July 4, 2022

What surfer Alison Teal is known for – a list of achievements and a brief biography

Surfer, traveler, filmmaker, environmentalist – all this is one fragile woman who is not even thirty years old.

Time magazine nicknamed her “The Indiana Jones Woman,” and the Huffington Post called Alison Teal “The Oprah the Traveler.”

She surfs near hot lava flows, she is seen with a pink board on the most remote beaches of the planet, just in a swimsuit, goes down to the city catacombs, visits the most exciting places on the earth.

Backpack instead of a carrycot

She was born in Hawaii to a family of two travelers. Her father, David Blechert, is an adventurous photographer who has traveled with his camera worldwide, taking photographs for National Geographic, Eagle Creek, Patagonia, Teva magazines.

Deborah Cohen is a practicing yoga teacher and naturalist and always travels with her husband.

Well, what fate was in store for little Alison Teal with such restless parents? A backpack replaced her bed, and her usual education was traveling with her parents worldwide.

The girl “made” the first ascent to the mountains at two months. In Peru, my parents started skiing and conquered the country’s southernmost peak – Mount Ausangate.

While other children were taking pictures at holidays in kindergartens and schools, little Alison’s photo albums were replenished with photographs from the most remote corners of our planet.

The girl is filled with monkeys and representatives of rare nationalities instead of dolls, cats, and loving grandmothers with Christmas sweaters.

She received education without interrupting travel. Her parents and life itself helped her in this. She learned geography perfectly well.

In addition to the basic sciences that school children are stuffed with, Alison has been known to survive in extreme conditions, love nature and its inhabitants, and not be afraid of difficulties.

The parents gave their daughter an excellent education. She graduated with honors from two universities: the School of Motion Picture Arts of Southern California and the University of California at Berkeley.

Having mastered the profession of a director, Alison shot the first film, “Rita,” then took part in the filming of Hollywood films, including the movie “Eat, Pray, Love.”

Life is full of adventure

A curious girl, who has absorbed a love of travel and a thirst for new knowledge, followed in her father’s footsteps. She became a photographer and surfer, joined the fight for the environment, and combined all this with her profession as a director.

Alison Teal constantly travels with her camera and her favorite pink surfboard. By the way, this is not just a board for an athlete practicing surfing wherever possible and where no one has tried it.

The sportswoman-traveler made it herself, as a person worried about the planet’s future and advocating for a clean environment. So this board is made of plastic bottles and soy.

The young traveler travels to exotic countries and enjoys studying the life of the local population, their customs, and rituals.

The list of her exploits includes bathing with horses in the Dominican Republic, a ritual kiss with a cobra in the Sahara, archaeological discoveries in Peru (burials of the Inca aristocracy).

How many famous surfers have in the list of their exploits swimming and photo sessions a couple of meters from the lava of an erupting volcano?

So, enlisting the support of renowned underwater photographer Perrin James, the brave surfer donned a pink swimsuit, grabbed her favorite pink board, and set off to swim near the erupting volcano Kilauea.

Thus, Alison Teal fulfilled her dream of swimming near an active volcano to understand its nature and connection with the earth. The surfer conquered the sea element a couple of meters from the hot lava, enjoying the unity with unconquered nature.

In a pink bathing suit and a pink board, she poses for photos and videos against the backdrop of streams of lava flowing into the water and billowing waves trying to absorb the streams of fire. The result is quite impressive water activities!

Alison posted photos and videos on her website, and Instagram shows people all the beauty and power of the unknown element and draws attention to the planet’s environmental problems.

Another adventure gamble was realized in the catacombs of Paris. Of course, not every man will agree to descend into this watery kingdom, guarded by millions of dead, but Alison Teal is not like that!

What are the Parisian catacombs? These are kilometer-long old passages stretching under the city, at the same time a fetid dump filled with water and an open grave dating back to the 18th century.

Scientists estimate that 6 million people have found their last shelter there. And Alison went underground in her favorite pink bikini and with her pink board.

She became the first surfer in the history of humanity

Alison’s Adventures Maldives

She traded the endlessness of the ocean and the purity of its waves for the enclosed space of the catacombs and dirty muck, fish, and birds for millions of skeletons through which she had to go to reach an underground reservoir suitable for swimming with aboard.

Another feat of a brave woman is cleaning up the trash of the Maldives. To attract the attention of the world community, Alison Teal, promoting unity with nature and water sports, took part in the show “Naked and Scared.”

Gathering a team of volunteers, she cleaned a vast beach in a record half hour and took a photoshoot, swimming in heaps of waste and a native outfit made from found garbage.

Alison Teal is a fantastic person with destiny and opportunities envied amicably. She made travel and water sports her destiny and combined it all with the struggle for the purity of the planet and the education of the world’s population.

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