A Special Surfboard Ride Spot Can Make the Item More Responsive and Maneuverable for Better Performance

Do you know that you’ll get full satisfaction from a ride if you find one definite spot to stand on the surfboard surface?

That’s true, and in this article, you’ll find out what connects such a spot and the quality of the ride.

Take your surfboard and place it on your palm holding it parallel to the ground. There is one spot on it at which, if you hold the board there, it stops balancing and stays still on your palm.

If you find this spot, you will reach a tipping point that makes the ride easier. This is the spot of balance between the surfboard parts from every side. Mind the spot you’ve found.

The spot will help you to stand on the surfboard correctly when you ride it.


The spot is called the sweet spot. If you know where it is located, you may surely place your feet according to its position when you ride the board – one foot is on the one side of the spot, and the other is on the opposite side – and go to ride the waves.

The size of the surfboard can influence the location of the spot. When it goes to the boards of bigger sizes, the sweet spot is usually closer to their nose, and when the surfboards are small, you’ll find the secret spot closer to the tail of the board.

This explains why surfers choose the types of surfboards that are not big to ride waves professionally.

When they find the spot, they start doing their ride in a definite way. Such a board just fits them.

As a rule, advanced surfers are about 6 feet (1.82 meters) tall. That’s why there is also a definite logic in why most of them choose shortboards with a more definite sweet spot.

After all, when they place their feet at the right points, they get higher results and enjoy everything that the surfboard can offer them when they ride it.

On the other hand, some average surfers tend to think that big surfboards will help them to have more fun and provide them with a better stable ride.

Though, in reality, they only get a non-responsive and unmaneuverable board, but not the surfboard they wanted to ride.

surfboard for your height

One of the shapers, well-known in the world of surfing, Rusty Preisendorfer, considers that the shortboards are so popular in the mass market due to their appearance.

However, in the advanced surfers’ community shortboards are highly valued because their performance when they ride is great.

The expert suggests that every surfer should try a shorter board and feel the difference when they ride because even a slightly shorter surfboard than your usual one can provide a completely different experience and be more fun.

Advanced surfers believe there should be found a perfect variant to ride: the combination of stability and maneuverability in a surfboard – a shorter and smaller one.

To reach this goal, more research is needed and experimentation with board parameters will continue. Only trying to find the perfect balance of the surfboard volume, density, length, and surface size may help in making a better board to ride the different types of waves.

During the years of surfboard making, it was found that wide and thick surfboards can hardly be made longer at the same time. But when the secret of the volume is solved, there definitely will come the solution to the above-mentioned issue.



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