July 4, 2022
surfgirl stretching

Stretching for surfers — top body joint well-being and motion instructions

This is the essentials for surfers — you must move. Nowadays we do not have much of it.

Thanks to the technological advance, we no longer use our body. We are not on the go here and there anymore during the day.

Afterwards, we couple this total absence of travelling, absence of joint agility, absence of recognition on the way we should use our body, with surfing. It will pose issues.

stretching before surfing

All of us must not lead a sedentary lifestyle! Otherwise, you will likely have ache issues, and there is nothing good about it. Even without the ache, you are curbing your possibilities in any case.

stretching for surfers

When you do not move properly, you are not sturdy in active postures. This, in its return, will cause you shortage of strength, or action potential.

When your lifestyle as a surfer is not sedentary, when you are sturdy, you are more powerful. You use it when surfing, and it provides a “sporty compensator”.

Thanks to the output of your body to move, you can control it according to your needs. That’s exactly what surfing requires.

Like said before, moving is the essentials.

Continue looking through this article and have a glance at the video. Here you will find out how to stretch concentrating on the top part and also the ways to recover movement for surfers.

A common feature we can observe nowadays, namely instructors, doctors, training specialists, is shortage of movement, and ache that follows it.

Do you have a neck-ache? The reason might be, you are not able to move your pectoral backbone, respiring using only your neck.

Do you have a shoulder-ache? The reason might be you have no idea on the way you should move your shoulder bone on your thorax.

Surfing Stretches

Stretching for surfers:

  • Top body warming-up and joint agility;
  • Rib Twists;
  • Pectoral Backbone Agility;
  • Self-check of Shoulder’s Travel Variety;
  • Shoulder bone Travel on the Ribs;
  • Creeping;
  • Creep Spinning / Pectoral Connection;
  • Downward Dog Press-ups.

We must not lead a sedentary life. Begin with the foundations and just change your lifestyle implementing your body.

Set up the fundamental motion of your shoulder bone on the ribs, making spinning of the pectoral backbone and ribs better.

Afterwards, switch to a more active motion as a surfer.

Find out other travel varieties, and reinforce your positions in them.

When you get more resistant in a higher number of postures and let your nervous system get to know and face these novel travel varieties smoothly without the ache, that “sporty compensator” is being formed.

There is nothing impossible here in streching, guys, but you do need to devote your time to doing this. It cannot be solved in one go, but if you persist, you will get considerable results in the long run.

You only need to set up regularity. Regularity in moving for being surfer.

It is recommended not stopping.

When you desire to upgrade your potential with stretching, then go on bringing it to the next level and being resistant, no matter how old you are.

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