Popular surfer Jay Moriarty – why he is so famous

Jay Moriarty became more than just a person who managed to “ride” the wave and succeed in surfing. Instead, he lived by his hobby, inspired, and gave an excellent example of becoming an icon and achieving a dream in his youth.

The first conquered wave

American surf icon Jay Moriarty was born on June 16, 1978, in Georgia, the son of a former military man.

Moving to sunny California was a crucial moment in Moriarty’s development as a surfer.

From childhood, the father taught his son to the sea. It was he who pushed Jay to ride the waves.

Young surfer Jay Moriarty

And although initially, these were tentative steps in this water sport, already at the age of 12, the young athlete won the shortboard competition, conquering everyone.

As the youngest participant, he rode the wave several times higher than himself.

Young Surf Legend – Jay Moriarty

After Jay’s first victory, he met the famous California surfer Rick Hesson, who, seeing talent in the boy, took up his training in the art of surfing.

Hesson taught the guy not only maneuvers and techniques but also mentally prepared Jay because, to conquer the ocean, one technique was not enough. So, after prolonged training, Moriarty set about destroying the goal of all surfers – the giant wave Maverick.

Ride the Maverick

One of the world’s largest waves, Maverick, is a pipe dream for most surfers. Her conquest is a considerable risk because not one daredevil, trying to ride the Maverick, paid with his life.

However, at the end of 1994, Jay Moriarty became famous worldwide, has managed to “ride” a ten-meter wave.

At the time of the conquest of Maverick, the favorite photo was taken, which flew around the world: Jay, on the crest of a vast wave, became a world celebrity.

At 16, Jay Moriarty conquered the Maverick wave.

At one point, Jay Moriarty became an icon of surfing: he was imitated, envied, and infinitely adored. But the fame did not spoil the young surfer. Jay did not show a drop of vanity, remaining the same simple guy, open and good-natured.

Notable Surfers – Jay Moriarty

He is accepted to teach young surfers at the O’Neill Surf Academy, travels the world, and gives master classes on conquering the waves.

In addition, Jay is interested in other extreme sports, particularly parachute jumping and motocross. Moriarty is in a hurry to live, trying to do as much as possible, to reach new and new heights. And all these achievements at the young age of 16!

“Live like Jay”

Being a flamboyant man who gives himself entirely to his passion, Jay Moriarty failed to sense the fine line between mere danger and mortal danger when the sea, raging and trembling under the surfboard, turns into a killer.

On June 15, 2001, Jay was freediving in the Maldives. Unfortunately, the day before his birthday, Moriarty, who conquered giant waves and reached incredible heights in surfing, passed out and drowned in the waters of the Indian Ocean.

By the evil irony of fate, the great athlete did not die while conquering the water element, but during his usual rest, leaving a lot of unfinished business, without fulfilling many plans …

Jay Moriarty – “surf icon”

On June 26, a farewell ceremony was held with Jay. Hundreds of fans and admirers of the athlete gathered on the ocean shore to say goodbye to their beloved surfer.

After that, Kim’s wife scattered the ashes of Jay Moriarty, and the conqueror of the waves was reunited with them forever.

And after him, there was a vivid role model for thousands of novice surfers and a whole life philosophy, which consists of a positive outlook on the world and faith in oneself.

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