July 4, 2022
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Which surfboards are the best for Maldives surfing

Surfing has been around since ancient times in the Maldives.

The archipelago consists of 11992 islands, around which there are always decent tides.

The locals have skated on wide and smooth surfboards from time immemorial, but in the 1970s the ship of Tony Hyde, an Australian professional surfer, was wrecked here. The islands impressed him, he stayed here and founded his own surfing school.

Thus began the modern history of surfing in the Maldives.

Features of surfing in the Maldives

surfing in Maldives

The entire archipelago is conventionally divided into 3 zones. The first consists of the central atolls, the second includes the southern ones, and the third includes the Male atolls.

They differ in the size of incoming swells, their frequency and direction, and the number of surfers.

There are different tides in the Maldives, but basically you need to go for them to the outer reef of a particular atoll.

It is possible to get there exclusively by boat, and it does not always wait for surfers at the spot. This means that you will not be able to go ashore at any time, you will have to wait for the boat.

Maldivian surfing has other features:

  • You will not be able to drive through the spots on your own. Although the islands are relatively close to each other, the current is quite powerful. At high tide, water moves inward of the atoll, and at low tide – vice versa. It is extremely difficult to swim across the current;
  • Surfing is an opportunity to enjoy the amazing nature of the Maldives: blue water, white fine sand, picturesque palm trees. All together gives a complete feeling of paradise;
  • The archipelago is dominated by reef breaks, long tides, and closeouts are rare;
  • Maximum low tide is considered the worst time to surf;
  • You can find a surfing tour to the Maldives in the form of a safari with accommodation on a yacht and visiting various spots. They are chosen taking into account the weather, and in their free time there is an opportunity to go fishing or watch marine life;
  • There is practically no surfing for beginners on the islands, this is due to large reef tides, which are very dangerous for beginners;
  • On the resort islands, outsiders are prohibited from going ashore.

For advanced surfers, the Maldives offers many opportunities to test themselves and your surfboards, try their hand at a powerful wave, visit picturesque places.

Hotels with surfing

surfing hotel Maldives

Taking into account all local peculiarities, it is worth carefully choosing a place to stay.

Another feature of the islands are special hotels for surfers. These are the very resorts on the banks of which it is forbidden to be outsiders.

The best are:

  • Adaaran Select Hudhuran Fushi – The first pleasant moment will be a speedboat transfer from Velana Airport. The hotel is located on the island of Lohifushi, 19 km from Male, nearby there are three surfing points. In the southern part of the island there are special bungalows for surfers, there is also a bar there. You can relax on a regular beach, but you need slippers to protect yourself from coral debris;
Adaaran Select Hudhuran Fushi
Adaaran Select Hudhuran Fushi
  • Six Senses Laamu is a hotel on Llama Atoll with a house coral reef 10-15 meters from the island. Experienced instructors give lessons and select places for skiing, taking into account the level of the guest’s training. A motorboat goes to the outer reef twice a day;
Six Senses Laamu
Six Senses Laamu
  • Holiday Inn Kandooma – Like other surfer hotels, there is an airport pick-up. This is a budget hotel in South Male Atoll. The spot is located right in front of the hotel, several famous points can be reached by boat in half an hour. Guests are also offered traditional beach holidays and a variety of water sports and the services of Russian-speaking instructors;
Holiday Inn Kandooma
Holiday Inn Kandooma
  • Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives is located within the northern atoll. Thanks to the winds, there is no stifling heat here. There is a house reef, but it is possible to order a trip to other spots.
Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives
Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives

Those wishing to have a budget vacation and ride in the Maldives should pay attention to Thulusdhoo – an island that is located near the famous surf points Coke’s and Chickens.

Trips to many spots are organized. There is a surfing school on the island for athletes with different skill levels.

In general, before the trip, it is advisable to find out which hotels are guided by the service of surfers.

Maldives Surf Camps

maldives surfing

But a surf tour to the Maldives is possible not only with accommodation in hotels.

You can choose a surf camp suitable for the price and location and have a great time among like-minded people.

Almost every such camp also has a school where experienced instructors teach all the nuances of boarding and can give you personal surfboard.

