattle and its hidden gems.

Why Is There Surfing in Seattle?


Though it might seem outlandish to outsiders, Seattle is quite the hub for surfing devotees. Seattle is privy to many coastal spots rich with wave activity thanks to its prime location next to the vast Pacific Ocean.

While the city might be nestled away from the coast, a brief excursion to the ocean will reward you with a mesmerizing spectacle of surfable waves.

The dynamic weather of Seattle, shaped by the Pacific’s storm systems, can yield ideal wave conditions that lure in both beginners and seasoned surfing veterans alike.

So, while Seattle might be famous for its coffee, music, and the occasional downpour, don’t be surprised to find a genuine surfing community thriving amidst the city’s urban landscape.

What Surfers Need to Know About Surfing in Seattle


As an adventurous soul ready to surf the Seattle waves, knowing a few crucial details is essential to make the most of your experience.

  • First things first, brace yourself for a chill! Seattle’s waters are known for their brisk temperatures that might test your mettle. However, don’t let the cold deter you. Armed with a high-quality wetsuit, boots, gloves, and a hood, you’ll be ready to tackle the frosty waves year-round.
  • Moreover, remember to be respectful of the environment and the locals. Seattleites take pride in the natural beauty of their coastlines and expect visitors to do the same. Always clean up after yourself and maintain a respectful distance from wildlife.
  • And let’s remember the local surf etiquette! Respect the lineup, don’t drop in on others, and be patient – the perfect wave will come.
  • Finally, it’s essential to keep an eye on the weather. Seattle’s dynamic climate can lead to sudden changes in surfing conditions. Always check the surf reports before you head out, and if you’re ever in doubt about the conditions, there’s no shame in sitting a session out.

So, suit up, stay warm, respect the environment and the locals, and watch those weather reports. These tips will help ensure your Seattle surfing adventure is as exhilarating as memorable. Now, are you ready to ride those waves?

Best Places for Surfing Near Seattle

Best Places for Surfing Near Seattle

Seattle and its surroundings boast several fantastic surf spots that can offer a thrilling ride on the waves. Here are some favorites you should consider:

  1. Westport: Known as Washington’s “Surf City,” Westport is a popular destination for Seattle surfers. A two-hour drive from the city, Westport offers consistent waves and a variety of breaks catering to all experience levels. Westhaven State Park, with its break at Half Moon Bay, is particularly beloved by the surfing community.
  2. Neah Bay: For the more adventurous surfers, Neah Bay, at the very tip of the Olympic Peninsula, promises a remote surfing experience. Its north-facing beach, Hobuck, is a favorite among surfers, with reliable waves and stunning natural scenery.
  3. La Push: Nestled inside the Olympic National Park, La Push provides the quintessential Pacific Northwest surfing experience. Its main beach, First Beach, offers a picturesque setting for catching waves, surrounded by towering trees and rocky outcrops.
  4. Twin Harbors State Park: Not far from Westport, Twin Harbors is a less crowded alternative with decent surfing opportunities. Its long stretch of sandy beach is ideal for those seeking a tranquil surfing experience.
  5. Long Beach Peninsula: If you’re willing to travel a bit further, Long Beach Peninsula, with its long, steady breaks, is a must-visit. Its expansive beaches provide ample space, making it an excellent choice for novice surfers or those looking to avoid crowded lineups.

Remember, each location has a unique character, wave patterns, and challenges. Researching the surf conditions and talking to local surfers before jumping in is always good. So, grab your board and wetsuit and explore these fantastic surf spots near Seattle!

When is the Best Time to Surf in Seattle?

Alki Beach in West Seattle, Washington
Alki Beach in West Seattle, Washington

In surfing, timing is everything – and Seattle is no exception. Contrary to what you might expect, the city’s surf scene truly comes alive during the cooler months of fall and winter.

During these seasons, the mighty Pacific Ocean, stirred up by robust storm systems, generates the powerful swells that surfers dream about. The waves during these months are typically giant, providing an exhilarating challenge for experienced surfers eager to push their limits.

However, it’s important to remember that colder water and potentially harsh weather conditions come with more giant waves. A good-quality wetsuit is an essential companion for winter surfing in Seattle.

It will keep you warm and enhance your performance in the chilling water. And remember, safety should always come first. Keep an eye on the weather and surf reports to ensure conditions are safe for a session in the sea.

Seattle Elliot bay surfing

While fall and winter serve the most robust waves, you can still surf during the spring and summer. These seasons may offer smaller waves, but they’re generally more manageable and consistent – perfect conditions for beginners looking to dip their toes in surfing or those who prefer a more relaxed ride.

To sum it up, Seattle is a year-round surf city. While each season brings unique surfing conditions, there’s always an opportunity to hop on your board and catch a wave.

So, whether you’re a seasoned veteran seeking an adrenaline-pumping winter ride or a beginner eager for a smooth summer surf, Seattle’s surf spots await. Now all you have to do is decide when to go!

How to Improve Your Surfing Skills in Seattle

Bigfoot Surf School Westport
Bigfoot Surf School, Westport

Mastering the art of surfing in Seattle’s wave-laden coasts is a challenging endeavor. It demands an adventurous spirit, determination, and much practice. So, let’s talk about ways to ramp up your surfing prowess in Seattle’s frothy seas.

  • Let’s start with the most basic and essential tip – hit the waves frequently. Nothing beats the hands-on experience you gain from surfing regularly. It’s about you, your surfboard, and the rhythm of the sea. Each session will offer new lessons and challenges, honing your balance, agility, and wave judgment skills. Be patient with yourself, as even the best surfers have had their fair share of wipeouts!
  • Next, consider a surfing lesson or two. Seattle boasts several stellar surf schools renowned for their experienced instructors and comprehensive lesson plans. Bigfoot Surf School in Westport and Surf Ballard in Seattle are two of the favorites among the surfing community. These surf schools offer lessons for all skill levels, from absolute beginners to seasoned surfers looking to refine their technique. They not only provide instruction on basic and advanced maneuvers, but they also teach vital safety protocols and local surf etiquette.
  • Learning to surf isn’t just about physical skill – it’s also about understanding the sea. Knowledge about wave formations, tide changes, and weather patterns can significantly enhance your surfing experience. Apps, surf reports, and local wisdom can be your invaluable guides in this aspect. The more you understand the behavior of the sea, the better you can anticipate the waves and improve your surfing performance.
  • And let’s remember fitness. Surfing is a physically demanding sport requiring a strong core, balance, and stamina. Regular workouts involving cardio exercises, strength training, and balance-enhancing yoga can improve your surfing endurance and technique.
  • Finally, become a part of the local surfing community. Seattle’s surfers are welcoming, always ready to share a tip or two, and often become lifelong friends. They can provide valuable insights into the best surf spots, ideal surf times, and even secret local surfing tips. Plus, surfing with others is always more fun!

So, strap on your wetsuit, wax your board, and get ready to conquer Seattle’s waves. With dedication, patience, and guidance, your surfing skills improve wave by wave. Happy surfing, Seattle style!



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