How surfer Kelly Slater became famous – biography

Legendary Kelly Slater rose to the sporting Olympus in the 90s and is the athlete with some of the most significant victories in surfing to this day.

Kelly managed to do a full-fledged sport out of the hobby of American teenagers, in which he set a high bar unattainable for others, showing himself to be an outstanding athlete.

Kelly Slater is not one of the best in this water sport – he is the best. He is on the crest of the wave of success.

Waiting for your wave

On February 11, 1972, the great surfer was born in Cocoa Beach, a small entrepreneur who traded in goods for fishers.

Kelly Slater spent a lot of time in his father’s store, talked with many sea lovers, and spent the lion’s share of his leisure time on the ocean shore.

At a very young age, it was then that Kelly became interested in surfing and could spend long hours after school on the ocean shore.

And if in the early years the sea was just a hobby and inspiration, then at the age of 11, when his parents parted, and his father became interested in alcohol, it became an absolute joy for Slater, a friend who allowed him to forget about life’s hardships and deep childhood trauma that forever remained in his heart …

Youngest champion

Gradually, surfing became something more for Kelly Slater from a childhood hobby. By the time he graduated from high school, none of the teen surfers could match him in skill.

The surfer becomes a local celebrity, his photos are published in sports magazines and newspapers, and soon Slater has his agent.

Surfer Kelly Slater is a living legend of modern surfing.

In 1992, when Kelly was 20 years old, he became world champion. The received title went to the guy by right – he proved it, becoming the champion not only again the following year but also over the next six years, defeating his rivals in the mastery of conquering the waves.

Slater not only surpassed other surf masters, but he also became a trendsetter in this kind of water sports, bringing new tricks and elements into it that no one had used before.

Thanks to the activities of Kelly Slater, surfing has become popular all over the world, has grown into a full-fledged sport.

Leave to return in triumph

In 1999, Kelly Slater officially retired from the sport at the peak of her popularity and career takeoff. Thanks to royalties for victories in the championships, his financial situation has improved significantly, and Slater decides to devote himself entirely to his wife and little daughter. But the craving for the sea and the desire to feel like a conqueror of the waves, again and again, took their toll, and Kelly returned to the sport after a three-year hiatus in 2002.

Kelly Slater is the professional surfing champion.

Kelly Slater’s return to the sport was triumphant: he became world champion five more times. Despite his age, not typical for surfers, Kelly once again proved that he has no equal in surfing – he is the king of the surfboard, and it is impossible to repeat his success.

Kelly Slater managed to become a surfing star and a screen star. But, first, he starred in some films, where he played, in fact, himself – an athlete with a stunning appearance and a great purpose in life.

So, a handsome surfer can be seen in the acclaimed TV series “Rescuers Malibu,” where the athlete appeared before the audience in the form of Jimmy Slade.

Kelly Slater – surfer, actor, and environmentalist

Slater’s creative and television career does not end there: he organized a group of surfers and recorded a full-length album with them, took part in two TV shows, wrote two books, and became the prototype for the protagonist of the computer game “Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer.”

As part of the considerable income from his victories and roles in films, Kelly Slater spent on various charities supporting the environment and the protection of the ocean. An athlete who grew up on the ocean coast invests a lot of money and effort to implement various environmental activities and programs.

Kelly tirelessly promotes a healthy lifestyle, family values, and environmental protection, which makes him even more attractive in the eyes of a large army of fans.

A striking example of the people’s love for the surfer is the bronze statue of Slater, which towers in his homeland in Cocoa Beach, installed by his compatriots.

Kelly Slater – the legend of modern surfing

Kelly Slater is a big name in professional surfing that symbolizes success. This athlete managed to reach unprecedented heights and become an absolute living legend revered and imitated.

Slater showed that success depends on daily work on oneself, on a creative approach, and a great desire to be the best.

And no matter what origin a person is and how old he is – everyone can be successful, and you need to catch your “wave.”

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