August 19, 2022

What Bethany Hamilton is known for – a unique surfer

Surfer Bethany Hamilton has conquered the world not only with significant successes in surfing but also with the greatest fortitude and faith in herself.

A surfer girl who survived a terrible episode of a shark attack that deprived her of her arm was able not only to survive but also to cope with her fear, again standing on the board and conquering the public with her successes.

Fatal conquest of the wave

American surfer Bethany Hamilton was born on February 8, 1990, in Lihue, Pacific Hawaii. She started surfing at the young age of 8, following the lead of her surfer parents. The girl immediately started showing excellent results and had high expectations in this water sport.

On October 31, 2003, Bethany, accompanied by friends, went to the coast to ride on surfboards.

The thirteen-year-old girl swam a little away from her friends and froze in anticipation of the wave. In a matter of seconds, a tiger shark attacked Bethany – the predator bit off the girl’s arm up to the elbow.

Thinking of nothing but prayer to God, Bethany Hamilton desperately swam to the shore, praying for only one thing – to survive at all costs.

Miracle of spirit and faith

A young surfer nearly died from blood loss. Fortunately, either the girl’s strong body or the prayers helped her survive the terrible meeting with the shark.

Bethany, despite the lack of an arm and a psychological barrier, did not give up hope of returning to the sport. She was full of faith in herself and hope for the intercession of higher powers.

After a recovery period, Bethany Hamilton began wearing a prosthesis to replace her left arm. But the artificial hand only interfered with surfing, and Bethany stood on the board without her.

This process was long and difficult because the girl had to re-learn everything that she knew how before. Hamilton did not give up after failures: she, again and again, stood on the board, listened to her feelings, tried to balance and compensate for her lack.

Soul surfer

Bethany Hamilton was able to prove that there are no people with disabilities because if you strongly want something and strive for it, you will certainly be able to achieve success. Disability is not a reason to give up a dream if you have a strong belief in yourself.

Today Bethany is one of the best surfers in the world and the winner of many awards for achievements in surfing and community service: ESPY, winner of the Billabong ASP Pro 2009, Teen Courage Award.

She conducts training for people who have become victims of shark attacks, helping them overcome fears and complexes. Hamilton brings people back to fulfilling lives and tells them about the greatest power of faith.

The surfer is not only successful in her career, but also in her personal life. In 2013, she became a happy wife, and in 2015, a mother.

Remembering the fateful day when the tragedy happened, Bethany says that she would never change its outcome because the loss of a hand prompted the girl to all the achievements that are in her life, and she was also able to realize her vocation and purpose in life.