Pros and cons of surfing in Turkey

Holidays in Turkey are more associated with beaches and the all inclusive system in hotels. But in this country there are conditions for surfing. Here you can learn how to ride a board in special schools, take the help of experienced instructors, rent or buy everything you need for this sport.

Classical wave surfing is not yet developed here, since there are no stable waves in Turkey, which means there are no permanent conditions for learning and riding.

But here are common types of surfing such as:

  • windsurfing;
  • kitesurfing;
  • SUP surfing.

It is these types of surfing that will be discussed in the article.

Features of Turkish surfing

Surfing in Turkey is most common in the western part of the country, on the Aegean coast. Each school offering surf instructors and lessons rents a plot of land on the seashore. One of the local features is the developed infrastructure. Right on the coast there are numerous restaurants, there are equipment rentals.

Those who wish can rent a yacht with a full set of equipment. Another option is to choose a suitable camp and spend a few weeks in a circle of like-minded people. In such camps, not only practical surfing lessons are held, but also analyzes of the main mistakes with experienced instructors.

Surf schools

Each surf school in Turkey tries to offer the most interesting and favorable conditions. They are united by low prices in comparison with other countries and comfortable living conditions. Often schools are located at the hotel, and tourists have the opportunity to combine learning to surf with rest and excursions.

The most popular Turkish surf schools are:

Fethiye surf center is a camp on the Mediterranean coast, where lessons for beginners are held, consultations are provided for independent surfers, it is possible to pick up equipment. Instructors with international certificates work in the center. The school is located near the center of Fethiye;

Alacati Surf Paradise Club – the largest surf station in Alacati with a decent selection of equipment and equipment, experienced instructors and a separate place for training on a picturesque beach;

Myga Surf City is a school in Alacati offering guided training in English or Russian, German or Turkish. There are individual and group lessons for beginners and advanced surfers;

Windsurf & Kiteboard Okulu – located in Alacati, provides surf training for all levels, including working with children. Here you can rent equipment or use your equipment.

Most surf schools in Turkey have instructors who have received certificates from international organizations and the Turkish Sailing Federation. Beginner surfers learn about board construction and safety rules, as well as learn how to stay on the water. More experienced athletes master complex tricks.

A feature of Turkey is the presence of hotels with an included surf training service. These are, for example, Armonia Holiday Village & Spa in Bodrum, Alacati Port Ladera Hotel in Alacati, SU & Aqualand in Antalya.

Spots in Turkey

The coastline of Turkey is quite heavily indented with rocks and lagoons, capes and shoals. Not every beach is suitable for surfing, and this should be taken into account when booking a tour. The most famous and popular spots are:

Alacati is a village on the western coast of the country, 80 km from Izmir. Prices are quite affordable, but strong winds interfere with beach holidays. For the same reason, surfing is popular here. World-class surfers gather in Alacati, there are specialized hotels, rental stations. Shallow water stretches for half a kilometer. The best beaches for surf lessons in Turkey are Keykuban and Damlatash. The maximum waves in summer here reach 3.6 m;

Fener (Akyarlar) is a city 18 km from Bodrum, located on a cape. There are few expensive hotels here, beach holidays are not very common. But the constant wind creates excellent conditions for surfing: by lunchtime, the waves rise to 1.5-2 m, and in the morning they are much lower, this is the time for beginners;

Bitez Bay – located near Bodrum, professional surfers prefer to ride in the late afternoon;

Side – the area is well blown by the winds in the summer, there are numerous shops offering surf equipment on the beaches. You can use the services of instructors;

The Datca Peninsula is located 70 km from Marmaris. This is one of the best surf spots in Turkey, but it is not very suitable for beginner surfers;

Chalish is a sport near Fethiye, next to the Aegean Sea. There is no large influx of tourists here, and surfers can safely devote time to their favorite pastime. There are conditions for beginners.

There is also a surf beach on the Mediterranean Sea, it is located near Alanya. Fans of boarding can try their hand at Kyz-Kalesi, Anamur, Antalya, but the strength of the wind and waves here are almost unpredictable.


When choosing a surf tour to Turkey, it is worth studying the features of the local climate. As elsewhere, surfing here is a seasonal phenomenon. The conditions for boarding depend on the strength and direction of the wind, the amount of precipitation, air and water temperature. If the water is too cold, a wetsuit helps, but heavy rains and storms, lack of wind become obstacles for surfing.

Schools and surf camps in Turkey open in April-May. At this time, the water begins to warm up, and the peak of the surfing season falls on the summer months. In coastal areas, even at high air temperatures, a light breeze is always felt, and for several hours a day the wind increases noticeably. In September-October, the strength of the waves increases, but storms begin at the same time, so many surfers do not count on this time.

Surfing tours in Turkey are very popular for several reasons. This is the absence of problems with accommodation – there are a huge number of hotels and surf camps in the country, and the ability to combine boarding with a beach holiday, and a developed infrastructure. The flight does not take much time, and the cost of living, training, equipment rental is quite affordable. Among the Turkish spots, there are suitable options for both advanced surfers and those who are just starting to learn how to ride a board.

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