The most popular surf camps in the Maldives:

  • Go Surf – a camp in the Central Atolls, near the Jailbreaks spot. Accommodation is organized in a villa right on the ocean coast, meals are included in the payment. Special parties for surfers and yoga are held;
  • Surf discovery – Russian surf school on Thulusdhoo. The price includes meals with accommodation, lessons are taught by local instructors and their Russian-speaking colleagues;
  • Natural Surf House – camp on Himmafushi with lessons in Spanish or English. The price includes accommodation with meals and delivery to the spots;
  • Ocean Divine is a surf camp to experienced English speaking athletes. Provided 3 meals a day and delivery to the spots;
  • Hakula is an international surf school with a variety of training and skill development programs. A safari format is offered, lessons from experienced instructors, trip to spots, meals with accommodation, transfers from the airport;
  • Blue Star Maldives Surf Retreat is one of the most unusual surf camps in the Maldives. The camp is located on board a sea vessel. The price includes meals with accommodation, lessons from a surf instructor, as well as diving and fishing.

The Maldives has everything you need to surfers: you can buy or rent equipment (surfboard and other stuff). It is quite possible to find a camp where surfboard and suit rental is included in the price.

Atolls and spots

maldives central atolls

The most interesting region to  surfers in the Maldives is the Male Atolls, located near the capital. You can get here by cheap ferry in an hour or by speedboat in 20 minutes.

Those wishing to ride the surfboard are available:

  • Chickens – Left wave, long and with a trumpet at the end. Located close to the uninhabited island of Villingilimathi Huraa near Thulusdhoo. Travel length often exceeds 500 m. This is an option to experienced surfers, the wave requires a large swell;
  • Cokes is a fast trumpeting wave at Thulusdhoo. It is considered by many to be one of the best in the region for advanced to intermediate surfers;
  • Sultans – the right wave is quite fast, it can be quite long when the swell comes from the south. This is a spot magnet, so there are waves at any time;
  • Honky’s – the left long wave, corresponds to the world level, in the second part it doubles. The wind direction is great for riding even in winter;
  • Lohi’s – located near the island of Lohifushi. Here, a left-hand, stable wave with two peaks awaits the surfers, which, with a significant swell, becomes a single trumpeting wave. It hosts the WQS O’Neill Deep Blue’s;
  • Jailbreaks is a spot near the former state prison, now a drug and alcohol addiction clinic. Access here was opened not so long ago. This is the right and fastest wave in the region, which, with a modest sweep, is divided into 3 peaks, and with a significant one, it is combined into a long one with three pipe-type parts;
  • Ninjas is a relatively slow right wave, suitable to longboarders.

These atolls are popular, and safaris and tours are often organized here.

Surfing season in Maldives

maldives surfing

Surfing is almost year-round entertainment in the Maldives.

However, the islands are prone to monsoons that create certain characteristics. There are two monsoon seasons here.

North-east winds blow from December to April. In winter, the weather is stable, with almost no rain.

Western monsoons are typical in the period from May to October. This time is the most suitable season for surfing, when the wind is strong and the waves are high.

There are even tropical storms, it often rains.

A good time to try sport on surfboard in the Maldives is from February to November, and not only because of the weather. This is a period of low tourist season, which means low prices in hotels.

Local surfers believe that the best waves can be caught in March-May and September-November. The maximum wave height is typical inJuly-August, the water temperature at this time is very comfortable.

Surfing in the Maldives has many advantages, so every year thousands of people who want to conquer the waves come here.

Which surfboard should you choose here

a woman on a surfboard

Short surfboards are your ideal gear.

Due to the flat rocker and length, it is almost impossible to rake on a short surfboard: training will take place in endless floundering and waiting for a suitable wave. But it’s worth it: check it out on surfing in Portugal.

The surfboard is ideal to fast, sharp, trumpeting waves. One of the most spectacular tricks is the passage through the “pipe” under the water curtain.

Due to the maneuverability and speed, on the surfboard it is possible to cut waves on the shoulder, in the tail, and inside the pipe.

The surfer in the short surfboard has plenty of time to return to the closing section and pick up speed to the next maneuver.

surfing on a shortboard

Everything incredible that you saw on TV can be done on a surfboard: shoot into the air, roll powerfully, go deep under the water with a rail, destroy vertical sections with snaps, leave curly traces behind you, dive through a wave and raise a whole wall of spray.

Paradise to the professional.

Perhaps a long in the hands of a surfer looks more courageous, but a surfboard is much easier. You no longer need to remember such and such a mother, puzzling over storage and transportation of the surfboard.

The name speaks for itself: fanboard is a surfboard for fun, light skating. The benefits of the surfboard, as well as the fun itself, are undeniable.

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