Surfing and women’s health

Some things the surf instructor won’t tell you. Not because he’s terrible, he doesn’t know
Attention, in this article, there are words such as “menstruation” and “vagina,” if you are a man and do not want anatomical details – do not read, send the link to your surfing friends.

If you are lucky enough to be born with a set of XX chromosomes, hormones are imprinted on most of your life.

PMS, pain, fatigue, tearfulness – repeating regularly, these things become familiar and commonplace.

The female cycle naturally influences surfing too. Kitchen conversations confirm – among the girls I know, no one would say that they did not notice any difference during the whole month.

The most common complaint is lack of strength just before menstruation and in the first days.

Next on the list is poor motor coordination on the exact dates.

From my own experience, I can say that a lousy gurney can ruin the mood for the whole day

And when this bad gurney is superimposed on a bad mood (especially if you do not build a connection between your hormonal background and physical condition), you can get very upset.

I noticed the following: on days when estrogen and progesterone are at a minimum, and this is the combination of menstruation, I have disgusting coordination of movements.

There are strengths, and it turns out to catch waves, but at least something to do with them is complicated.

Why even just keeping the balance is worth more than usual work

In this regard, I prefer to skip 2-3 days of the gurney and devote this time to quieter activities that do not require active body movements.

If it suddenly happens that it is impossible not to ride – the waves are too sound or the height of the surf trip – I try to treat myself as condescendingly as possible.

If the monthly effect and the corresponding restrictions are individual, then I’m going to tell you about the rules that must be followed by all girls, without exception, because we are talking about health.

Rule # 1. Do not write in water.

I’ve always said this: people are divided into two types: those who piss into the ocean and those who lie

And then, for more than a year, I suffered from regular and very frequent exacerbations of cystitis.

The fact is that our female body has a peculiarity – the urinary tract in women is short and wide; it closes slowly and with a slight delay.

It leads to the fact that if we write into the water. Some of the surrounding liquid gets into the channel at the very end of the process.

If there are pathogenic microbes in this surrounding water (and they are in the ocean with a high degree of probability), then once in the favorable environment of our body, they begin to multiply quickly
Coupled with mild hypothermia, which is always there, even if you ride in the tropics because it is two hours in the water – an environment with high thermal conductivity, the temperature of which even at the equator is lower than the temperature of the human body, these bacteria provoke an inflammatory disease – cystitis.

So, if you regularly suffer (and there is no other name for it!) From pain during urination, this may very well be your case.

Get tested, undergo a course of treatment, and once and for all, give up this convenient but harmful activity – emptying your bladder on a line-up

Longboarders have an advantage – if you have a strong urge, but there is no way to get out, for example, you have to go to the shore in a boat, and she stands in the canal and waits for other surfers, you can sit on the board on your knees and relieve yourself like that.

Yes, not very aesthetically pleasing, but if you stay in the channel, no one will notice anything, and your health will be safe. The main rule is not in the water!

Rule # 2. Do not wear a wet wetsuit

All the same, hypothermia, that is, hypothermia, threatens those who like to relax after a gurney without changing their clothes

Mothers not in vain taught us not to sit on the cold – this way, you can catch inflammation of the ovaries and other very harmful and unpleasant diseases.

A wet wetsuit is like a hard stone glued to your ass, and if you are actively moving in the water, blood circulates and does not allow you to cool too much, then resting on the shore in a neoprene suit, you can conserve the cold in the most inappropriate place for this.

Ponchos, sarongs, towels – there are many ways to change without a changing room, do not be lazy; use them as soon as you leave the ocean.

Rule # 3. Wash sand thoroughly.

This terrible story was told to me by an acquaintance

I will retell it in detail so that you are as scared as I am. Let’s call our friend Oksana.

Once Oksana went for a ride, sat on the beach, dried up, and went about her business as she was, in a bathing suit. She managed to wash and change only in the evening.

And then Oksana had a terrible inflammation in the vagina, a swelling, pain, an abscess, and a simple operation.

It turned out that fine sand got into the channel of the gland that produced the lubricant and clogged it. There is no need to say anything else hereafter the gurney.

It is imperative to go to the shower and thoroughly wash every fold. If there is no shower, a bottle of water will do; thank God we have not the Grand Canyon there; 0.5 liters is enough.

It is especially true for surfing on sandy beaches, where there is a beach break because when the surf waves pass, a refined suspension of sand penetrates even under the closest swimsuit

Of course, in 15-20 minutes, most likely nothing terrible will happen, but you should not walk unwashed longer. We are girls; we need to be clean.

So far, this is all; I have not heard about other egregious cases, but if you know something that I do not know, please write to me because it is essential, and someone should tell me about it. I sincerely wish you health, and there will be waves!



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